Spotless Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This 1967 Corvette Convertible has been in the custody of the same owner since 1977. It has always been garage-kept and is in excellent condition. After 43-years of ownership, he has now decided to part with a classic that is certain to turn heads wherever it goes. With plenty of warm weather in the offing, there is still time to grab this Convertible and to indulge in some top-down cruising. The Corvette is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. You can drive this beauty home by merely handing the owner $49,999.

It appears that the person who has listed the Convertible for sale is doing so on behalf of its current owner. Sunfire Yellow is one of those colors that I like because it has what I would term “personality.” Some paints remain consistent, regardless of the prevailing light. This is one where it can show some remarkable variations in different lighting conditions. The owner indicates that the Corvette has received a repaint at some point, although he says that it does look original. I would take that as meaning that it is wearing its original color. If it is, then it does raise some interesting questions. The convertible top appears to be in good condition. However, its color is something akin to Saddle, which is not right for a Corvette of this era. I would have been expecting either White or Black on a car of this shade. The Corvette also comes complete with a factory hardtop that is finished in Yellow. The Sting Ray presents extremely well, with a pleasing shine. There are no signs of any issues with the paint or fiberglass, while the trim and chrome appear to be in good condition. The owner also indicates that there are no rust problems with this classic.

The interior of the Corvette presents just as impressively as the exterior. Once again, we find some discrepancies with this classic. If a Corvette rolled off the line in 1967 wearing Sunfire Yellow paint, then interior trim choices were restricted to Black or White. Judging by the condition of the majority of the interior components, I suspect that this vehicle might have received a full retrim at some point. If this is the case, then this might explain the color discrepancy. It does present nicely, with a single blemish in the vinyl just to the right of the radio as the only apparent problem. The carpet has an as-new appearance, while the upholstery on the seats and door trims appears to be in good order. There have been no aftermarket additions, with the original radio still intact.

Powering the Convertible is a 327ci V8, which is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The 327 was treated to a rebuild approximately 15-years-ago. The seller states that the Corvette runs and drives well, but he does suggest only driving the vehicle a short distance at present. He doesn’t fully explain the logic behind this, but I get the impression from the listing that the Corvette hasn’t seen a lot of active use in recent times. If that is the case, then it will probably require a thorough mechanical check before any extended trips are attempted. He also says that while the speedometer works perfectly, the odometer doesn’t. However, he estimates that the Sting Ray would have approximately 70,000 original miles under its belt.

There is no doubt that excellent examples of the C2 Corvette have been desirable collectibles for many years. This is a trend that doesn’t show any signs of changing in the foreseeable future. This particular vehicle does appear to be a good one, but it isn’t totally original. It would seem to need nothing beyond a thorough mechanical check, and then it would be ready to hit the road. Good examples of the ’67 Corvette Convertible can easily fetch figures of $70,000 or more, but the occasional gem will pop up for under $60,000. That is what this car would appear to be. So, if complete originality is not the highest priority on your wish list, this is a classic that might be well worth a look.

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  1. Mike D

    I don’t care if that car is original, not original, or if that color/interior/ top came that way or not, that car is gorgeous. If I had the $$ I’d buy it.

    • brent nichols

      Could not find the asking price anywhere. Help a bit. Thanks.

  2. Weasel

    The add copy is brutal, they always make me laugh. This person was most likely a victim of the public school system in recent years.

    My guess on the original exterior color would most likely have been Marlboro Maroon. Someone really liked yellow as they even sprayed the wheel wells.

    • Ken Jennings

      Well, if he has owned it for 43 years, then he maybe got it as a gift at birth, and even then, was the public school system at fault? I know plenty of old geezers my age who can’t read or write worth a damn, yet I would never blame the public school system. The school gets the blame when it is usually the students or parents not putting in the effort to succeed. I am tired of people blaming the schools. It comes of elitist or just plain dumb. Turn off the Fox news and start thinking for yourself. (if you are not too far gone at this point) Maybe I should write something about the car. Okay, here goes…I like the white walls.

      • Weasel

        Lighten up Francis, It was a joke.

        Do you really think that add copy is quality?

        I actually called the number in the add and it’s being sold by a third party. Flipper, brother in law or whatever. Bottom line is that someone bought it and didn’t want to spend the big bucks to change the title into their own name.

        That, my friend, is a true flip.

      • Ken Jennings

        Weasel, maybe you should focus on your Hulka Burger place and let the guys like me do the heavy lifting when it comes to thinking.

    • Jcs

      I think that you meant “ad” copy. Doh!

      User name checks out.

      • Weasel


        You got me on ad vs add, but I’ll still hold my head high and won’t shed a tear because there’s a tear in my jeans.

  3. joeinthousandoaks

    Hard to tell from photos but the yellow looks too dark. Sunfrire Yellow in 1967 was a paler yellow.
    I’m not sure why Weasal thinks it was originally Maroon but a quick look at the data plate would reveal. It is a nice looking car but I would be cautious buying based on the ad alone. PPI is needed to check the frame and the cage.
    I think some people just write in all caps in ads because they think it draws attention.

