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Stored Since The 1970’s: 1959 Jaguar XK150 Coupe


Unlike many British car fans, I like the XK150 better than both the 140 and 120 variants (heresy, I know)! With four wheel disc brakes, more performance, and in the coupe version a more pleasing roof line (several Jaguar XK fans are going into apoplexy right now), I have wondered many times whether a 150 coupe would be right for me. This particular example is found in Santa Ana, California and was discovered by our own Josh M. It’s listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy it now price of $22,950, but since it’s a dealership I suspect the real price is below that.


I’ve never really cared for the “tucked in” look of the 120 and 140 coupes, but this shot shows off the beautful, flowing lines of the 150 coupe very well. The sheetmetal looks like it had been partially stripped at some point, which validates the story as told in the ad. I believe that tan color is actually light surface rust, and the remaining creamy white is the original color.


I’m guessing the tail down, nose high may be due to a missing radiator and some engine parts being in the trunk. Can you see some C-Type in that front fender like I do? The underside of the car has been cleaned and looks remarkably solid, with mostly original paint showing. You’ll also need to come up with the “finishers” for the front and rear windows. This place has the front set for about $450. The rear, on the other hand, is over $1,100 (gulp!).


Naturally, the interior needs pretty much everything. You’ll save on pedal pads, though, as this is an automatic version. Not my choice, but I wouldn’t kick it out of the garage! Plan on over $5,500 of materials for just the soft goods to do it right. Another $3,200 or so on wood and you’ll be ready to go. Ouch!


While this is a correct specification 3.4 liter XK 6-cylinder engine, it is from a later car based on engine numbers. It also doesn’t turn freely and is partially disassembled. Plan on a full rebuild. That won’t be cheap either. Ultimately, this may be right for someone, but not for me. But what about you–are you interested? What’s your favorite XK Jaguar?


  1. Alan Brase

    I have tended to favor the XK120 most of my life, having been greatly influenced by an older mentor that had a 1951 roadster and felt the first version of most any design is the prettiest. I tend to agree, before the practical marketers modify it to withstand parking by American bumper cars.
    Having said that, this car has a pretty profile. The automatic would not be my choice, either, but for the intended use nowadays, who cares about the reduction in performance? Actually, one could still use this as a retro GT car, just so long as you stayed away from hot climates. It would draw attention every stop.
    A friend had one in college, did regular trips back home 800 miles. I never heard that it let him down.

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  2. Puhnto

    It is a very pretty car! (All three of them were — 120, 140, 150)

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  3. Jesper

    Such a XK 150 i have restored for rust 15 years ago.
    What a job, but a nice car when we where finish.
    It sold for over 100,000$ in Denmark

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  4. Trent Poole

    I have to agree with you Jamie. I prefer the 150 over the 120 & 140. Particularly the FHC variant.

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  5. Bruce Best

    They are wonderful cars to own but the interiors are frightfully expensive even if you get the kits. Great fun and truly beautiful but a royal pain to restore. I agree with the author that the 150 coupe is the best of the bunch and in some ways is more useful than the E-type coupe.

    You can get air conditioning kits for these that are retro enough so nobody outside of the highest concourse types will be offended.

    This one looks to be well worth saving.

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  6. Bruce Best

    Make certain that the rear lights are there along with all the rest. The trans can be easily changed into a 5 speed if that is your choice.

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  7. Van

    I’m a blasphemer too, because I would think of the three XKs a 150 coupe would be the best daily driver. I would put a fuel injected 4.2 with AC and a good 5spd. The weather is to hot in the south and I said daily driver. You said the original engine was gone anyway.

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  8. Charles Fulop

    Another vote for restomod with the supercharged Jaguar V8 and a nice modern 5speed.

    Anyone else notice that the carbs on the original engine are mounted upside down ?

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    • Van

      Upside-down carbs makes the gas mileage skyrocket. Not so much help for the tow truck.

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