Still In The Barn! 1967 Mustang S-Code 390 4-Speed

Full of potential! That’s what I’d call this 1967 Ford Mustang in Gratiot, Wisconsin. With nearly everything needed to become a complete car, plus a pedigree as a desirable S-code four-barrel 390 cid (6.4L) in double-red with a four-speed manual transmission! What’s not to like? The listing here on eBay has attracted at least 20 bids pushing the market value beyond $22,000 without meeting the auction reserve yet.

“Wisconsin” can make a classic car enthusiast shudder, but under-car pictures, in this case, show a well-preserved (not perfect) undercarriage and trunk floor. The listing includes no mention of the condition of the metal at all, so probing questions and close inspection are highly recommended.

A Marti Report confirms the Candyapple Red paint and Red Vinyl Luxury Bucket Seats, console, power steering, and disc brakes, Tilt-Away Steering Wheel, Interior and Exterior Decor Groups, and Styled Steel Wheels. Fully restored, this will be one sharp ride.

Fords of this vintage do not have literal “number matching” engine block codes, but the seller reports this engine, and transmission wear appropriate casting numbers and date-codes consistent with original status. This one appears to have dodged abuse as someone’s hand-me-down hot rod. It’s time to strike a deal and get this beauty back on the road. What would you ask for this red-painted pony?

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  1. slickb

    this is the same guy selling the mustang you just featured…
    ( )
    are you guys going to do this one next???? it is the third mustang he has for sale right now :)

  2. John Case

    You guys need to stop w the great articles im feeling a little guilty !
    J- thx

  3. Gaspumpchas

    Wow–up to 25 large- dirt floor–need some pics of the underbelly and the usual places( everywhere) on a rustang. I see some daylight on the right inner wheelhouse in the trunk. Looks like lots of parts with it. One can only hope its not bad underneath. Looks like someone put a left quarter on it. Good luck to the new owner. Would love to see this one come back!!


  4. GP Member

    This will be a nice looking car again. Great body style and drive train. Sorry, but it’s to much red for me. Outside-O.K. Inside-maybe, Both, not for me.

  5. moosie moosie Member

    Reminds me of a customer we had that owned one like this . A 390 4spd. He decided he wanted headers, Hooker Headers, back then , ’67 ’68 , Hookers were the big $eller$. Other then a 340 Duster these were the biggest pain in the butt to install , a tube from one side crossed over to the opposite side & vice versa. Neither one lined up. We got it finished. The customer loved it & it made it run quicker in the 1/4 mile after we fiddled with the jetting & timing, sounded nicer too. This puppy here could be nice if you want to $pend the cash.

  6. Bernie H.

    The moment you buy, you’re upside down. I also live in the Great Lakes area and every Mustang I’ve done requires a fairly large $$ expense that is hidden in the floors, frame rails, torque boxes etc. This car is $16-18,000 max, any more and your giving money away.

  7. David Duivesteyn

    The new owner should sign a waiver stating that he won’t turn it into another boring Eleanor clone!!

  8. garry connors

    biddings up to 27k after fees parts labor of maybe 35k you got a 50 k car DO THE MATH

    • Doug B

      $8k for restoration? lol. You need to do your MATH (sorry for shouting).

  9. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Wow! Ended: Mar 10, 2019 , 9:44PM
    Winning bid:US $28,300.00
    [ 43 bids ]


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