    • Weasel

      I surmised that due to RPO code 422 leather interior In saddle (yes, genuine leather) was most commonly paired with the RPO 988 which is Marlboro Maroon. Simply a statistics thing. I didn’t see any evidence of old paint anywhere.

      • joeinthousandoaks

        Gotcha. Maroon would be a nice color on this car. Green was also a popular combination for saddle.

  4. Elanguy

    Like joeinthousandoaks above, I am pretty sure this was not a Corvette color in 1967, though it was very popular to repaint Vettes in this color in the 70s and 80s. In fact the color was called “Corvette Yellow” even though it wasn’t.

    I have been to quite a number of Bloomington Corvette meets and never seen this color on the field.

    • Weasel

      It could be Daytona yellow which, I think, was a 1968/69 corvette color.

      • dennis6605

        I don’t know about ’68, but I know they had Daytona Yellow in ’69 because while I was on R &R in Subic Bay Philippines I ordered a ’69 Daytona Yellow through the Navy Exchange. In May of ’69 I picked it up from a dealer in Chicago. I 65 was not completed then and no traffic. I broke it in at 120 mph.

    • GDT

      Wrong, guy in OKC

      • GDT

        Elanguy, Meant to say wrong about yellow not being around at
        that time. There was a guy, whose dad was an exec with GM and Jack drove a yellow convertible with black interior & it killed. Not to say he always had a good looking girl with him
        riding shotgun as he cruised through all the high school hangouts.

      • Elanguy

        What I meant is that the yellows on mid-year Corvettes were a little less vibrant than this, closer to primrose yellow that than this super saturated hue. It could be that the photographs were over-saturated. But it was popular to repaint Vettes in this brighter hue later on. Sunfire Yellow, despite the name, was not quite this bright.

  5. TimM

    My question is…..if it’s a true survivor and it’s been painted a different color and the interior has been changed….is it a true survivor???? Nice car nevertheless!!! I would paint it a different color!! I’d be afraid the children would line up on the side of the road thinking the school bus was picking them up!!!

    • Jcs

      Photos often do not do yellows justice. If the pic of the rear 3/4 view is an accurate representation I think that it looks awesome. Beautiful Vette.

    • Dusty Stalz

      As soon as I saw the words Spotless Survivor and Adam Clarke I knew what I’d be reading about, but this time its the trifecta: a repaint; a rebuilt engine; and a retrimmed interior. Everything is a survivor with Adam. A shame he feels he needs to resort to clickbait to get people to read his articles. He doesn’t.

  6. gbvette62

    Not only does the shade of the color look off, but I think it’s a fresh, resale quality paint job. There’s yellow overspray showing in the wheel wells, and it looks like overspray on the right rear tire too. The seat covers don’t look quite right either, the color doesn’t match the door panels or dash, and they look awful blotchy. Tan tops were offered in other years, but for 67 only black, white and teal blue were available. Though only black or white interiors were available with Sunflower for 67, it was fairly easy to order a car in a non recommended combination back then. I’d love to see the trim tag, to actually know what the original colors were.

    This car is not a survivor, and Barnfinds writers really need to stop using the term so often.

    • local_sheriff

      The term ‘survivor’ is about to become as abused as ‘patina’. To deserve the survivor nomenclature a car wears its factory-applied paint with expected wear for its age, little or no parking dent repairs , the interior it was delievered with in at least OK condition, original driveline(unless replaced due to callback / warranty), original unrestored brightwork and only very little to no body rust. Vehicle should be fully functional, safe and reliable.

      Unless the vehicle meets these criterias it can be anything however NOT any longer a ‘survivor’. Needless to say only very, very few cars deserve that term

      • Dusty Stalz

        I can’t agree with you more sheriff.

  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    The color doesn’t look like a 67 Corvette color to me, but that’s based on memory. Had a cousins husband that his family had a Chevy/Buick dealership at that time. One car they ordered for a customer, a yellow 67 Corvette convertible with a black interior and top. I saw it before it was delivered and loved it, typical for a 18 yr old kid. Thing was there was a set of railroad tracks going out of town and they were being repaired at the time of delivery. Jerk decided to drive around the barricades, and he promptly hung the car up on the tracks. While trying to get someone to help him get the car off the train tracks, a freight train came around the curve by the grain elevator and promptly hit and destroyed the car. The family had money so it didn’t even seem to both him the car was destroyed less than a couple of miles from the dealership. Yellow with black interior was a combo that in those days was incredible IMO, though this one isn’t bad.

  8. Arby

    That could make a lemon jealous.

  9. Haig L Haleblian

    @ weasel. Love the “lighten up Francis”. Gotta love the movie Stripes for that one. This car is a hot mess.

  10. 370zpp

    “This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.”
    . . .

    • Haig L Haleblian

      That’s an understatement

  11. Bob Mck Member

    The price seems fair. I have a 66 red one with more options and would not take 50 for it.

  12. JSMITH

    I agree fully with local_sheriff. A repainted car with a rebuilt engine is in no manner a “Survivor”. I grow sooooooooo
    very tired of that term being misused so often.

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