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Stalled Custom Wagon: 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevrolet introduced the mid-size Chevelle in 1964 to fill a gap between the compact Nova (and Corvair) and the full-size Impala (etc.). It was highly popular overall, but one of the least seen versions was the 2-door station wagon. This 1965 Chevelle appears to have once been a 300 Series wagon with just two doors, which saw only 1,668 copies built that year. Instead of restoring it, the seller envisioned a customized showpiece whose work stalled somewhere in the early stages of development. Located in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, this unfinished project is available here on craigslist for $12,500, only a fraction of what the seller says he/she has invested. This out-of-the-ordinary tip is brought to us by Chuck Foster!

Demand for larger 2-door wagons was low in the 1960s, but Chevy may have kept them alive in the Chevelle lineup because they served as the basis for the El Camino pickup during the car’s first generation (1964-1967). We don’t know any of the history regarding the seller’s 300 before it was purchased for customization. There is no engine or transmission, so how the wagon left the assembly line is unknown. The photos provided tell some of the story and show a vehicle that’s in a variety of parts and pieces, some of which wear grey primer. The odometer reading is 79,000 miles, but we’re told it’s broken.

Here’s what we do know about the work done so far. The back-halved tube frame was professionally built and comes with a rolling chassis. While the seller retained the original front clip, a vintage fiberglass title nose front end was also built. Custom wheels and tires were already sourced before the seller says he/she lost interest in the project.

Early on, this initiative caught the attention of a national magazine that did a feature story on it. We don’t know if the drawing provided was that of the vision the seller once had or something that was done up for the article. We’re told the seller has at least $55,000 invested in the project, so his/her loss is your gain. It even comes with a new enclosed trailer you could use to haul this thing to car shows if you were to finish what the seller started.


  1. Chevelle fan

    Where’s the rest of the car pictures?

    Malibu’s are cool vehicles.

    Good luck with local sale

  2. Big Al

    How does the seller expect to get $12,500 for a car you can’t even see ? Horrible pictures ! Pull it out of storage, clean it up, and take lots of pictures. GEEZ !!! 😠😠😠

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  3. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    So we are buying two hoods, doors and the rear cargo area of this “custom” wagon? Hang on, let me flush $12,500 down the toilet first. Pics, man, more Pics!

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  4. Rw

    No comment needed.

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  5. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Ridiculously tubbed rear. Literally, DRAG it out of the trailer.

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  6. Ken Member

    I’m suddenly reminded of a very nice 67 Camaro I tried to buy. The car had bran new wheels & tires.
    Opened the hood, it was empty.(no engine)
    Interesting priorities.
    Pretty tough to sell this without more pix.

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  7. FenderUnbender

    The seller is not lying about losing interest, not even enough interest to take decent photos. He could at least take photos of the enclosed trailer that comes with this project. If he really does have $55k invested this could be a great deal for someone that lives close enough to check it out for themselves.

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  8. Mike

    It sounds interesting I’m a big fan of 65 chevelle 2dr wagons, if it were close to me I would check it out, but I’m 10 1/2 hrs away, but with terrible pics I’ll pass

  9. Jay McCarthy

    It’s a crying shame this car has been tubbed

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  10. jwaltb

    What a piece. OS.

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  11. 356ASuper

    And— the picture you can see shows a car in not the best shape. Zoom in on the passenger side taillight area, looks like the metal was blown out with a small explosive

  12. Harry Allen

    Just another screwed up vehicle that lost its value when the original car was cut up. Proof being that they have 55,000 invested? but in reality if it were to have remained intact the asking price 12,500 would be possibly a bit low for an intact relatively rare vehicle.

  13. Tbar

    Maybe he lost interest in selling it hence the lack of pics.

  14. Steve

    For some reason the word invested is cracking me up.
    Oxford definition: put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.
    This is money spent!

  15. Steveland

    I’m pretty sure this car is still in the trailer that’s apparently included. Agree with the earlier comments at least pull it out and take some pictures!

  16. George Birth

    no sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

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