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Stunning Driver: 1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Pontiac worked to establish itself as the performance marque within the General Motors empire in the 1960s, and no car was more effective at cementing that reputation than the GTO. Often considered the father of the muscle car, the GTO is more desirable today than when this 1968 Convertible rolled off the line. This classic makes a stunning visual statement and will supply performance that won’t disappoint the most hardened enthusiast. The time has come for it to find a new home. Therefore, the seller has listed it here on eBay in Hortonville, Wisconsin. Bidding has scorched beyond the reserve, sitting at $31,800.

Pontiac launched its Second Generation GTO for the 1968 model year, with our feature car emerging during that first production year. Its history is unclear, but the overall condition suggests it has undergone a restoration at some point. The Starlight Black paint shines so deeply you feel like you could walk into it, with the positive impact accentuated by the lack of visible flaws and laser-straight panels. The gaps aren’t the tightest I’ve seen on a GTO, but their consistency hints that the reassembly was performed with care if it is a restoration recipient. I can’t spot any rust issues, and the lack of visible corrosion across various locations and surfaces bodes well. The White power top fits as tight as a drum, the glass and trim are excellent, and the Rally II wheels are in as-new condition.

The engine bay presentation further supports my belief that this GTO is fresh from restoration. It presents superbly, with the beautiful 400ci V8 and its surroundings looking as they would have when this Convertible sat on the showroom floor. The 400 produces 350hp and 445 ft/lbs of torque, cementing this classic’s muscle car credentials. Having an abundance of power is pointless if it can’t be applied to the road, with this GTO achieving that via a three-speed Hydramatic transmission. The original owner’s decision to specify power steering and power front disc brakes adds to this gem’s driving enjoyment and safety. The seller quotes an odometer reading of 81,000 miles but doesn’t mention verifying evidence to confirm whether that reading is genuine. We are also flying blind on whether the car is numbers-matching, although the seller includes PHS documentation confirming the car’s authenticity. It features a new exhaust, but as with other aspects of this drop-top, there is no information on how it runs or drives. The news should be positive if the engine bay presentation is an accurate guide.

I’ve never understood why an owner would list a car of this caliber and then fail to flood their listing with high-quality photos covering every aspect of the vehicle. This is the better of the two interior images supplied and doesn’t tell us much. What can be seen of the dash, pad, console, and driver’s seat looks impressive. The back seat also presents well, but there’s not much more we can say. The seller might be approachable, making it worth potential buyers requesting additional shots to confirm the condition. The timber wheel, faux woodgrain, and plastic show no signs of problems. The dual-gate shifter, hood tach, and pushbutton radio appear to be the only factory options, but purists will be pleased to learn there are no aftermarket additions.

The American automotive landscape changed when Pontiac closed its doors in 2010. The days of waiting expectantly for the company’s latest high-performance offering to appear in showrooms have ended, and there is no indication that General Motors plans on a revival of a marque revered by classic car enthusiasts. The task of carrying the torch for the brand falls to cars like this 1968 GTO Convertible, and it is a role it fulfills admirably. The level of regard for these cars is perfectly reflected in the auction action, with this drop-top sitting on forty bids at the time of writing. That figure is sure to grow, but are you tempted to add to it?


  1. Chris Cornetto

    10 to 20k for junk that needs everything including an exorcism or this for the mid 30s to low 40s. Beautiful copy here and if you wanted to do nothing but enjoy it whenever the weather permits, go for it. I know there’s no ac or power windows or heinny warmers, blue tooth, on star, airbags that will pop out of every orifice when you bump the yellow pole at Walmart. These cars with the glass down on even a hot day are fine,”to me” as I still use 50 year old convertibles daily when I am not on a bike. Great value here and the right color,GREAT CAR!

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  2. Jerry Bramlett

    No VIN or license plate shown.
    Only item seller has listed on eBay.
    Seller feedback rating of 3
    All feedbacks for purchases over a year ago.
    No way to phone seller or view car.
    Minimum photos of car.


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    • Marshall Belcher

      As I said before. Go look at thes cars before you buy.

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    • Frank Drackman

      So you’re sayin there’s a chance…..????

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  3. Harvey Member

    Only problem I see is the tail pipes are too long and my funds are too short:-)

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  4. Norm1564

    I have to agree w Adam on the photo topic ; why are people so lazy and / or so bad @ taking a bunch of pic’s of a car their trying to sell ?? I’m a Chevy guy but big fan of 2 nd gen (’68-70?!) GTO’s ;additionally convertibles!!in any color besides the popular Carousel Red w hideaways ! so cool. And I was wondering why not more cars had and /or we re ordered w the dual – gate Auto tranny such a cool feature for a beautiful car that You can have fun w !? And it seems to me & have seen & noticed that the dual – gate Auto was only used/ featured in GTO’s & 442’s ??!

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  5. Gtoforever

    I agree with Adam. To many possible flags for me. Went to eBay and it’s not showing, so it’s academic at this point.

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  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auction pulled from EBay – Jerry called it.

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  7. Steve Weiman

    Yep, this very car sold on bring a trailer a month or two ago. 57k. All the same pictures are used in the eBay ad.

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  8. Tim

    Good looking GTO but it seems this listing was a scam. I purchased 2 cars on eBay without an in person inspection and both were exactly as represented, but that was a number of years ago. Times have changed.

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