Survivor Garage Find: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Purchased in 1995 by the current owner, this 1967 Corvette convertible is thought to be a survivor. Carefully stored the past 8 years, this Corvette appears quite clean and straight. Maintaining many original components, and having covered only 34,700 miles, this Corvette is offered for $75,000. Check it out here on craigslist out of Louisville, Ohio. Thanks are in order to Michael for submitting this low mileage find!

Well preserved under the hood, this 327 V8 is a little dingy. There is dust and a light dusting of mold in the engine compartment. Being an original condition driver, I would expect to see a not so perfect engine bay. A detail job would likely do wonders, and certainly represent the low mileage look of this machine. The 327 V8 and M20 4-speed are thought to be original. In fact, most of the engine components are thought to be original minus some consumables like plug wires, belts, etc. Since this car has been parked for 8 years, I would expect to do fuel cleaning and rebuilding, brake system check and cleaning, and cooling system check.

The interior is crisp and nice and is also thought to be completely original. There are no apparent flaws with this interior, but there is some light mold developing on the seats. The dash and center console are excellent, and the interior trim is shiny like new. Much like the engine bay, a detailed cleaning would suffice for the interior’s needs.

Dusty but quite brilliant, this Corvette looks fabulous through and through. There are no apparent faults with the exterior of this fine machine. The seller thinks this to be an original paint car, and that could certainly be a possibility. Still equipped with bias ply tires, this certainly seems to be quite a well-kept Stingray. A little cleaning and elbow grease, and this slick machine would be ready to roll. Is this your dream survivor come true?

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  1. 71FXSuperglide

    Nice car. Not sure if $75K nice, but for someone looking for a low mileage ’67, it will likely sell.

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    • Bobby

      I agree with you. Small blocks just don’t bring that kind of money. 50k to 60k at the most. Hemmings has 4 pages of the them some with lower mileage for 58k.

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  2. Keith

    I love Corvettes but the prices of these earlier generation Corvettes is getting out of hand, kind of like the prices of old Mopars!

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  3. gbvette62

    People need to stop throwing around the word “survivor”. A survivor is supposed to be an unrestored, original car. Though it appears to be a very nice 67, I’m not so sure it’s a survivor.

    It’s pretty obvious the engine has been repainted, and from what looks like blue overspray on the left inner fender skirt, the car may have been repainted. I wonder if the interior, as well as the chrome, are original too. They could be, but the seller’s only owned the car since 95, so a lot could have been done to it in the 28 years before he/she bought it.

    As I said, it’s a nice 67, and Marina Blue is a pretty and popular color. The documentation’s a plus too, but in my opinion, $75,000 is way overpriced for a base motor, low option 67 convertible. No matter what the mileage is.

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  4. scott

    $75,000 is giant with out documentation. Remember, it is a small block !

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  5. ruxvette

    The cracked paint on the edge of the hood spear would make me tend to believe the paint is original. But, people…clean the engine, do not respray it. Ugh.
    As someone said above, I think it is $10-15k overpriced. And the seller is “FIRM”.

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  6. Frank Sumatra

    The buyer probably doesn’t think it’s $75K nice either, but I will bet it is $65-68K nice all day long “FIRM” sounds good unitl somebody writes a check. Always remember what Mike Tyson said- “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” And do you really sell a $75K car on Craigslist? A wonder how many Nigerian princes have e-mailed the seller?

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  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    They can park that in my garage any day, but not at that kind of $$$$.
    It could be a lot of fun to drive and enjoy.

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    I’d rather have the L 79 small block and keep the cash – nicer handling car – but I agree this does not look like an original car.

  9. Racer417

    Base engine, no power equipment, terrible pictures. I think it will be for sale at this “firm” price for quite a while.

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  10. Kurt Seidler

    For the money I would rather have this car than a 21 window VW van, but still way too much.

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  11. Bob Member

    I have a 66, nicer than this one. I value it at $65K. So I think this one is at least $15 to $20K overpriced.

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  12. Wrong Way

    Even a Ford guy has to admit that the 60s Corvettes were gorgeous!

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  13. ACZ

    Nice car, however………way toooo much money expected for what’s there. Would make a nice driver but needs power options and A/C added, then it’s not original anymore.

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  14. Comet

    Who the hell allows mold to grow on a $75K car and then tries to sell it that way??!!

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  15. Ron

    Wonder what kind of Vette is under the cover next to it.

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Money aside, best mid year made. 4 speed, 327, sweet. Not seeing the mold, but my 72 Stingray has mold in her every spring. Easy to clean. This is one pretty girl.

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  17. Neil

    Wonder if it has an undercarriage?

  18. JOHN Member

    My favorite year, favorite color, but $75k? It would A/C, Teak, side exhausts, headrest, power whatever was available and I still don’t believe it is worth $75k, but yeah, It would look really good in my driveway!

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