Sun Burned Series II: 1984 Avanti

This 1984 Avanti is one of the later cars that was built during yet another ownership change in the company’s tumultuous history. Following Studebaker’s exit, a variety of owners and ownership groups attempted to keep the Avanti name alive, each to varying levels of success. This 1984 model is not a true Studebaker as the listing proclaims, but the original blueprints were used on an ongoing basis as the engine options and chassis designs were modified. This example has many needs, and it’s listed here on eBay at no reserve.

Let’s start with the interior – or what’s left of it. This Avanti had to have spent a prolonged period outdoors baking in the sun for this level of damage that doesn’t appear to have been caused by a fire. The cockpit will need total replacement, as even the seat cushions have disappeared on the passenger side. The carpets look OK, but that’s about the only good news there is to report.

The extensive damage to the interior is surprising given the car’s Arkansas location, as I would associate that type of deterioration with a southwest address. The paint is clearly suffering as well, but not to the same level as the interior. Wire wheels are a tired but typical look for these, and you can tell by the mud caked on the sidewall that this Avanti was clearly parked in one place for some time.

The driver’s side reveals that wherever it was parked, this was the sun-facing part of the car. Thankfully, the glass remains intact and the seller claims the small block Chevy is still under the hood. Despite the listing claiming it has a clear title, this Avanti II will be sold with a bill of sale only, which won’t be a problem for buyers if used as a parts car or drivetrain donor. Bidding is at $1,550 at the moment.


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  1. Gaspumpchas

    no pic of the mill or underbelly? sitting at 1500, might be a cool project for someone. Good luck to the new owner!

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  2. Mike

    In the 80’s, I remember a local “dealer” for these was actually a strip mall hole in the wall where their main business was selling mobile phones. One car took up most of the usable space inside.

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  3. CapNemo CapNemo

    Uglier than Satan’s credit score. I’d wait for a nicer one if I was into these.

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    • PatrickM

      “Satan’s credit score”…. Now that’s funny. this car is trashed. But, the bidding has reaches $1,625.00. And, I’m not interested in sourcing all the necessary parts. Plus, no under hood pics, no under belly pics…. Ummm… If ya wanna sell it, ya gotta show it…all of it, regardless of condition. It really is a shame that folks let cars deteriorate to such a condition.

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  4. Steve R

    Parts car. It’s had its day in the sun and is now so far gone it doesn’t make sense to restore. A cheap entry price doesn’t make it a bargain.

    Steve R

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    • RH

      At $1550 current bid this is no parts car, but more like an affordable project that doesn’t need to go back to original. Build it your way!

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      • Steve R

        It’s an 84, it’s nothing special. It was living off the notoriety of the originals. The seller I didn’t even bother showing the engine or mentioning the condition of the drive train. It’s too much of a gamble for a car where similar model years, but look to be far better examples have changed hands for $6,000.

        Steve R

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    • Bodyman68

      This is just a corvette but uglier ,nothing is too far gone if there is a desire for it . Yes its a cheap entry to the hobby if you like these cars . Sbc is a dime a dozen and cheap to rebuild. And chasis is also easy rebuild. The body is not destroyed just beat paint which is easier then fixin rust . The worst part is interior still no big deal depending on new owners direction . So all in all its really not a bad buy .

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    • Mitch Ross Member

      Mmaybe worth it for a restomod. Not worth restoring, but if you want an LS powered, custom interior Avanti, this is a good starting point

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Looks like something that sat in the sun for 30 years after going under in a coastal hurricane…. Too bad. Letting cars like this just disintegrate over the years doesn’t say a lot for the present generations who don’t know history from a hole in the ground.

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  6. Dex

    Yes, everyone knows it’s an ’84, there were more desirable originals, and this isn’t one. As for similar models that “look to be far better”, this comment clearly means you don’t know the actual condition. Sorry, still a bargain at $1550!!

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  7. Don Sicura

    If there weren’t so many bidders, I’d make it my next project, but it looks like it’ll be a much higher sale price by the time it’s all over.

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  8. George Mattar

    A very good REAL Avanti sold for $14,000 last week. Why buy this garbage. What a total POS.

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    • RH

      And?? Not everyone wants to spend $14k on a real one! At that price, I really doubt it was a “very good” one. Sounds more like an overpriced POS.

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  9. waynard

    Looks like this seller has another one on eBay as well, in equally bad condition. That one is clearly a flood damaged car; from New Orleans yet.
    This one may be too. Same deal: says clear title, but sold on a BoS only. Be careful on this one.

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  10. zemario

    Poor child wants to defraud men of respect. go to sleep, the bed and warm place. Respect experienced men, do not steal time. The site should filter out these nonsense.

    • CapNemo CapNemo

      Do what now?

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      • zemario

        Go sleep man.

  11. Bodyman68

    Go find any kind of classic car for less then $1500 ! Good luck as rusted shells are selling for more and not worth 1/4 of the prices. The only thing id like to see is what Chip Foose would do to make this better looking.

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  12. plwindish

    It’s a good parts car price, but it looks like a gamble for how many parts you’ll get. I’m not interested. It’s been said many times that’s there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap Avanti.t

  13. plwindish

    It’s a good parts car price, but it looks like a gamble for how many parts you’ll get. I’m not interested. It’s been said many times that’s there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap Avanti.

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