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Survivor 1972 Plymouth Road Runner!

1972 Plymouth Road Runner

While I prefer the first generation Plymouth Road Runner, I honestly would love to have this second generation example! The seller lists it as a one owner car, but his father is actually the second owner. The original owner kept it until just a few months ago, when they hit hard times and this father son duo purchased it to help them out and to have something to work on together. It had been in storage since 1990 and while it has it’s problems, looks like a good buy! It’s already had been made to run, now it just needs to be made into a safe driver! You can find this Road Runner here on eBay in Newark, Delaware with a BIN of $14k and the option to make an offer. I think I’d offer them $10k, how about you?


  1. dirtyharry

    I don’t see this as 14k. It looks complete, but has rust. It looks like a good starting point, if you want this car. I would have to sneak up on it at night to drive it, I just think they are ugly regardless of the fact that it says road runner.

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  2. JW454

    Somehow, A/C, automatic transmission and, power windows don’t say “Road Runner” to me. Yes, I know it’s equipped that way but, I’m thinking more like 440 cu. in. mill w/ a four speed and bare bones trim. As Mopars go it’s not bad but, in a Road Runner, I’d want to select my own gears like the two ’69’s I had in my youth.

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  3. Rando

    Wow. Why are they selling if they bought as father/son project? To learn to be flippers? If I could find the $$$ for this, we’d dang sure be doing more than this before selling, if at all. Once I buy a car, it’s going to be with me till the wheels fall off basically. Unless I see that I can’t do any more to it. Or it’s a load of crap – I’ve owned several of those too and kept them way beyond the point I should have sold them.

    Need a good scrubbing to see what is really there.

    Could there be more problems lurking? Or is this just as far as they want to go?

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  4. Mike H. Mike H

    A purchase at $10k probably would still double the seller’s investment.

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  5. alfred tommaso

    …mmmmmm…that’s not a real RoadRunner……it’s a Satellite Sebring…..I had one over 30 years ago…..can’t fool an old timer !

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  6. Mike D

    I too was not crazy about the design change for the 71 &72 years, but it is growing on me it will be a looker when redone asking price is a bit much, but there is always dickering

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  7. M B

    The second gen Road Runner is not as highly-desired as the first generation. As much of an advance as the ’71+ B-bodies might have been from the earlier ones, they didn’t sell as well when new, unfortunately. Add to that the emissions control era and the best performance was around corners (with the rear sway bar suspension and radial tires). This might even be a drum brake car?

    There ARE possibilities, but not for a lofty price tag as “buy-in”.

    The 4-speeds might have a better “feel” for some, but it was proven waaayyyy back in the middle 1960s, on the drag strip that the Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic was equally as fast AND easier to get out of the hole. One reason the Mopars dominated the SS/A drag racing class for years! I’d rather change transmission fluid than a clutch!!!

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  8. RoughDiamond

    Putting Ronnie Sox behind the wheel while power shifting certainly put the skids on more than a few torqueflite equipped Mopars at the drag strips.

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  9. David king

    We had a 73 RR brown met with blk RR stipe 318 with posi car .you didn’t have to power brake it.just nail the throttle.car would fish tail and posi mark city.then you was hitting the corners of a 110.car would stick like glue.on a hot day.lots of fun folks.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Discount sale on periods?

      What is with Barnfinds that one in 5 posters can’t figure out a keyboard?

      Take your time and formulate full sentences that use punctuation that we can follow. We WANT to understand what you have to share with us!

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  10. Drew

    The 1971 Roadrunner Hemi is the best looking – best performing of all Roadrunners made !

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  11. Jubjub

    Kinda rough and scabby. Looks like it was parked next to the lawn mower, work bench and kids bikes all those years.

    However, love this body style. Not a bad angle. Aggressive, swoopy, cohesive. Looks good in white on the Magnums.

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  12. Mike H. Mike H

    Doesn’t anyone else think of Daisy Duke when they see these?

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  13. Mike H. Mike H

    Of course, due to continuity errors she also had a Satellite. . .

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  14. Bobsmyuncle

    I think it’s a great looking car!

    I know Barnfind readers are scattered geographically but it seems most must reside in small towns and rural areas as apparently every car is over priced.

    10 grand? Good luck. I want to shop for hobby cars where you all do.

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  15. Russell Mac Culloch

    I’m the Original Owner of this Car , it has been a great car for 44 years I stopped driving it 1990 and has been garage kept since and no it wasn’t kept by the lawn mower, I was actually saving it for my son but as luck would have it someone bought my company and shut us down, I was forced to move elsewhere and a 2700 mile move wasn’t in the cards for this car, it broke my heart to sell it I drove it off the showroom floor for Bob Gagnas Chrysler Plymouth Dodge in Philadelphia and it has been a love affair ever since, it has a slap stick shifter a 400 hp with fender headers the original 1000 cfm thermal quad was in the trunk along with the intake, nobody wanted to work on a carb with a Bakelite fuel boul so I put a holly 4 barrel electronic choak with a vacuum secondary and street master torker manifold , it also has a 1200 rpm stall converter on the transmission work done by Boss Hydro it does not burn rubber it lulls and takes off like a slingshot, i never got to install the Mallory dual points infrared distributor or the aircraft grade spark plug wires , I had to sell it fast I let it go for 5000, it’s the same old thing when you have time you don’t have money when you have money you don’t have the time….

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