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Supercharged Sprite: 1967 Austin Healey Sprite

Superchraged 1967 Austin Healey Sprite

You know it’s a good find when you are tempted to not tell anyone else about it and buy it yourself. Well, I was tempted with this one, but it would not be right to withhold such a great car. Normally we wouldn’t get too excited about a Spridget, but this 1967 Austin Healey Sprite is very special. All good cars seem to live in Oregon and this one is no exception. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $3,250 with the reserve unmet and six days left.

Superchraged 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Rear

A Bugeye may have more character, but this Sprite looks great in speedwell blue and wire rims. The combination creates a high quality look that few British roadsters achieve. The seller does not include much information, but what he does makes us want this car badly.

Superchraged 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Engine

The stock 1275cc four cylinder has had a Moss supercharger strapped to it which definitely makes this already fun to drive car even better. Sprites have always been known for their great handling, but with the extra power this could provide the best bang for the buck you can find.

Superchraged 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Interior

The interior of this car looks great and we assume that it has been redone because it looks even better than new. We wish we knew how much of this car is original and how much had been restored, but either way it looks great. This car is late enough that it includes roll up windows instead of side screens which may be a welcomed upgrade for some. The upgraded steering wheel on the right side looks great too and we would not change a thing in here. We love the simplicity of these early Sprites.

Superchraged 1967 Austin Healey Sprite Hardtop

The sale also includes a factory hardtop which needs paint. We would clean it up, spray it white and use it for those long distance trips. With great parts availability and technical support you can never go wrong with a Sprite. We love it and we are certain that the next owner of this little sports car will too.


  1. Patrick G.

    Okay, I’ve been reading these posts for about a month now, I think, and this line has been in every single one that I’ve read: “Normally we wouldn’t get too excited about a (insert any car that most others would get excited about here).” Therefore, I have but one question: What DO you guys get excited about? Go-karts??

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  2. Barn Finds

    Wow, that’s harsh. It’s just hard to get excited about some cars that are very common. Cars that are rare or at least offer something special are much more exciting than mass produce ones. And no, go carts do not excite us, unless of course we are driving one…

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  3. Chris H.

    Nice find! I almost spit my coffee out when I saw that the supercharger is as big as the motor. Only nitpick I have is what appears to be rust bubbles in the rear quarters, which if true, could mean rust is percolating elsewhere in this sweet little car.

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  4. Doug M Member

    Hey, Barn Find, keep up the good work! I get it: what you present are usually exceptions to what might otherwise be only slightly interesting…Each one has some redeeming factor, hence the comments. Keep it up!Doug

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  5. Barn Finds

    @Doug – Thanks, that is exactly right!

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  6. rolymo uk

    Had one just like that with shorrock blower when they were young, once saw 128MPH on the odometer, drove it so hard I broke the crankshaft after about 10 months use, problem was I did not have a rev-limiter (very important item) that was before the use of electronic engine management, would not be a problem today.

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  7. Mark Jacobson

    Stone the crows, that’s a nice car. I already own a 1970 Midget. I wouldn’t mind adding this little beast to the fleet. And I wouldn’t have to convert it – it’s already got the drive on the ‘right’ side. Trouble is how do I get it back to Oz?Mark, Brisbane, Australia.www.artpage.com.au

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  8. Mark Jacobson

    I noticed that this car sold for US$11,100, a good price in the US. The dealer was obviously expecting interest from overseas, as the car is RHD. Does anyone know if it sold outside of the US and to which country?Mark.

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  9. aaron quinones

    Is the 1967 Sprite still for sale?

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