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Southern Indiana Muscle Car Stash


Andrew B. just tipped us off to huge stash of cars in southern Indiana. Over 25 cars are listed and although many have already sold, there are still a few gems in there. Take this bright orange Boss 302 for example. The seller claims it is complete even though it looks otherwise in the photo. The price does seem a tad optimistic, but it might be worth a look if you are in the market for a 302. Take a look at the ad here on craigslist and then let us know which ones you want. Thanks for sharing Andrew!

Full listing from craigslist:
70 SS Camaro roller very solid $8500
68 Dodge Charger 440 A/T runs and drives $8500 (SOLD)
69 SS Chevelle 396 4spd. $8500
2001 Lamborghini Diablo Kit car set up for SBC $9500
66 SS Chevelle #match 396 4spd (SOLD)
66 & 67 GTO,s From $3500 to $18,000
66 AC Cobra Show Car $25,000 (SOLD)
59 Impala #match 348 W engine Manual trans. $5500 (SOLD)
64 SS Impala # match 327 -w- air very solid $5000 (SOLD)
64 Ford Falcon Back halfed Drag car needs finished $1500
53 chevy bel air convt. $8500
55,56 and 57 chevys From $3500 to $6500
70 Fastback Mustang has fresh 302 runs very little rust $5000
70 Mustang BOSS 302 complete $28000
67 RS Camaro $4500 67 Galaxie 390 convertible $3500 (SOLD)
65 Catalina convt. 389 4spd $4500
67 chevy C10 truck turn key $4000
68 chevy c10 (SOLD)
88 Camaro pro street fresh 358 stroker ready to go (SOLD)
40 Chevy sadan delivery Full Custom must see $26,000


  1. rdc

    i do not trust any of the descriptions. I see a photo of a 69 mustang fastback. The lister states there is a 70? No 69 listed. May be one of teh other cars. What gives?

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  2. Stephen

    I have a 70 Boss with a shaker, slats and spoiler that’s been in storage since 1982. From what I see of this one, mine looks in a bit better shape and an appraiser said $14k this past April.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well, when you are ready to sell Stephen please let us know! mail@barnfinds.com

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    • RollerD

      I suggest you look at auction results (results, not asking prices). No 1970 Boss is a 14K car. Find a new appraiser.

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    • rancho bella

      B2’s are all over the map price wise. I’ve owned three and am still a Registry member. Here comes the but part………..BUT a decent B2 driver can be purchased for mid to high forties.

      The B2 engine sound is dreamy…….although the darn things are heavy

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  3. Alan

    Interesting “collection”. What I don’t get a feel for is whether the seller has just been gathering other people’s unfinished projects into one place with profit in mind, or …. Are these cars which he has stripped/partially worked on himself and lost interest in favor of the next one?

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  4. Ed

    Do a google search on the phone numbers…although you really don’t need more than the craigslist ad to know the guy is a wheeler dealer / shady kinda guy.

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    • Rustowner

      Not that I care about this guys , or you for that matter, but how did you get to that conclusion? I’d love to know. Just because a guy has a bunch of cars he wants to flip makes him shady and a wheeler dealer? I did a search of his numbers and looks like maybe he’s a potential flipper/car collector/tow operator/junk yard owner/shop owner. And so what if he is? So what if his prices seem a bit out of line and his descriptions leaves something to be desired? So you’re indicating anyone that lists cars on craigslist is questionable? He’s got a bunch of cars to sell and we are all here to look at cars for sale….what’s the problem? Maybe this was his dad or brothers stuff that has since passed on and is trying to move them. Maybe he bought a stash for cheap from someone else. Maybe he just collects, never gets anything done on them and lost storage. What of it? I’d like to know, but I’m not going to label him as you did. I do wish people like you would keep your “ideas” to themselves and just pass along knowledge, not opinions or insinuations. I have a 15+ cars and Jeeps around here. Sometimes I try to sell them for a high price….does that make me shady? What would you like to see….Carfaxed Camry’s? Jeez. Makes me want to show the world what I have so I can be labeled as shady, a hoarder, a flipper, etc……….

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  5. Dolphin Member

    There might be a gem or two in there (maybe the ’67 RS Camaro if solid & complete), but what this guy doesn’t know about marketing, or even the need for basic information, would fill a book. For starters, do any of the cars have titles?

    A lof of them look molested, either by the tim worm or boy racers or both. Doesn’t excite me enough to be worth a look unless I was real close. If anyone does look it would be good to have some info on the more interesting cars that are still there.

