Stored Indoors: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

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The 1970 Road Runner brought some notable changes to the model over its predecessors. As well as updated cosmetic treatment, the 1970 model featured improvements in seating material, and more welcome was an improvement in braking performance. This 1970 Road Runner has been kept indoors long-term, and while it does have some rust issues, it appears to be a long way from being a lost cause. The owner has set the auction to open at $20,000 for the car, but at the time of writing, there have been no bids. Located in Champlain, New York, you will find the Road Runner listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner doesn’t give us any real information about the state of the floors and the frame of this car, so we will just go with what we can see. There is rust in the lower halves of both quarter panels, as well as in the bottoms of both fenders. It looks like there might also be some creeping out from under the bottom edges of the vinyl top, as well as a spot on the top of the passenger side front fender. The rest of the panels look to be quite straight and clean, and the vehicle has very few dents or dings to address. A few of the distinctive Road Runner badges are either damaged or missing as well. However, the rest of the trim is present, as is the glass, and it all looks to be in pretty good condition. The good news is that the owner owns another two Road Runners, so these may be a source of parts for the car.

Under the hood is the 383ci V8, which is hooked to an automatic transmission. The owner doesn’t give us any information about the state of the engine and transmission, which is really frustrating. It’s also hard to establish anything from the physical appearance of the engine. One area of earlier Road Runners which was often criticized was the brakes. For the 1970 model, Plymouth threw the old Bendix components into the nearest trash can, and the Road Runner found itself equipped with much improved Kelsey-Hayes power disc brakes.

What we can see of the interior looks fairly promising. The 1970 Road Runner featured new seat upholstery, and while there is a tear in the seat cover and cracks in the wheel, there is also cause for optimism with what we can see. The dash and pad look to be quite good, while the rest of the trim look like they might respond well to some cleaning products and good old-fashioned elbow grease.

The starting price for a good Road Runner today is around the $40,000 mark, and from there it really is a case of the sky is the limit. This one needs its share of restoration work, but if the frame and floors are okay, and the engine is also healthy, then it really would be worth the effort. The best way to find out is to ask the question. After all, asking questions is always the cheapest part of any restoration project.

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    The sellers’ idea of a “little rust” and mine are miles apart! Still, quite a desirable starting point. GLWTA! :-)

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    • Davis

      The amount of a “little rust” changes greatly depending on where one lives, and the vehicle in question…..

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  2. Angrymike

    I sold a 70 Road Runner from New Mexico, little rust and spotless undercarriage, for 600.00 back in the 80’s. Air grabber, buckets, 4 speed but a newer 400 that ran perfect. It really makes me sick to see what these go for today !

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    • Nick hockmanMember

      Also from NM. Love it when sellers say normal rust. Rust is not normal to me.

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  3. perMember

    I think it is too mutch rust. But its a nice car. But i like the shape.

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  4. Bsherm

    Hate to see what would be left if it was stored outdoors!

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  5. j liu

    Definitely not for the faint of heart or for a low bank balance. Stored indoors too little and too late. From what is presented, I’d say this is a major challenge and at a $20k start, ouch. It would take more than another $20K to even get near “fully restored” territory and at that point, what amount of the car would actually be original? I can hear this one barking.

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Pics of the road runner floor mats but no pics of the lower quarters. Scary vinyl top that’s already rusting under the mouldings. I don’t think its worth 20 large, especially being an auto, might be worth more if it was a 4 speed. I think being in the rust belt, beware- Champlain is on the Canadian Border, id be hard pressed to think it was worth 10k. Also zero feedback. caveat Emptor, Good luck.



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  7. Mighty Mo 572

    Car is nothing special, take another 20+ to make it right. With all the rust issues you’ll be lucky to get 6k. See these car’s all day long done and ready to drive for 15k and up.

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    • Bill Meyers

      Where are you seeing these cars for 15k done and ready to drive?

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  8. Timothy P Morgan

    Maybe it’s not really rust, maybe it’s patina!!

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  9. Superdessucke

    Looks like you can see into the trunk from the driver’s side quarter! $20k seems laughable to me for a very rusty base automatic 383 Road Runner. Maybe if it was a 440 Six Pack with a 4-speed? But I’m not in this market anymore, so I don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any bids.

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  10. Rusty

    I sold my 70 runner in 78 for 450.00 and it was in better shape
    I cant belive the stupid money people are asking for these rusty old runners. I should have kept mine but I sold it to by a 60 charger.

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    • robert semrad

      Chargers weren’t made until 66…..typo?

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  11. PRA4SNW

    Looks like the same rust that my ’73 Barracuda had in ’79.
    It didn’t take long back then in the New England winters to make these cars dissolve.

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  12. mike D

    20K? I want what he is smoking

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  13. Troy s

    Very plain Road Runner, one of the budget specials.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing it fixed up but just not to original showroom condition.
    Too plain.
    Now, maybe some nice wheels and tires, hop up the engine…but at that kind of money no one will go that route.
    That’s what I dislike the most about these, nowadays.

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  14. Superdessucke

    Cars Magazine took a ’70 in better shape than this and featured it in it’s “12.9 for $1,299” article back in ’87. My, how far we’ve digr… I mean come.

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    • Troy s

      Yeah, I remember that! Can’t remember for sure, think it was Tony DeFeo’s project. And yes, that ‘bird looked better than this one although it was a beater, and I can’t remember if they hit their numbers. If DeFeo was at the wheel I’m sure they came close. How cool.

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  15. mike

    some rust !!!! hahahaha,i honestly would feel so guilty asking $20,000 bucks its almost comical. p.s. not the nicest of colors either,sorry.

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  16. Del

    Too much rust.

    10 grand is probably to much to pay and 20 is not happening

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  17. Chris

    I agree with all of the above. This is a base Roadrunner, no air grabber, no 4 spd and at $20 grand with as much rot as can be seen on the outside you can be certain that there’s alot more unseen. This is a $7-8,000 on a good day. Even then with the colors you’d really have to wonder if it’s worth putting another $40 grand into to make it right. I’ll pass unless I could get it for cheap.

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