Super Nice SSP! 1990 Ford Mustang LX

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In the early 1980s, law enforcement officials consulted with Ford about building a lightweight police car package that would be nimbler than the big sedans they were using. These would supplement what they had, not replace them. As a result, the Mustang SSP (Special Service Package) was born in 1982 on the Foxbody platform and would remain in production through 1993. The seller in Plano, Texas is offering this “one-of-a-kind SSP” here on eBay but tells us very little about the car. Apparently being an SSP is enough for it to find its next owner and the Ford is available here on eBay where the first bid of $25,000 is elusive (much less breaking through the seller’s reserve).

More than 60 law enforcement agencies ended up signing up for SSP production, which is estimated to have been 15,000 units in more than a decade. While the SSP Mustangs had several common upgrades, they were often customized to the specific buying agency’s requirements so there would also be a lot of differences. The heart of the SSP is a 5.0-liter V8 that has everything but the kitchen sink thrown at it to go fast and be reliable. Some of these goodies included, but are not limited to, an engine oil cooler, automatic transmission cooler, heavy-duty alternator, stronger floor pans, etc. Some even had roll cages and power windows.

Most of these cars have been long retired from service and are in the hands of collectors. But some are still on the job, as well. We don’t know the history of the seller’s SSP other than the details in the Auto Check report. It was owned by two authorities in Virginia before ending up in Texas. This one is said to have only 51,000 miles, but that’s easily 151,000 as the report says it had 117,00 miles in 1999.

The paint and interior on this Ford look mighty good, suggesting it has been restored and much of its police hardware removed. We’re told this is “one of the nicest SSP Foxbody’s on the market” but the seller doesn’t say much to defend that statement. So, if you’ve been wanting one of these Mustang supercars, try to engage the seller in a conversation about the car before submitting your bid.

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    The SSP Mustangs have a strong following. Sometimes a group of them will show up at a Mustang Club of America event, many in their original livery and with period-correct equipment. They will often pose for a group photo, with lights blazing. Very cool.

    This looks like a nice example. Sure wish the seller would have provided a written description.

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    • Stan

      Looks fantastic in the navy blue w black rims Bob.
      No frills, All business.

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      • terry

        Beauty. Shame no more info is available.

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    • Keith Bernstein

      I bought an LX 5.0 I’m 1988
      It was cheap
      Brand New from Ford Dealership
      Had to wait 10 months for it to come in though .
      It was like $12 or $13 thousand
      Brand New
      5.0.engine but very few other options

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    • Rick

      Still for sale?

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  2. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Very cool SSP Mustang but, I be nice to know if the supercharger was added for the Feds use or by the seller? Or any other work done to the engine .The seller reminds me in the description of a pushy salesman! No information on this and mileage can correct or a one in front of the 5. This would be a fun ride to own no doubt. And probably the reserve is above $30,000. Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  3. John

    Some of the photos have the Interceptor badging on the trunk lip and rear windows and some clearly do not. The Marti report has cloth seats listed. I know many police departments have their own interiors packages that they add but when these were special ordered you would think they would have just done it as part of the order. Just kind of makes me wonder whats going on with this sale.

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  4. CarNutDan

    These look like such sleepers if one did not know. I have only seen 1 in white ,1 in florida state police livery and 1 in NY state trooper livery. If I i could afford this i would buy it.

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    • John EderMember

      I would rather be pulled over by one of those 7-UP Mustangs (“license, registration and bottle opener, please”).

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  5. C Force

    With a supercharger it would make a valiant effort to try and hold it’s own against the coyote 5 liter equipped mustangs of today.Ha,Ha,Ha…..super slow pursuit.Turbo is where real power is made

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    • jetfire88

      5lbs boost from a turbocharger, or 5lbs boost from a supercharger; the engine doesn’t care, the end results are the same.

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      • Derrick S

        And since we’re one the subject, one of my pet peeves (since I don’t have 3rd world problems) is that people say turbo charging or super charging, when all forms of pressurizing a cylinder above atmospheric are “super” charging. Turbo supercharger or mechanical/roots/blower supercharger are all superchargers.
        Alas, nothing will change, but maybe I can have it engraved on my tombstone.

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    • KH

      Why compare a 90’s model that cost 13,000 bucks to a coyote mustang that cost 50k. Thirty years is a lot of time difference.

      PS: my boy and I had a vortech boosted 1993 lx that was a roll cage equipped and full interior that looked like a street car. Best time 10.40 at 130.

      Ha ha. Not bad for 1998.

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  6. Kanak Attak

    I remember working for Tropical Rent a Car in the mid to late eighties and just the regular 5.0s were already loose out back when you stepped on the throttle and if the roads were wet good luck trying to get the car moving it would spin the wheels just touching the gas pedal even a hair lol 😝

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  7. 62Linc

    I was at Beale Air Force Base in the late 80s and they used these Mustangs as chase cars for the TR-1 / U2. Pilots drove the cars behind the planes as they landed and radioed the plane’s pilots to aid landing. The mustangs sat on the very hot tarmac with AC blasting between landings.

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    • Henry DavisMember

      Thought they used Camaros for that???

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      • 62Linc

        I was there 1986 to 1989 and they exclusively used Mustangs. Previous to or after that time I do not know.

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  8. Bill ToelMember

    Wow. Just…wow…….

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  9. Big C

    Seeing lot of Prius cop cars in your neck of the woods? And, the “cops” don’t decide what cars they drive. The city, county, or state does.

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  10. Troy

    I was in my 20s when I found out the hard way that Washington State patrol had those $129.00 negligent driving ticket and $350 to get my Chevrolet impala out of impound. I guess he didn’t like me doing 92 in a 55 mph area. Only making about $7.bucks a hour back then was expensive for its time

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    • Dusty Rider

      You have CDS; Cop Derangement Syndrome. I’ll bet that there are a couple more kinks in your personality too.

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    • Scrapyard John

      Very probable that you weren’t the only one around that night. Else there’d have been no one to give you a ticket.

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  11. BajaPFEMember


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  12. BajaPFEMember

    Oh, and I reported your comment for being hateful of peace officers. Good day sir and drive safely now ya hear.

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  13. Steveo

    I like cars where I can play dress-up and pretend. Makes the premium price worth every nickel.

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  14. Kendall

    I had a Texas patrolman pull me over in a Mustang in the early 90’s.

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  15. RoadDawg831

    Contrary to what the article states, Ford added NOTHING to the SSP units to make them faster or perform any better than a regular retail Mustang. All modifications and differences were for added durability and for compatibility with law enforcement use. This false claim has been circulating for years and the mis-informed keep repeating it.

    Without seeing the door certification label, buck tags or Marti Report, this car cannot be confirmed as a true SSP. However, per the VIN database its VIN is very close to a Federal government batch ordered by the GSA with DSO #83-0113. If it was part of that DSO, the car could have been used by any number of federal agencies.

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    • KH

      That’s good information

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