Spotlessly Clean: 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport

If you parked this green 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport in your driveway, it would probably be enough to turn your neighbors green with envy. It is a beautifully presented car that I think most classic car enthusiasts would like to own. Barn Finder Ikey H referred the Windsor to us, so thank you so much for that Ikey. It is located in Polk City, Florida, and is listed for sale here on eBay. To make this car your own, all you need to do is to hand the owner $10,500.

The Chrysler is finished in an eye-catching combination of Fog Green, with a Scotch Green top. The owner describes the paint finish as being an 8/10, but I can’t help but think that this might be doing the car a bit of a disservice. Of course, photos don’t always show you details that become visible with the naked eye, but it really is hard to find fault in the comprehensive array of photos supplied by the owner. These show a car that is free of rust issues and is solid from one end to the other. The external trim and chrome appear to be close to faultless, while all of the glass also appears to be in good condition. Speaking of glass, I can’t help but absolutely love the 3-piece wrap-around rear glass. That is one styling feature that gives the Newport a very distinctive appearance.

I am hard-pressed to find much to fault inside the Newport. If I really look, then the fit of the carpet near the transmission tunnel in the front isn’t perfect, but that really is about it. The upholstered surfaces, finished in a combination of green and white, have a real air of class about them. This extends to the look of the dash, which is simply stunning. The chrome has a brilliant shine, and the clock and original radio appear to both be in fantastic condition. As an added bonus, everything inside the Newport is said to work as it should. A welcome feature that first appeared in the 1949 model year was padding on the dash, which made for some reasonable improvements in safety.

In 1950, you weren’t spoiled for choice when it came to the drive-train in a Newport. What you got was a 250.6ci flathead 6-cylinder engine, which sent its 116hp to the rear wheel via the 4-speed “Prestomatic” transmission. At 3,875lbs, the Newport is no lightweight, so it is hardly surprising that the ¼ mile time is a somewhat leisurely 23.3 seconds. To put that into perspective, the 0-60mph sprint took 23.4 seconds, meaning that the car won’t hit 60mph by the end of the ¼ mile. Having said that, the car is a great sedate cruiser, and this one is said to be in good mechanical health. It starts easily, while it runs and drives really well. It has no rattles or squeak, no leaks, and is generally very smooth.

The 1950 Windsor Newport is such a distinctive vehicle, and this one is guaranteed to stand out in any crowd. Its condition is extremely impressive, and it appears that there is little to do but to slide behind the wheel and enjoy the best that classic car ownership has to offer. With only 9,925 examples rolling off the line in 1950, they weren’t the most common of cars when new, and finding a nice example today is not that easy. The pricing on this one looks to be extremely competitive, and I can’t help but think that someone might not be far from securing themselves a very nice piece of 1950s motoring.


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  1. 36Packard

    Performance was better with the low end cars in those days. A much lighter Plymouth did better with an even smaller L Head six. Great cars, very dependable.

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  2. Will Fox

    In 1950, Chrysler’s wood-bodied Town & Country hardtop overshadowed the lesser models simply by it’s gorgeous polished wood finish. It would be Chrysler’s last, as popularity waned for wood-bodied cars. But a hardtop coupe like this is very hard to pass up. This one appears to have had a full restoration, and it presets very well. For $10,500. you are going to be hard-pressed to find a better example. This was a year before Chrysler’s famous 331 c.i. hemi OHV V8 appeared, but with the trusty 6 this is a very ‘driveable dream’ for perhaps someone’s first collector car. It appears to need nothing, really, except maybe a set of period whitewalls to make it stand out a bit more. Unlike `57 Chevys, etc. you’re guaranteed to have the only one at pretty much ANY car show!

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  3. TimS Member

    Everything Will said, plus it’s green. Yum. What an example.

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  4. canadainmarkseh Member

    What a beauty, what really makes this attractive is that it’s a 2 door hard top. I can’t believe how similar this car is to my 51 dodge mayfair also a 2 door hard top. Green was a very common colour back then and really fits the look of this car well. Who ever gets this car is getting a fine old auto. Seeing cars like these inspires me to keep going on my restoration. The accelerations might be slow but these engines were bullet prof, so much that these were used as industrial engines well into the 70’s. as usual financial embarrassment and lack of storage keep me from bidding on cars like this. Great find.

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  5. Ben T Spanner

    My Father had a 1951 Dodge Diplomat 2 Dr Hardtop with similar rear windows. It was green. It ,of course,had the Dodge flathead six and optional Gyromatic; Dodge’s name for the so called four speed automatic. The transmission would only shift once automatically. You could start in first and it would shift up once. This was similar to grannie gear in an old pickup. Normal operation was to start in second and have one automatic upshift. This happened when you took you foot off the gas and waited, for a while

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  6. Bob McK Member

    What a deal!

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  7. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Newport (RI) has a great C&C group. Hmmmmm……

  8. Del

    Nicest car here today.

    Price is not bad either

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  9. ccrvtt

    Earl Scheib will paint your car for $19.99!!! Choose any color!!! Pickle green was a favorite back in the ’50’s and this one is suspiciously close.

    In all fairness this is a 1950 model and the color palette back then was bit different from now. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    On the plus side is the condition and the super cool split windshield and rear glass. Nice, neat and honest.

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  10. theGasHole

    Wow, I had this exact same car 4 years ago….in fact I think this might even be the car I had. It had 52k miles on it if I remember and didn’t run when I bought it, but was in great shape. The carpet on the floor near the trans tunnel got stained because once I got the car running I found the heater core leaked into the cabin so I bypassed the heater core. I spend a couple weeks getting it running right, redid the brake system (which was not cheap), buffed the paint up real well and put it for sale. Everyone complained about the 6. “Wish it had the 8!” every prospective buyer told me. After two non-paying bidders on Ebay (cos that never happens, does it), I finally sold it in Oct. of 2015 for $2600. This may not be the same car I had, but if not, it’s the identical twin!

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  11. Arby

    Didn’t you mean “Frog Green”?

    Car needs whitewalls.

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    • KEN TILLY UK Member

      @Arby. Yep, 3 1/2″ whitewalls would do it proud. The 3 piece rear window reminds me of my ’51 Buick Super.

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    • Skorzeny

      No car needs whitewalls, ever. I love it with the Blackwell’s.

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      • ken tilly Member

        What’s a Blackwell?

  12. Howard

    My buddy had a 51 Windsor, the AZ sun had faded the paint out and deteriorated the cloth covered wiring, but he got it for 13 bux and drove it to MI lol 2nd and 3rd gear had the same ratio and the trans was shifted electrically. In high range, just step on it up til you wanted it to shift and let off the gas. Juice was momentarily shut off to the engine while a solenoid shifted it. The old wiring made for some real adventures. It would just shut off sometimes just for the fun of it but shaking the wires under the hood usually got her to fire back up. The interior of that old beast was elegant. The drop window cranks, plush upholstery, great chrome on the dash and gold metallic in the instrument cluster far outshone the rest of the big three. If you have one of these sixes with overheating problems, there is a water distributor tube that sprays water on on the valves. If this rusts out, she will run very hot

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  13. sourpwr Member

    Love it ! Love It ! Love it ! I’d throw my walker in the back seat and put the groceries in the trunk. Drive it! Drive it! Drive it! Park it in the winter.

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  14. Dougie Member

    I’m guessing it takes an older audience to appreciate this. For me personally, it’s ugly as sin. And top it off, it’s green!

  15. Dougie Member

    I’m pretty sure he meant blackwall

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