Solid Muscle: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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When is a Road Runner not a Road Runner? When it doesn’t run, I guess. This Road Runner doesn’t run, but its original numbers-matching engine is still in place, and the car looks like a nice, solid one just awaiting a restoration. If it is a car that appeals to you, then you will find it located in Everest, Kansas, and listed for sale here on eBay.

The best word that I can think of to describe this Plymouth is “solid.” The owner provides shots of the floor, rocker, and trunk, and they all look pretty good, with no major problems to report. There is a bit of corrosion under the vinyl top, and it has resulted in one small pin-hole in the metal, but that should be easy to fix. The owner is pretty candid about the quarter panel. Both have been flared, and have their share of Bondo and rust, so should be replaced. The windshield is cracked, but the rest of the glass is present and in good condition.

The original, numbers-matching 383ci V8 block is still under the hood, and it turns freely. The original cylinder heads are sitting in the trunk, along with sundry other pieces. What is missing is the intake, carburetor, air cleaner, and the distributor. The fender tag is also still in place, so between the solid body and the original engine, this is looking like a pretty promising car.

The interior is going to require some work, and some new front seats, as these are MIA. What remains is going to require complete restoration, but at least items such as the floor console are still present, and that looks like it is in really good condition.

This is a solid looking car, and it is a prime candidate for a restoration. There is nothing really major to address with the body, and the fact that it is a numbers-matching car is a real positive. At the time of writing, bidding has been strong, but it hasn’t gone crazy. It has reached $3.555, but the reserve hasn’t been met. If the reserve isn’t outrageous, this could be a car with a lot of promise.

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  1. David

    Hope new owner yanks that floor console and keeps the colum shift and bench seat. These road runners enjoy the spartan style. I’d keep that period set of mags they go so well with these year cars of most any make.

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    • Mark

      I agree about the shifter!

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  2. Dave

    “…some assembly required” , so get out the toolbox and do it. Looks like a good way to introduce kids to the hobby.

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  3. cole2649

    I drove a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 383 4 barrel 4 on the floor (stock) my senior year in hs. OH, YEA!

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  4. Bodyman68

    Get it running drive it the way it is for the summer then restore it later ! Love the slots they fit the era !

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    The hole in the roof is troubling. pinholes in the floors. full quarters needed. IMHO A far cry from being solid. I’d start by getting the mill and tranny sorted out, and fix the roof. Then run it around as a work in progress. Would be a fun project for a do it yourselfer. Good luck to the new owner!!


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  6. BigBlocksRock

    Had a yellow 69 with a black top in HS. 383, 4-sp. bench seat. Blew it up racing a 66 GTO on the local hiway. Rebuilt it drove for 5 more years.That car was fun… wish I still had it.

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  7. Woody

    Remember those dumb flared fenders “ in the day” but why try it on a Road Runner? The price is right for this project,could even change the color too!

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  8. Superdessucke

    I remember back in 1987 when the old Cars Magazine did a “12.9 for 1,299” piece. They used a 1970 Road Runner with a 383 and stripped the poor thing to the bone, ripping out seats, door panels, carpeting, etc. And that car was complete and in similar condition to this.

    If they tried that today it would be “12.9 for $32,999!” The hobby has really changed, even in my lifetime and I’m not all that old.

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    • Sidney

      Well, I am THAT old. Heck, I was old in 1987 (ask my wife), and I recall by 1980 a car like this, was MAYBE a few hundred dollars. Maybe, on a good day with a sucker buyer. Okay, quintuple that for inflation adjustment, and you are still only at a grand. People, in 1975, I paid $1050 bucks (call it five grand today) for a 70 RR that was rust free and ran perfectly, looked new from a distance. Something foul has crept into our hobby, and it smells really bad. I wish the money men would go play somewhere else.

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      • Superdessucke

        It might sound like sacrilege but this is why I got more into BMWs. Those are cars you can still actually afford to buy as projects.

        You can buy a fully functional E36 M3 in good condition with some miles on it for this same money. Hell, if you want a V8, you could buy an E39 540i for this in very good condition.

        I agree they’ve ruined the hobby! And people are going to be sitting here in 5 years wondering why the values tanked.

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      • local_sheriff

        Couldn’t agree more with you Sidney! Having been a car guy since the 90s I’ve managed to accumulate a couple of cool and (by today’s standards)collectible vehicles .Could hardly bought a single one of these should I enter the market today. This is my hobby as I love to work on and drive them, not just OWN them! Kids of today that would desire to get into the classic American car hobby have very little chance to enter the market.I feel sorry for them

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        I joined the BMW club this summer Superdessucke. A 2000 Z3 with 60k on the clock, mint condition for 7K. I am at the point I am running out of time for another project. I work on my old stuff but it is nice to turn the key and enjoy the ride. This is my first BMW, but I am looking for another now. Maybe an older Fiver. Some very nice cars out there and at fair prices.

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  9. local_sheriff

    Far better starting point than the Charger basket case a few days back. IMO also a much cooler Mopar, 68-69 RRs are indeed übercool cars that are true to the budget muscle car concept

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  10. RobB

    I’m in the process now of restoring my 69 RR (numbers matching). Yellow, 383, bench seat, and 4 spd. If you are into BMWs or whatever, why are you on this particular blog? Yes, the car hobby has gotten quite expensive, but, that’s what I WANT to do. I’m on year 4 and it looks like I will be done by mid to late summer. When I am finished, I’ll post a picture. I, also, remember when you could get a Superbird or Daytona for 2,995 and look at the prices now. So, whatever you are working on or enjoy, do it.

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  11. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Jan 15, 2019 , 7:56PM
    Sold for:US $7,500.00
    [ 45 bids ]

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Robb that RR you have there will be a blast to drive, Sounds worth the wait. Would love to see some pics. Good luck!


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  13. Matt

    I’m not a mopar guy, but that rear wheel well opening looks like bad mudwork.
    They did not have a flare like that on the well well openings.

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  14. cole2649

    Matt, you’re right! No stock flared wheel arches.

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