Stored for 60 Years: 1932 MG Magna F2

Back in the early 1930s, MG (for Morris Garages) was still a niche manufacturer. The introduction of their first six-cylinder model, the Magna, was a major step. Over the two years from 1931-32 approximately 1,250 were sold, and this one listed for sale here on eBay is one of them. It’s located somewhere in the western United States (the seller does not specify any more) and bidding has risen to over $10,000 as I write this. Naturally with a car this desirable the reserve has not been met at that point.

The seller goes to great lengths to explain how rare the car is and how it came to be, and I was able to confirm that most of what they tell us is true (the claimed 40 produced may be from this body style only, that I couldn’t find out for sure). When it comes to this particular car, though, we’re not given a tremendous amount of information.

The seller apparently imported the car from the UK in 1967 (!) and never started the car. We’re told that it has been stored properly, though. With the long hood and tall wire wheels, it looks like a much later TC at first until you examine it closely.

I wish I were a better writer where I could do this picture justice. There’s no telling who has been behind that wheel — fighter pilots? Movie stars? Unfortunately, the seller has obscured the registration number in all the pictures of the car so I have no way to trace it’s early history.

The seller tells us the engine is “free”. I sure hope so, considering the head isn’t installed! I would strongly suggest making sure it’s included; I can’t imagine sourcing one would be easy at this point. There’s also the little matter that the car doesn’t have a title at this point. All that being said, I found a nice supercharged one of these that sold for over $100,000 in 2016 so it appears the value might be there for the right buyer. What do you think?


  1. RayT Member

    I know next to nothing about these cars, but have to wonder why the tach and the subsidiary gauges are all later (as in 60s and 70s vintage) Smiths units….

    The removed — or missing — cylinder head would be worrisome to me as well, Jamie. No matter what, I sense a rebuild in the engine’s very near future. Or, at the very least, a thorough cleaning to make sure the bores aren’t rusty/corroded. Does Auto Zone carry parts for these? I didn’t think so.

    But what a lovely little car! I’d be delighted to see someone with the skills and financial resources to put it right.

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    • Jim S

      The dash is definitely a bodge. It is missing the pretty 3-guage cluster that sits in front of the passenger for one thing…. Switches are all wrong.

      Here’s what the dash should look like:

      The car did not come with a tach to begin with. There’s a scale on the spedo to tell you what your RPM is based on which gear you are in.

      At least it still has the original gated transmission. I’m not entirely sure if it was a pre-selector or not. I think they were pre-selectors on most of these sporty pre-war models. Always fascinated me. I want to try to row one some time.

      • Westly

        The only original part of the dash I can make out is the combined tacho/speedometer – to the left of the new tacho.

        F-types came with ENV gearboxes from factory – but these were not pre-selectors.

        This example has the later F engine also – with the extra water outlets on the cylinder head. Pity there is no pictures of the cylinder head though.

  2. NotSure

    This is a beautiful automobile! I agree with Ray 110%! And if I were a Brit with bucks I’d want to take this back to the 🇬🇧. I wonder if anyone from “over there” is watching this?

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    • Solosolo ken tilly Member

      We are watching!

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  3. Bruce

    I have worked on one of these in the restoration shop I worked at when I was much younger. For the most part they are very basic and straightforward. Simple to work on but be careful about the body frame which is made of wood. That can rot if not stored properly. Replacements can be purchased. They are hand made and they are not cheap. Last I heard you could get them knocked down for assembly here as they are made in England. Otherwise these are great fun to drive. For a 19 year old student working at a restoration shop in the summer months getting a chance to drive something like this for even a short trip is memorable. I hope it finds a good home.

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  4. Roarrr Member

    The Brits are much more likely to continue to hill climb, and race their olde toys, If you search the web you’ll find lots of videos of earlier auto events with all kinds of unrestored cars of all ages competing The emphasis there seems to be having an enjoyable day with their toy rather than displaying their perfect trailer queen.

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    • Chris

      There are plenty of trailer queens over here!! 🤓

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  5. Solosolo ken tilly Member

    A friend of mine owns a 1934 Bentley, 1934 Rolls Royce, 1948 Jaguar XK 120, 1963 Jaguar E Type and a fairly new Ferarri, all of which are never driven if there is the slightest hint of rain! Living in UK they don’t get driven very often but his 1995 Merc Station wagon does. What a waste of some seriously lovely motor cars.

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  6. Rodney - GSM

    With a car this rare, complete disclosed history would enhance its value considerably. “Come on, drop your pants and show your VIN!”

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    • Matt P

      The “VIN” is shown on the ebay auction. It’s F2 #1450.

      • Rodney - GSM

        Great. Thanks!

  7. Coventrycat

    I hope whoever was behind that wheel had more than the one screw holding it on now.

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  8. Michelle H Rand Staff

    Though MG did not make a lot of early Midget type cars – most models numbered in the couple-hundred area – this engine was used on several of them. Not that the head would be easy to find, but a follow up on the ad does now say that ‘it is believed that all engine parts are there’. So surely that includes the head. Hunting through eBay in the US and UK can turn up other parts.

    • PowDeb

      Here is a picture of the engine with the heads on it. We have it updated and on Hemmings.

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      • Solosolo ken tilly Member

        Does that mean that the engine is now a runner?

  9. Chinga-Trailer

    If the engine is “free” and someone takes him up on that offer, what will the rest of the car be worth now that it’s missing it’s engine??

  10. JJ Lizambard

    Yes, this pretty little car has now found a new home, back to the old Europe, but not in UK, it is to come to Paris, France !

    Michelle, it’s not a Midget (these are four cylinder cars), but an early Magna (six cylinder cars)

    Jim S and Westly : You are all correct.

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    • Solosolo ken tillyUK Member

      That’s good to know JZ. Sorry that it went to France but, hey, one of these days it will come back to Blighty. Please do us all a favour and post a report on it’s restoration now and again on BF.

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