Stored Since ’91: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

After having been stored since 1991, this 1970 Plymouth Superbird is said to have started as soon as the gas and battery were replaced! It’s being auctioned here on eBay where bidding has surpassed $60,000 (but not the reserve). Since the car is located in Kissimmee, Florida (very close to Orlando) you probably aren’t going to have any issues getting the family to go along with you when you travel to look at it (or pick it up if you’re the winning bidder)!

That’s the original vinyl top, although we’re not told if it is the original paint or not. If it is, you will have an interesting dilemma.

While the vast majority of the  body seems to look good, there are some spots of corrosion which will have to be addressed. Thanks to the seller for posting closeups of the damage. Do you think this can be fixed with a local, blended repair? I know it’s beyond my ability to do so, but if this is the original paint I would hate to lose it. However, I don’t think it is, and you’ll see why in the next picture.

For those of you in the rust belt, is that a Ziebart plug I see? It certainly wouldn’t be painted over if it is, and clearly the vehicle number decal has been masked off and painted around. However, the lack of overspray on the two black rubber components leads me to believe it was a pretty decent quality repaint.

We’re also told this is the original interior, which I can believe due to it’s slightly worn but good looking condition. The steering wheel has some cracks and you’ll have to do some restoration work on the dash to make the car appear as new.

The engine certainly looks like it fires right up! The seller also lets us know the brakes are “weak” (something pretty important in a rare car with a 440 cubic inch V-8) but that a new master cylinder and booster are in the trunk, along with the replaced water pump and torque converter. It’s apparent someone thought this car was special at one point in time, and of course it can be again. Are you in the winged warrior market?

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Interesting Bird. Not in my budget though. Got some work to be done to get rid of the visible rust along with whatever is hidden.

  2. Chevy Guy

    So cool

    • mopardude

      definitely. way outside my budget.

  3. brianashe Member

    I love to see what was basically a supercar in its day with poverty-spec dog-dish hubcaps.

    • Sandy Claws

      Everyone I knew who ordered the standard hub caps did so because they planned on using after market wheels. I find it ridiculous that people today think that cars of this type were actually driven with them on. I would love to own a functioning time machine and take people back to see how things really were, not the skewed perceptions from people who were not even there.

      • Big_Fun Member

        Sandy Claws, I gave you one virtual thumb up, and two physical thumbs up on the subject of the the stock steel wheels. Wheels and tires are (one) of the easiest items to change / change back on a car, why not add some wheels and include the steelies in the trunk with this sale? Sure, this particular one is “as found” , – and I appreciate that. I have had several of the Chevrolets muscle in the shed that had steelies when purchased, and steelies when sold. In between – absolutely not. The period mags go on each car ,again and again!

    • glen

      With these hubcaps and the steel wheels, obviously this is a sleeper! This baby blends right in.

  4. George Bauer

    Back in 1986 my parents bought a new house for $70k. The guy selling it was a big MOPAR fan. There was a standard roadrunner, one Superbird and one Superbee along with a bunch of parts and maybe another car or two.

    Dad tried to get him to throw in a car and he’d pay a bit more but he didn’t bite.

    Now that house is worth about 180k. I can only imagine what the cars are worth!

  5. Tom Henderson

    Quite possibly the biggest, ugliest car ever made.

    • Crazyhawk

      There it is. Can’t talk about a winged car without someone tossing in that comment.

      • Park

        It’s Wing Envy man. My neighbor had two of these – a Superbird and a Daytona. They were ok but too flashy. Rarely took them out to shows or wherever. Just sat in the barn collecting money.

    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Yes Tom your opinion…..but damn they were fast on the track and at Bonnieville. Ford tried with that big nose Torino that never ran and GM….whale they waited or had a hand in them being outlawed by Nascar…..the reason they were built and not for a beauty contest.

  6. Steve

    But they worked so well on the racetrack that NASCAR banned them right away.

  7. Woody

    Test cars were divisions in every auto makers line,Ford,Chevrolet,this Plymouth and the Dodge Daytona-winged warriors got the attention! Horsepower was king it was being displayed everywhere with emblems and stripes! The Ford King Cobra is a rare ‘experimental’ beast too,go fast-turn left!

  8. Moelwy Brown Member

    Would it not be worth more burnt? Morley

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Nice to see and honest one that hasn’t been restored to within an inch of its life.

    And it seems that there were a lot of them made with a bench, column shifter and poverty caps.

  10. alan r leonard

    But people…its a Mostly Old Parts And Rust=mopar!!!

    Move along…….

  11. Terry Bowman

    Just simple things. Why would someone place the top of the air cleaner on backwards, while taken a “For Sale” photo? With all the photos being shown, I believe it is the Original paint, so….. fix up the body work and paint it. The VIN sticker does not appear to of been taped off and the body bumpers look like from a 50 year old car. Being a basic Bird and in need of restoration(original paint does not matter in this condition) $80,0000.00, restored $120,000.00. It is a nice original example.

  12. Dculp

    I really thought that after 50 years we were past all the stupid acronyms for Mopar, Ford, Fiat, Chevy……I mean really people. It’s like watching Carol Burnett reruns again and again and again……

    • Park

      BTW…now that Fiat owns Chrysler. It’s no longer Fix it Again Tony.(or Fehler im Allen Teilen) It’s Fine Italian American Transportation

      • Dculp

        Fiat also owns Ferrari. I believe they are the #8 largest auto mfr in the world,

  13. Morley Brown Brown Member

    I liked Carol Burnett

  14. Terry Bowman

    Odd how Fiat is such a large company and they can’t build a reliable auto them self. Auto owners try to be dedicated to a certain brand, but as owners keep changing it makes it difficult. The only good thing is the autos, mostly are still made here in the U.S..


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