Spotlessly Clean: 1966 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

This 1966 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe is a clean and original car that appears to want for nothing, except for a new owner who will appreciate owning a great 1960s classic car. It is located in Aurora, Colorado, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Impala has reached $8,800, but the reserve hasn’t been met. I really have to thank our ever-vigilant Barn Finder local_sheriff for spotting this great old Chevy for us.

At some point in the past, the Impala has received a repaint in its original Medium Blue Metallic, and it presents very nicely. Looking through the supplied photos, there are no indications that the car is suffering from any obvious rust issues, and the owner certainly doesn’t mention any problems in the listing. The trim and chrome present very well, and the hubcaps, which can be quite prone, look like they have never rubbed against a curb. The new Hankook whitewall tires that have been fitted to the car add a touch of additional class to what is already a pretty stylish vehicle.

The clean presentation continues when you open the door and slide behind the wheel of the Impala. There is a cover over the dash, and while what is visible of the pad appears to be discolored, there are no signs of any nasty cracks peeking out from beneath. The upholstered surfaces all appear to be close to perfect, with no obvious rips, tears, or stains. The front seat appears to wear a newer cover, and this doesn’t match the one on the rear. That is something that I might be inclined to address at some point in the future, but it would probably be fine at the moment. The owner says that neither the clock nor the radio function, and the information on the clock really isn’t that surprising. These are an item that can be quite temperamental. With a bit of luck, getting the radio working again might not be that difficult. Even if this can’t be achieved in a home workshop, it isn’t the end of the world. In times past, the answer would have been to pull the radio and replace it. Now there are services that can fault-find and repair these units. So, if originality is key here, then that is a real possibility. The Impala also features air conditioning, and with a recent update to R134 refrigerant, this is said to blow ice cold.

The news under the hood all seems to be pretty positive. What you get is the 275hp version of the 327ci V8, a 2-speed Powerglide transmission, and power steering. The Powerglide typically saps a bit of performance from the car, but it is still respectable for what is quite a large and heavy vehicle. Any car that tips the scales at over 3,800lbs and can still cover the ¼ mile in 17 seconds can’t be all bad. This is a car that would appear to be in sound mechanical health, with the owner expressing total faith in this area. In fact, he suggests that the new owner could fly in and drive the car home with no issues or hesitation at all.

This 1966 Impala really does look like a clean classic. The couple of faults that have been identified are not what I would class as world-ending, and should be able to be addressed fairly easily. The owner says that to slip behind the wheel instantly transports you back in time. So, who fancies a trip back to 1966 in a very nice classic?


  1. Will Fox

    I don’t even speak “bow tie” but I like this `66, and it’s in my favorite shade for this vintage. I would hope the aftermarket front seat cover is hiding a fairly prestine factory seat material, but who knows; reproductions are made these days so not a huge issue. Can’t go wrong with the 327 of ANY variety either. As nice as this is, I bet it’s sold before Sunday this week. Very nice.

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  2. TimS Member

    Like the Trans Am a few days ago, this is pretty much how I would have ordered an Impala back then. Someone has been spying on me and is trying to get me to spend. What a ride this thing must be.

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  3. Jeremy

    It is my belief that a car of this size needs a big block to move it along swiftly

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    • local_sheriff

      Since that’s a belief I take it you have not driven a 327 in an Impala. My ’64 SS has a ’67 327 275hp and even before it was rebuilt and still in very tired stock config it would chirp tires without hesitation and surprise many a wanna-be sports car on the freeway.
      Don’t forget a BB is a considerably heavier power plant as opposed to a both torquey AND high-winding 327

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      • PatrickM

        This car will move along quite nicely!! 327’s are nothing to sniff your nose at. If you went with a bigger block today, I would suggest bigger brakes, too…and a check on that suspension to go along with it. Ya always need stopping power.

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      • On and On On and On Member

        Had a girlfriend in H.S. her brother was a gearhead that had a ’63 Impala SS with a 327. On weekends he’d drive it up to a drag race over the Wisconsin state line, forgot the name. In one hour he’d switch out to a dual quad intake and win races. Switch back to one four barrel set up and get 20mpg on the drive home………Loved that guy but dumped his sister. Good times, 1967.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Make it a 65 with a 283 and you’d be looking at my folks old car. No it wasn’t fast but it sure worked well for a family. It drove well for the size of vehicle and got decent gas mileage. What it didn’t do well was it was a bear to parallel park and the back seat was terrible for seeing the screen when you were at a drive-in movie (don’t say it, you can’t do much else when the parents were driving and it’s a family night out).
    Hope someone that wants to drive it will buy it and use it for what it was intended.
    I like it but no place for it.

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  5. TimM

    Really nice driver here!! Get in and drive to cruise nite!!

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    • PatrickM

      I agree. Cruise-ins, date night, etc. Heck, even church…but, park at the far end of the lot. This would make a great daily driver, and turn a boat load of heads. I love this car!! I would really love to have it, but the Finance Officer says no. So,…next car,please.

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  6. William Hall

    I knew lots of Chevys of similar vntage to the this when they were and I was in high school A guy who for my Dad had his mother buy a NEW CHEVY every two years in the 60s. The first I recall was a 64 Impala, 66 Malibu, 68 Impala, 70 Impala. All two doors well equipped. This was back in the day when could order what you wanted from the factory.

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  7. Del

    Pride of ownership shows !

    Price great !

    Pretty good deal

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  8. Andrew Franks

    A beauty.

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  9. Troy s

    “Hey Deke, that’s the best time this turkey ever done, what’d you do to it?”

    Smiles, “I hit it with a bigger hammer.”
    I know I know, but every time I see a blue ’66 Chevy I can’t help but think of that old flick Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. For some reason as a kid back then I liked the blue Chevy getaway car better than the Charger. Strange guy even then.

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  10. Camaro guy

    For on and on that was Great Lakes Drag way i still race there occasionally, i had a 66 Impala similar to this 275 HP 327 changed the PG for a TH350 and a few speed parts intake, exhaust etc didn’t race it but i did use it to tow my 69 Chevelle race car plenty of power for that and that was with a 2.73 rear gear plus the car wasn’t a light weight either

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