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Sport Coupe Hardtop: 1957 Chevrolet 210

1957 was the final year for the Chevrolet 210 series, which was first marketed in ’53 as a mid-level offering placed between the bare-bones 150 and the more upscale Bel Air.  During the 1955 mid-season, Chevy reintroduced the Sport Coupe hardtop, offering a mildly different roofline and rear side windows such as this 1957 model for sale here on Craigslist.  Instead of a myriad of details about the Chevy’s history, we get more of a bullet-point list about how the car presents today which seems to be pretty good for the most part, so if you’ve got $38,000 to invest this one can be yours.  The tri-five can also be found here on Clasiq Auto Auction with quite a bit of additional information, but that listing ended in November with a no-sale at only half this amount being attained.

At Clasiq, the seller tells us this one’s currently owned by a man in Texas who’s been the car’s caretaker for the past 4 years, but the day has arrived when he’s finally decided it’s time to start thinning out his auto collection.  While some decent exterior images are provided, you have to dig deep into the Q&A section to find more specifics regarding the body, which the seller says was taken down to bare metal and sprayed with two-tone enamel back in the late nineties.  He assures us the panels are straight and lacking any body filler, with the paint quality rated as 9.5 in its present condition.

A 265 Turbo Fire can be found under the hood, but fewer details are provided about the engine than the sheet metal.  We aren’t told if this is still the motor the Chevy was born with or not, but the seller does state that the car has no known mechanical issues.  From the factory, the 265 was making 162 horsepower, but an Edelbrock 4-barrel has been added here.  It’s interesting to see how when the intake manifold was changed the mechanic reused the thermostat housing and over-sprayed radiator hose, but I guess the old if it ain’t broke don’t fix it cliché applies here.  Fortunately, a video is provided and we get to hear the V8 running, and from what I can tell it sounds reasonably healthy.

While it does look like the interior has received a good bit of attention, a couple of things are missing such as the radio and steering wheel trim, but some of the clock’s still there and the seats are presenting nicely both front and rear.  The floor is said to have been changed out though we can’t see if for the carpeting, but a couple of previous potential buyers inquired about the frame, with the seller responding that no other components needed replacing and no rust or dents could be found hiding below.  This one seems like a nice ’57 Sport Coupe and would be even better with some detailing, but with only half of the asking price realized a month ago at auction I’m wondering if it might be overpriced.  What are your thoughts here?


  1. 57 Chevrolet Rocks

    My thoughts are check the engine block stamp and validate the trans.

    I am pretty sure a two speed powerglide transmission was offered not the one listed.

    Some had the 265 V8 but some also had a 283 introduction engine.

    To be honest a hot rod modified 1957 is cool too.

    You could get fuel injection, AC and even power windows too…

    The tri-five is super cool as well as the no post hardtop.

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  2. Jay E. Member

    Posting has expired. At 19K this would have been a good deal, not so much at 38. Surprised it has a 265, I thought those were all gone by ’57 and it would have had a 283. Nice to have the Powerglide replaced with a 3 speed TH350. Non stock interior and poor presentation will keep the price down, but I bet it could look sharp if detailed properly. The color is Tropical Turquoise, (not Aqua) and is one pf the best looking cars in the color, especially when paired with the hardtop roof. If the listing hadn’t expired I would be looking into this one.

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  3. Driveinstile Driveinstile Member

    I believe 57 was the first year you could get the Turboglide along with the already available Powerglide. You can tell the difference easily by looking at the shifter. On a Powerglide reverse is all the way down. A Turboglide reverse is right after Park like it is on more modern day cars. This definitely was a Powerglide from the factory
    I think this is one of the best color combinations for a tri five Chevy. I always liked the 210s for having a white V instead of the ribbed stainless or chome V on the back fenders. My Grandpa had a 56 this same color, 265 Powerglide. First Chevy he had with a V8.

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  4. Joe Haska

    I like the car, the listing is very confusing.

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  5. Rw

    No telling what engine without checking numbers.

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    • Ashtray

      I don’t think I will never stop liking the 57 Chevies. This turquoise color and red was my favorite colors.
      This actually looks pretty solid, but pictures are deceiving sometimes.
      In my oponion, where the auction price stopped the first time is what it’s worth? That’s what everyone else thought anyway.
      Just my oponion!

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  6. Bryan D McDonald

    Just a side note, the 210 2 door hard top was fairly rare only 22,631 produced compared to 166,426 Bel-Airs.

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  7. Radar

    Why is such a car listed?
    Better deal looking at my 1982 TransAm with 85k miles?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Send it in and we may feature it!

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