Survivor! 1965 Chevrolet C10 Big Back Window

From a distance, this looks like a nice old truck that might have been restored at some point. A closer look and you’ll see some little indications that it might not be what it looks like. In fact, this truck is an original survivor with 70K original miles! It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $7,700. There have been some routine maintenance items completed and it looks like it is ready to daily-drive. Located in Lexington, South Carolina, the seller says they have a clear S.C. title in hand. Take a closer look at this awesome truck!

The interior is really nice. The factory bench seat has been recovered, but the rest is pretty much original. The owner’s manual is still in the glove box and the jack is still behind the seat! All the lights work along with the turn signals, speedometer, temperature, and fuel gauges.

The original straight-six isn’t going to win any races, but they run forever when well maintained. The brakes were just replaced along with a new muffler. You can see in this photo the exhaust and brake lines have been done as well. The engine is also topped with a new carburetor, which should help with any reliability issues.

Here you can see the “big back window” that extends close to each side of the cab. This was a big improvement over the smaller rear windows and was a relatively inexpensive option. Check out this photo that shows a similar pickup with a small rear window. You can see the sheet metal outline where the large rear window would be installed.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Nice truck just the way it is. 6-cylinder not going to win any races? What races? You wanna win races, then go buy a race car. My best George Carlin.

  2. Howard A Member

    Great find. Wide whites kill it for most, but no biggie, a sweetheart of a truck. Wouldn’t it be great if life was this simple again? To be honest, I never liked big back windows in pickups. I figured, the only reason someone would like those, is so their whole gun would fit in the back window. Nice truck, naturally, the condition dictates the price, but be advised, a new Silverado it ain’t.

  3. 370zpp

    When I saw that interior, for whatever reason, I had exactly the same thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if life was this simple again?”

  4. Bear

    AWESOME Truck! :-)
    I drove a ’63 stepside back when I was in my early 20’s.
    That 6 cyl has plenty of torque, more than enough for most every run to Home Depot for weekend supplies. (OK, maybe not a bed filled with gravel…)
    & gotta love the old “3-on-the-tree” shifter. (…might need to double-clutch it though.)
    Definitely not a truck for your average “Millenial” or “Gen-Z”, as this one is ALL “Boomer” (myself included!)!!
    If I had $10K in my “toy fund” right now I’d be ALL OVER THIS ONE!! (y)

  5. gear. Radcliff

    One of the best trucks I ever had, and that has been a lot. 283 3 speed would climb a tree in 2nd gesr.

  6. J. Barry Traylor

    The big window is much better.

  7. Scuderia

    Buyer beware… Photos supplied are not highlighting problem areas. Hard to see but hood it all rotted out, cab corners, lower fenders, door bottoms, probably floors. These are great old trucks but a long bed straight six isn’t in super high demand and there’s an easy $20K in bodywork and paint if you care about those things and if you don’t there are much cheaper long beds to be had if you can deal with the smaller rear window.

  8. steve sammut Member

    There is a show on HGTV called Home Town. Husband/wife building/design team in the same light as the Gaines; not as pricey and more homey. Anyway, the husband, Ben, drives one of these and its the same color. Pretty cool truck.


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