Solid Project: 1972 Dodge Dart Demon 340

Don’t be fooled by the baked and battered appearance or the amateur rust repairs, because below the surface, this 1972 Dodge Dart Demon is a very solid car that could be restored to become something pretty special. With its original 340ci V8 lurking under the hood, it should be capable of producing enough power to satisfy most people. Located in Miami, Florida, it has been listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding now sitting at $6,100, the reserve on the Demon has been met. That means that someone is about to score themselves a pretty nice project car.

The Demon wears its original Diamond Black paint, but it has become quite battered over the past 48-years. There is some rust visible in a few spots around the vehicle, and I’m particularly taken by the repair that has been performed on the driver’s side rear quarter. If you Google the term “quality repair,” there’s a good chance you won’t find this photo in the search results. Both quarter panels have some significant rust, while I think that there might be a small spot appearing in the passenger side rocker. That is about it for external rust. When we take a look under the vehicle, the news seems to be quite good. There is rust in the rear edge of the trunk pan, but the majority of it looks okay. The floors appear to be rock solid, suggesting that any rust repairs aren’t going to be a killer with this car. The front panels and grille that appear to be missing are actually present. They’re just not attached to the car. The glass all looks good, and the original Rally wheels are also all present.

Opening the hood of the Demon reveals a 340ci V8 motor, a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This is a numbers-matching car, and the original Fender Tag is still in place. The car doesn’t currently run, having last fired a shot in anger about 2-years-ago. However, the engine does turn freely, so the new owner might not need to do a lot of work to get the 340 back up and running once again. With the engine producing 240hp, the Demon wasn’t the most powerful car on the block back in 1972. However, with an overall weight of a relatively paltry 3,208lbs, what it had was a pretty respectable power-to-weight ratio. That meant that it was more than capable of producing a 15.4-second ¼ mile ET, which wasn’t too shabby. It could even wind its way to a top speed of 121mph, so this Demon was no slouch.

Black-on-black cars are always an attractive proposition, and that is what we get with the Demon. At first glance, it looks a bit ordinary inside the car, but when you dig a little deeper, things really aren’t that bad. The cover on the driver’s seat will require replacement, while a new carpet set is also going to have to find its way onto the shopping list. Beyond that, I suspect that a lot of the interior would respond well to some cleaning. The dash and cap are in good condition, the console looks respectable, the passenger seat is free of rips or tears, and while we can’t see either, the rear seat and headliner are also said to be in top condition. There is an aftermarket A/C unit mounted under the dash, but given the fact that there is no sign of a compressor under the hood, whether this stays or goes would be a choice that the buyer would need to make. One little bonus is the fact that the original radio, complete with rear speaker control, remains mounted in the dash.

The Demon 340 probably wasn’t the sales success that Dodge had hoped for because, in 1972, a mere 8,773 drove off the showroom floor. That year also marked the final for the “Demon” badge, as external pressures saw the name dropped for the 1973 model year. While it is possible today to find examples for around the $14,000 mark, more often than not, these won’t be completely original. A really good one will push up to around $25,000. I did find one really nicely restored example that sold recently. It was also finished in Diamond Black, and its specifications were identical to this car. It sold for $35,000. With those sorts of figures in mind, this is a Demon that could prove to be a bit of an angel once it’s restored.

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  1. jerry z

    Car is Miami, salt air does a body good! Not! My Duster looked that way 30 yrs ago!

  2. Rosco

    The only way this makes sense is if you were able to do all the body and paint yourself. Even with that you would have a difficult time not losing money. Find a better one to start with.

  3. sir mike

    If you can do all your own body work you might come out ahead.Needs a lot of metal work.Best of luck to the new owner.

  4. Superdessucke

    6,100 for this?!? Holy tamale.

  5. Troy s

    Wow, what a great looking car!
    I remember having one in my fingers, red with the 340/auto, decent shape for 1985…twelve hundred bucks and the college kid started dropping to a grand when he saw me backing away. Duh!
    Those were the good times I remember and in the 340 Demon case, regret.

  6. Jay E. Member

    Had a Demon 340, loved it. A purple stripe cam and W2 heads and you were in the 13’s. Wonderful sound at revs. This is a rare and worthy car, with a good price that reflects it. Someone must have agreed, because the listing has ended.

  7. Chris M.

    These are great cars but this one is just about too far gone for the current bid. It’s a $40,000.00 car restored perfectly.

  8. Del

    The rear end looks pretty rusted.

    Resto going to costly

    Auction ended. Do not think it sold9

  9. Guardstang

    That chrome fuel cap reminds me of a guy I knew that worked at a Mopar dealer in the 70’s. He said owners of A-bodies would lose their fuel cap and come to the dealer to get a new one. Well, Mopar only offered a chrome cap and customers would get made a hell they couldn’t get one painted the cars colour.

  10. TimM

    It’s a $2500 car all day!! I’m sure the body panels would not be cheap along with the bumpers if you can find them!! I would have to go with a 4 or five speed if I were to do it!! The 340 would move it along good with a rebuild!!

    • Chris M.

      All good points Tim!!!! I say exclaim with reckless abandon!!!

      • TimM

        My wife hates the fact I use exclamation points so much!! When I text her she says it’s like I’m yelling all the time because of it!! I tell her to yell back!!

    • MoPar Mike

      AMD makes every panel it needs plus the bumpers. At $2500 a flipper could easily more than double that as the $6100 bid shows. It was a $2500 car 20 years ago.

  11. Pete in PA

    I bought a 72 Demon 340 as a parts car for the drivetrain 20+ years go and it was a real stripper compared to this car.
    In this case somebody plunked down decent cash for the automatic, power front discs (judging by the booster), bucket seats with wood-trimmed dash and door panels, console, and AM/FM radio and tinted glass according to the fender tag. Also going for this little Demon is the fact that it is black, a very uncommon color (less than 5% IIRC)
    It’s also very late production for a 1972 – June 22, 1972
    It sure does have its issues but it’s a great starting point.
    FWIW my parts car purchased all those years ago had the AM radio. That’s it. It was brown with a 3-speed manual, black bench seat interior, rubber floor mat and all. I think I gave $100 for it. LOL


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