Storage Locker Find: Honda Civic CVCC And Acura Integra

I was recently contacted by the owner of two desirable project cars who happened upon the vehicles and a large cache of parts via a storage locker in Georgia. The stash includes two vintage Honda / Acura products that are hard to find in rust-free condition like these two cars, which includes a 1984 Honda Civic CVCC hatchback and a 1989 Acura Integra RS. Both cars have been disassembled and were clearly intended for some sort of a build, and given the versatility of these chassis, it could have been anything from a pair of autocross cars to a high-horsepower drag strip build. I’ve published the listing here on craigslist but you can also contact me via the form below .

While these aren’t the most collectible cars, anyone who chases Hondas and Acuras as part of the car hobby knows that early cars in rust-free condition are very hard to come by. And frankly, getting them at this point – where they haven’t been overly-customized according to one owner’s tastes – is also quite hard to do. As far as virgins go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything made by Honda from the early to middle 1980s that hasn’t been tweaked in some way, for better or for worse (usually worse.) The seller claims these are very clean inside and out with no signs of troublesome floor or fender rot, and from what I can see in the photos, the typically weak plastic nose panel areas on the Civic are also intact.

Integras have been targets for both theft and modifications since they were practically new, so seeing a stock one really is a sight for sore eyes. The RS – I believe – was the base model trim, which likely means it was also the lightest in the Integra lineup. It seems given the Civic is also a bare-bones model that the previous owner took the lightest-weight examples he could find, which would make the plans to go racing seem even more plausible. The Integra’s bodywork looks quite clean and the old college stickers in the back glass suggest this was someone’s commuter car before it went into storage and was being prepared for a serious stripping-down. To me, I wouldn’t even track this car – just bring it back to stock condition and clean it up.

Interior photos show the cabin of the Integra to be in clean, stock condition with the original and very nicely bolstered Integra seats still in place and in seemingly good condition. The seller does not want to sell things piece-by-piece; he wants all of the parts and both cars to go at the same time. The photos below show a wide assortment of parts, from what are presumably the original engines pulled out of the Civic and the Integra to numerous replacement spare parts and racing equipment like fuel cells and boost controllers. The seller hasn’t pulled together a line-by-line breakdown of what he has, but it’s safe to say there’s likely enough to put at least one of these early Honda and Acura products back on the road.

  • Price: $4,500
  • Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia
  • Mileage: TMU
  • Title Status: Clean; Integra comes with title

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  1. angliagt angliagt

    I owned a hatchback just like this one.One of the
    most “NOTHING” vehicles I’ve ever owned.Never really
    looked forward to driving it,& the shifter was really vague.
    The upside is that it was a really nice looking car.

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  2. nlpnt

    Gen 1 Integra is one of those cars where I’d rather have the four-door. It’s a “bubble” liftback just like this with the exact same roof stamping and might well be the lowest mass-produced 4 or 5 door car ever.

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  3. douglas hunt

    I would luv to have that Integra but not into buying that whole lot………………..

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  4. Louis Q Chen

    I used to own a ’85 Civic DX Hatchback, the only option was the A/C. The A/C died at around 88k miles. I didn’t bothered to replace the compressor- Keihin which was hard to find & expensive! It was a good basic transportation while I was living in Socal. It died at 325k miles.

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  5. Dallas

    I think that “technically” that Civic was equipped with a CVCC engine (it looks like a Gen 3, ’84-’87) but the headline threw me, as it’s the first generation Civic that’s commonly known as the “CVCC”.

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