Spring Cleaning: 1942 Ford Snogo Snow Blower

Are you fed up with winter and ready to get your classic back out on the roads? Well look no further than this 1942 Ford Snogo snow blower truck. Featuring a 4×4 drive train, a flathead V8, and a International 6 cylinder that powers the snow blower, this Ford means business. With spares, and a lot of recent maintenance, this way cool Ford Snogo is offered for a mere $2,500 or best offer! Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Fairbanks, Alaska. Thanks to reader Fred H for this really cool and unique find!

With a lot of recent maintenance, including new water pumps, belts, and a rebuild on the snow blower drive line. Although rebuilt, the snow blower drive line needs to be reinstalled. The flat head V8 was a runner when this truck was parked, but I would guess that its been a little while. The seller is including brake parts and tune up parts, so hopefully this cool Ford could be revived and on the roads once again. Who needs the ultimate snow blower for their driveway?

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  1. Rick

    “Ran when parked”… famous last words..

  2. rustylink

    I guess if you live on an airport and need to clear a runway or two – you might have trouble seeing what your aiming that giant blower at after sundown. It would certainly scare the neighborhood kids playing on snowy street so there’s that…

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    This would be an interesting project. Given lots of time (which I don’t have) it would be something different to tackle. I’m not sure if I would keep the snow blower on this unit or install on a newer chassis such as a ’70s F-600 4×4. I like the idea of the war vintage truck with 4×4 chassis. Not very practical but could be a lot of fun….

  4. JW

    Wow I would think the weight of that blower would really kill the front suspension, just a average Meyers plow would cause my 80 Chevy 1 ton to droop a little when fully raised. Cool deal though and I could have used this just on my 1/4 mile long circle farm driveway in the 90’s. It would be useless for the winters we are getting here in Missouri lately, my snowblower sat in the garage all winter this year while I blew the snow off my deck / F-150 and driveway with a leaf blower.

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member
    • glen

      I thought we had seen this before, well done.

  6. Midwest Jeff

    Too much “Soylent Green” vibe for me.

    • Mountainwoodie

      yeah but theres a few folks that are needed for their protein…..

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    This was made before global warming put a damper on heavy snowfall (I know, except out east this year) I’m familiar with “Sno-Go” machines. On a recent trip to the UP of Mich, the Houghton Co. Historical Society in Lake Linden, has an older one on display and much bigger. It’s a late 40’s Oshkosh with a bigger 3 auger blower and a MOMBO Buda 4 cylinder on the back. Just like this:
    This Ford is a bit smaller, and probably has a self starter for the rear motor, but this Oshkosh has a HAND CRANK start for the Buda motor.( you can see it attached to the back grill) Imagine starting THAT at 5 below. Pretty much obsolete, doesn’t snow like that anymore, but when it did, I read, if you could keep it on the road, not much would stop it. This truck, with no chrome, appears to be a military unit and Marmon-Herrington guts that Sno-Go must have converted after the war. I’d save the truck and scrap the blower.

    • Jeepster

      The truck was originally a factory 4×4 made during the war by Ford + Marmon-Herrington for the Signal Corps. ( you can see the oval M-H logo emblem on the drivers side hood )

      This was the rare ” hi side” Auger drill unit for telephone pole installation – non combat, base use only. First made in 1939 ” low side ” body and redesigned in 1942 with a few made from mostly off the shelf civilian body parts. These still had some fancy parts on the hood and door handles. Made for a very short period of time.

      Replaced by the Chevrolet K42 in 1943 onwards.

  8. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    The Ultimate Cool Thing to have in Rochester New York. I’d Love to Own This

  9. Ian C

    Dang, what a tough looking truck!!

    Do you know what would make it look even better? A Smart Car stuck between its teeth!

  10. junkman Member

    Wow, global warming has got Alaska green already while it’s still snowing in the NE. Lol

    • JW

      During America’s war of Independence the northeast was under a mini ice age.

      • glen

        I bet they could have used this truck!

  11. Mike

    Bikers & bicyclists better watch your back. Definitely no f**ks will be given.

    • GearHead Engineer

      As a cyclist, I laughed out loud when I saw your post! Thankfully I am unlikely to be riding during a snow storm.

      I’d keep the truck, and scrap or donate the snow equipment.

      – John

  12. Jermey

    This has been for sale for almost 2 years. Which is why they are using summer pictures.
    Problem is the cost of moving the truck out of state. Better set 4K if you barge it out of Anchorage to Seattle.
    You can overland but takes time and very costly as well.

  13. John Leyshon Member

    Can one imagine how hard it would be to see where you’re going with that apparatus up front ? going full blast ? Cross your fingers and watch that GPS !

  14. Rustytech

    Imagine seeing that coming up in your rear view mirror!

  15. Ken Carney

    Wow! Just imagine showing up at your Ford V8 club meet with this beast!
    I can guarantee you that you won’t see another like it–and you’re sure to win
    the award for the most unique vehicle at ANY early V8 show that you went
    to. Used to read about Early Ford V8 club shows in Rod & Custom magazine
    and I can tell you firsthand that I’ve never seen anything like it before now.
    Great find, keep ’em coming.

  16. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member


  17. Ken Member

    Forget the snow blower; I’ll take the truck without it.

  18. chad

    right, not used 4 driveways (cept up da AlCan) or air port (those R really wide/long).
    We use the blower here when the sno is so hi the blade (& plow rig) is almost useless. The blower here is 3/4 – 1/2 as hi as this 1, used may B once every 10 yrs (but extremely appreciated @ that time) left ‘over in the corner’ till then. Ours comes offa da PTO, no ‘pony motor’ like thisun.

    Now if that’s a Marmon-Herrington it’s worth a lot “in the lower 48”. The blower might stay in country tho – a quicker sale (2 of em) separated?

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