Survivor SUV: 1982 Jeep Wagoneer Brougham

The market for the early Jeep Wagoneer and later “Grand” Wagoneer is one of the more vexing ones to me, as there’s a huge gulf between project-grade examples and perfect survivors and/or restored trucks. Normally, there’s some sort of middle ground between the trailer queens and the builders, but not from what I’ve seen since listing a few projects here on Barn Finds. Check out this Land Rover dealer trade-in here on eBay, presented as a nicely preserved 1982 Jeep Wagoneer in Brougham-spec trim.

Now, the first thing I’m going to say is shame on the previous owner. Trading this gorgeous Wagoneer in on one of the more unreliable brands of new SUVs is a crying shame, as this example is just gorgeous with little to fault based on the pictures. It’s refreshing to see one of these with the more restrained wood paneling, as was standard with the Brougham trim package. There is an unusual rack attachment of some sort on the rear quarter panel – anyone know what it is? All chrome trim appears to be in excellent condition, and the factory wheels still shine up nicely.

The interior is in beautiful condition, and this photo honestly doesn’t do it justice. The door panels show gorgeous wood veneer trim to be in excellent condition, which continues across the dashboard fascia. Seats are in near-perfect condition, and it’s pretty clear that if this Wagoneer was used as the family truckster, it was one very careful family that used it on road trips, as there’s no way this was a daily driver. The Brougham spec also got you wood trim inserted in the horn button and instrument cluster, along with the Convenience and Light packages.

Check out that rear cargo bay – it doesn’t look like anything has been stored here, or ever slid across those trim strips. The seller provides next to no details on the mechanical health of the Jeep, but the cosmetic condition would suggest it’s been loved as much as the cosmetics have. The asking price is $18,900 with the option to submit a best offer. Remember, if you’re looking for a cheaper project to use as a builder, be sure to check out the projects I’ve listed here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive from the large Georgia collection.


  1. NotSure

    My memories of the ‘82 my boss had was that mechanical reliability was spotty on these at the time. I also remember driving it at the time and felt like the steering was drifty. But then again I only drove it a few times so maybe my aging memory is faulty.

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    • mallthus

      They were no less reliable than anything else when new back then. Of course, pretty much nothing was reliable then. Build quality was spotty, but no worse than anything else American.

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  2. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Why would you bolt a ski rack to the side instead of attaching it to the roof rack? So you can put the skis away quicker so you may more readily apre ski at the bar afterwards, of course-

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    • cornet


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    • CraigR

      Maybe the owner was just short ?

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  3. Alex

    I have a ’91 and the steering is drifty. Something you get used to quickly. Very nice example.

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  4. LandRoverLasVegas

    Good Guess..

  5. 71Boss351

    Wow! That’s one clean machine. Price seems a little high but the have to start somewhere. Is that an AMC 360 motor with 2v?

    • Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

      Yup, AMC still owned Jeep at that time. Iacocca had yet to save Chrysler completely and the French had yet to kill AMC.

  6. Chris

    Always hard to tell from pics, but that price is not far off. Really good ones will see 40k. Steering is wishy washy. Ride is pretty good, excellent for a typical jeep product.

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  7. John Sullivan

    The rack reminds me of that car-side pet-carrying sack from an old issue of Popular Mechanics, or this one on a Model T.

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  8. Capriest

    Very nice rig, but no way in hell they should be asking that kind’ve coin for it with that monstrosity bolted to the 1/4 panel. As much as I see people complain about aftermarket radios (even with no cut dash) this should be a MUCH larger issue!

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  9. Coventrycat

    Knowing the dealer probably gave them 2 grand for it, no thanks.

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  10. Abe Froman

    Seeing how much the younger sibling is now fetching, I think the asking price is not far off. This age Jeep in this kind of original shape is very rare. Not getting the hate for the ski rack. Unbelievably unique to this vehicle and screams early 80s Jeep! These vehicles were tall and this rack was ideal for quick transport to the slopes.

    And I doubt the owner settled for $2K for the trade in.

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    • DenverWoody

      These aren’t tall, a Wagoneer was just shy of 5’7” from the factory, and that’s not accounting for the inevitable leaf spring sag.

  11. Porkchopzz4

    What is an “out of state third party inspection” and why is it required with NO EXCEPTIONS!.

    And it’s a classified ad.. there is no bidding.

  12. Howard A Member

    Too bad I had such bad luck with mine, this sure is a nice one. I don’t know what they were thinking drilling holes in the side like that. Really ruined the car, I think. To be clear, they are far from trouble-free, but considering what is out there today, this probably the wiser choice. With gas creeping up again, and low teens for mileage, it’s gonna cost you, but what the heck, everybody ( but me) seems to have money to burn, so why not?

  13. Woody

    These are great SUV’s all around! My Dad plowed in the winter and pulled a boat for vacations always doing his own repairs and keeping the Wagoneer ready to haul family and fun to the next ‘full service’gasoline station,on our way to Today! The square tail-lights are classic too.

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  14. Bakyrdhero

    These are nice and I’ve always been a proponent of them, but I wonder if we wear rose colored glasses when remembering them. They weren’t anymore reliable or better built than anything else made at the time. Considering the kind of money being asked for these now, I’d rather spend $8k on the red XJ from the other day and use the remaining $10k to spend on something to two behind it.

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