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Stored For 12 Years: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

This 1965 Mustang Convertible is a barn find that the owner located stored in a barn in Kansas. It had been sitting for about 12 years when he located it, but he dragged it out and did the necessary work to get it back up and running. He has now decided to part with it, so has listed it for sale here on eBay. Located in Piedmont, Oklahoma, it is being offered for sale with a clear title. At the time of writing, bidding had reached $8,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

From the outside, this Mustang doesn’t look too bad. The paint is faded and dull, but that’s hardly surprising given the amount of time that it has been sitting, plus we don’t really know how it was treated before it went into the barn. The seller is pretty forward in saying that the car (in his words) “has rust in all the usual places.” There is definitely rust in the trunk floor, the trunk riser, and in the wheelhouses. There also appears to be rust in the inner rockers, although there are no photos to indicate whether there is any structural rust to deal with. The seller seems to be confident that the car could be driven as it is, but I’d want to look underneath to be sure. The middle of an accident is not the best time to discover a structural issue. The power top operates, and the soft-top itself looks like it may respond well to a clean.

The interior of the Mustang isn’t too bad in general. This is the optional Pony Interior, and all of the distinctive features appear to be there. Some of these, such as the door trims and the distinctive wood grain steering wheel are present but will require reconditioning or replacement. The carpet is also quite faded, but the remainder of the interior is an area that once again should respond well to cleaning.

The seller has put some work into reviving the 289 c-code engine. The carburetor has been rebuilt, and the seller has also replaced the gas tank and sender unit. He says that the car runs and drives and that it sounds really nice. He also states that he has replaced one wheel cylinder and bled the brakes. He says that they work, but he doesn’t sound that full of confidence, so I’d be inclined to give them a pretty thorough check before I hit the road.

If I had a dollar for every Mustang that I’ve seen that has rust, then I could probably afford to buy one. This one is another such vehicle, but it is a bit unclear just how extensive it actually is. On the surface, it certainly seems to be promising, but nothing beats a good personal inspection to make sure that all is okay. If there are no structural issues with this one, then it could be quite a nice car to own and drive.


  1. Jimmy

    Looks pretty clean from the photos but if there is rust to be seen in a Mustang there is hidden rust so a personal inspection would be your best bet before placing a bid especially on a convertible.

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  2. nrg8

    Jeez, bucket, hot soapy water, microfiber wash cloth, wash, rinse. Wipe down with same rinsed out microfiber cloth. Rinse same cloth again. Dump soapy water. Refill with hot water with a dab soap, like no suds, just enough to help the hot water clean the grease and grime off the interior as you wipe it down. Dip the cloth, wring it so it’s not sopping and wipe all the surfaces down dipping and wringing as the cloth gets full of dirt. I really don’t get the leave it in barn find condition. FFS animals pooped in there, where do you think that dust comes from? That’s my rant

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    9500 already!!!

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  4. Pete J

    Had a 4 speed originally….too bad they took it out at some point

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  5. DJS

    These can be tricky as well as expensive hidden rust in the rails floors etc can start to add up as much as 20 g s or more get it checked by a pro before you buy it It can become a money pit

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  6. Hide Behind

    Seems to me that almost all the rescued early year small stangs are money pits, and even tho in high demand their top dollar resale is not that high.
    First thng I noticed was one needed to take them to a good frame streightening shop to insure streightness, especially converts.
    Next was if it is not a fastback high outut 271 hp and but one of run of mill cars when it comes to value there is little difference between the 6 or 8 cylinder and stick versus auto values even of original versus replacement engines or tranny.
    They do make for a female high schooler a nice hair drying first auto, and sell like mad.

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  7. David Miraglia

    More desirable than that Nascar Mustang. First Generation has always been my favorite.

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