Sold with Title: 1959 Chevy Apache Fleetside

We don’t often see sellers who go through the trouble of getting un-titled vehicles the proper documentation necessary to make it easier on the next owner, but this 1959 Chevrolet Apache pickup is fully titled and ready to go. Looking a bit tired cosmetically but said to be largely solid underneath, the seller is asking $8,000 or best offer here on eBay with six days left on the listing in Washington State. 

Featuring the iconic Fleetside bed, the Apache ushered in fresh thinking as it related to pickup bed design. Instead of relying solely on the industry-standard “stepside” bed, the Fleetside kept the length of the truck in check while still adding desirable real estate inside the bed itself. The chrome lettering along the back of the bed also set it apart, helping to draw customers into the unique design and added carrying capacity.

Despite its weathered appearance, the seller says rust is minimal and contained to the area you see above the spear on the bed’s driver’s side. Also worth noting the chrome trim is missing from around the spear itself, which as I understand it is quite rare today. The interior looks to be holding up well, and the seller notes that he will install the ignition switch and bezel before the next owner takes possession of the truck.

As I understand it, two V8s were offered – a 4.3L or a 4.6L. If any of our readers can confirm which this one is, I’d appreciate it! It’s paired to a three-speed manual and the seller notes that a previous owner claims it runs. The seller has confirmed it spins freely, but that’s it. Some filler is noted in the bodywork by the cab corners, but overall, this Apache looks like a solid runner that is well-suited to either continue as a driver or be restored with a likely large pool of potential buyers.


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  1. LAB3

    Great looking rig! Sure would be nice to see it brought back to it’s former looks.

  2. glen

    They didn’t use litres in 1959, did they?

    • Bill H

      No they did not. The standard V8 would have been a 283 c.i. Small block and the optional engine would have been a 348 c.i. “W” block which a fore runner to the 409. You could also get an inline 6

  3. Jerald

    55+56 had the smaller v8. 57-59 had the larger 283

    • PatrickM

      That smaller V8 in ’55 & ’56 would be a 265co. But, it was still a runnin’ Jesse! A couple guys I knew in the sixties and seventies had built a couple 265’s. They were hot!

  4. Had Two

    Judging by the firewall color, this truck began life as either Tartan Turquoise
    or the slightly darker Tampico Turquoise. The VIN identifies that it was assembled at the Oakland, CA factory. It likely started out in life working in California. Somewhere along its history it was sprayed gold both inside and out.
    I think the Apache model was exclusively the 3100 lighter duty half-ton, rather than the 3200 here. Also, most Apache’s I’ve seen came with the Deluxe Cab,
    stainless steel trim around the cab and all chrome knobs inside. The fenders may have been switched out at some time, or ’59 Apache “spears” installed.
    The engine is likely a later year but “circa” V-8 as evidenced by the alternator and air cleaner atop the carb. Some changes in the 59 years since it left Oakland.
    Still, a very nice starting point on a classic Chevy truck parts are plentiful, and prices for unrestored examples are bringing $8,000. I hope it goes to a very good home and gets back on the road.

    • NMCarNut

      Actually, while they were not officially called 1/2 ton models the 3100 series was the shorter wheelbase model (114″) and 3200 series the long wheelbase model (123-1/4″). “3/4” ton models were officially the 3600 series. So the emblems on this truck are correct.
      Also the Deluxe cab was the standard cab that along with the plainer interior had no trim around the windows or spear. The optional Custom cab had the fancier interior and all the stainless exterior trim including trim on the spears. Being a Deluxe cab the missing trim on the spear on this truck is correct. For what it is worth, the large back window was an independent option and if desired could be ordered on either the Deluxe or Custom cab.

  5. Bob c.

    Definitely a 283. 1957 was the last year of the 265, and if it were the 348, it would have scalloped valve covers.

  6. Ken Carney

    Looks like a 283 to me. The breather and the oil fill spout tells me it is.
    Chevy offered two versions of the 283 as well as the 348 V-8 as an engine
    option for those really wanted a V-8. I’ve seen a few of these running this
    engine, and let me tell you when paired with a 4-speed stick shift and these
    things were torque monsters that could carry or pull anything you had in
    mind. As for the 348, these were seldom seen. In fact, I’ve only seen one
    or two in my lifetime. I was shocked to see one in an Apache just like this
    one that belonged to a friend of my Dad’s. From what I recall seeing, it looked to be a tight fit in the engine bay–especially if factory AC was ordered. But I still remember that most of these were powered by a Thrift-
    master 6-cylinder mated to either a 3, or 4-speed gearbox. Very few of them
    had automatic trannies. Used to see ’em all the time in the midwest being
    worked hard every day until they either died, or the tinworn got them.

  7. JW

    Nice old Chevy truck and like others I hope the next owner gets it back on the road.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Back in the day, Chevy and GMC painted ALL the truck interiors kind of a pewter color. I don’t think they offered body color until ’67. This on actually looks as if it was sprayed that gold color inside though.

    This would likely be powered by a 283. The 283 was the only V8 available in the light and medium trucks. The 348 was available in the Spartan series. A local gravel hauler had one in a ’59 Spartan. Ran it with a 5 and 3. Pretty fair hauler. Another guy had a single axle Spartan that he pulled a single axle reefer to haul milk and other dairy products. It also had a 348. I remember the milk hauler well; it must have come from down east because there was almost nothing left of the front sheet metal (rusted). One day it disappeared and was replaced with a ’72 Chevy C-60 with a 427 gas pot. The driver actually lamented about losing the old Spartan….

    • Had Two

      Yep, pewter silver interior with black dash-top and black inserts for door handle, window crank area, and steps to interior. I know because I have one.

  9. tommy

    check out Antique Truck Rescue on Youtube, the guy has a bunch of this vintage GMC trucks.

  10. KKW

    These pickups never came from the factory with 348s, lol. Nor did they “usher” in this style of pickup bed. That was pioneered 2years earlier by their arch rival.

  11. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Right on, KKW. As far as this series in general, I don’t believe there was factory air offered either, as Ken suggested. In 59 wouldn’t this be dealer-installed under dash or aftermarket?

    • KKW

      I have never seen or heard of a 50s pickup with A/C, but yes, if there was such a thing, it would have been a dealer installed under dash unit.

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