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  6. Bruno

    Doubtful that’s a real Boss. Pretty sure they didn’t come with the Mach 1 style hood scoop that you could see was previously bolted in place along with the factory cut ovals for the lights on the hood. Then close examination of the Boss lettering on the side and it looks off. (much larger and not positioned correctly) Sure it could have been all added after the fact. Hard to tell from one pic but any potential buyers should really look at it closely. I think he forgot the letters “ly gutted” after the word complete. If I had a real boss for sale, I would certainly market it way better than this.

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    RE: Rustowner
    Bravo! I couldn’t have said it better. I have a car collection myself. What would my label be? A car hoarder? I frequent the recycling centers and scrap yards. I save and rescue what I can. From my user name I am very brand loyal and I make NO excuses. My first priority is anything American Motors. But I am not so closed minded when it comes to other makes. All vintage and some not so vintage cars are cool. Cars are like people and sometimes nice restorable cars fall through the cracks and end up at the salvage yard. With the price of scrap metal it is getting harder and harder to find anything. When I do find something I don’t get a break. I usually have to pay twice sometimes three times the scrap value. I have 25 Acres out in the country so I can do what I want. When I have had something (brand X) and its appeal wears out I do sell on occasion usually when I see something else I want. I can tell you trying to sell anything on c-list I think I would rather take a bullit. Dealing with the crazies who want to trade you a 4 wheeler or tell you about the car they had. I also like spending an afternoon waiting for someone to show that doesnt or waste several hours showing the item then everything else visable. You figure your time. But…that makes me a flipper too…..or would that be a wheeler dealer??
    Stop with the labels and stick with finding/rescuing vintage vehicles

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    • Rustowner

      AMCFan, thanks for your input and perspective. Glad I’m not the only one out here who feels this way about some peoples opinions of others.. I too am a huge AMC/Rambler/Jeep fan. Thanks, Rustowner

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  8. Trevon

    I wonder how much he wants for those challengers?? You’d think he would state the price for one of those gems in the list. Well too bad i guess. I’m not calling him since im not in the market.

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  9. Steve

    I have to agree. Approaching retirement and it’s on my mind to become a finder and flipper just because I love cars and think it would be interesting, fun and no doubt educational. Never had the time before. I am a huge ’57 Chevy buff. Anyway, just call me Slim Shady

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  10. Tim H

    I don’t think ED’s comment was that bad but I too am tired of self righteous, lovers of cars calling me names. Hating others for what they do with there time and money does not prove you really really love cars.

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    • Rustowner

      Tim, I agree with your statement totally. I didn’t think it was too bad either, just ignorant and biased. It just happened to strike me the wrong way. Forming a judgement on someone/something and then making an inept comment based on no facts, well, I feel that deserves a response. Opinions are like $#@holes……we all have one, some just stink more than others. Doesn’t mean you have to let the world know what yours smells like. This guy stuck his out there. I don’t like how it smells and I called him on it. I feel better now, and am happy to see others agree. Frankly, if I posted pics of my shop and storage, it doesn’t look to much different than this (not really, but I’m trying to be nice, lol). We are here to look at cool old cars & trucks for sale as well as trade info and stories, not to judge other car people, especially without a back story. End of my soapboxing. Thanks for chiming in. Now back to our program!

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  11. braktrcr

    But to get back to the point…I’ll take the 65 catalina 4 speed…and some of the others that are sold Nice find Nice cars

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  12. krash

    ….a 66 AC Cobra Showcar for $25K……c’mon…is Carter still in the White House?!


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  13. Cameron Bater UK

    Although I am indeed British and my idea of a relaxing drive would be to take a Morris (Moggy) Minor Traveller (Woody) out into the country and find somewhere where I can lay my blanket and have a lovely picknick out of a straw hamper with leather buckles I do have a passion for Good USA Muscle, that is not t say however that I overlook The UK’s offering to the Muscle market (Which is altogether more refined and easier to corner) like the Triumph Stag for instance, when sold new it came with a bolt on hard top but it was principally a convertible and was our answer to the ‘Stang (as the Americans call it), in fact once I have completed the build of my Moggy Traveller (which of course means getting my licence first) I intend to purchace a barn find Mustang and import it to My homeland The United States Of Englandland (I heard an american say it once) and then start a long rebuild that will include every possible means of either speckling up, tuning up or both, I hope the result will have about 650 BHP so a find like this would be perfect if I didn’t have a licence and project in my way :(

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