Sacré-Bleu! Survivor 1980 Citroën 2CV

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This 1980 Citroën 2CV was found in a basement in Europe, having been kept and maintained since new by its original owner. Its current owner purchased it from that individual in 2006 and legally imported it to the United States, but now has it listed for sale here in an eBay auction out of Mulberry, Florida Régardez-le!

Much has been said and/or written about these iconic and unique cars over the decades, and we here at Barn Finds have featured a few, but I’ll summarize it: The 2CV (or “Deux Chevaux”, which is French for “Two Horses”) was originally conceived in the 1930s, but certain world events put a stop to Citroën’s forward-thinking plans. Finally, in 1948, the 2CV was introduced to the Automotive world, when France was still picking up the pieces, resources were still rather scarce, and many French farmers were still using horsecarts for everything.  It was produced in a handful of variants and levels of trim, around the world, from then until 1990.

Sporting a weak but usable air-cooled flat-twin engine, front-drive layout and engines ranging from 375cc to 600cc over the years, it was akin to the Volkswagens of the postwar era in its unique, minimalist, economical, reliable, utilitarian nature.

This particular one is apparently largely unrestored, and the owner says that they were told by experts to keep it that way. The owner wrote 5 paragraphs’ worth of description of this car, but we’ve no room for all that here. Again, if you’ll allow me to summarize: It’s in great shape, has a full factory hard roof, includes quite a few spares, and probably needs nothing other than a new home.

Now then…2CVs were not the fastest, prettiest, nor the rarest cars ever to grace the world’s roadways, but they certainly were/are unique and known around the world. To find one unrestored, in this excellent shape, is truly an uncommon event. I bet Red Dellinger (the world-renown American Citroën expert from my hometown, who passed away in 2007) would be happy to see and approve of this well-preserved piece of Motoring history. Allons-y, je voudrais cette voiture!

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  1. Capriest

    This is a freaking 1980????!!!!!? and they made them till 1990????!!!!??? Why?

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    • Andy

      Because people were still buying them. They’re cool as hell and will carry almost anything almost anywhere while using less gas than a Cub Cadet. I’d rather have a 2CV than anything being made today, but then I just got back from riding 60 miles on a ’72 Yamaha 200.

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      • Al

        A 3CV from Argentina, and the 2CV panel truck are cool as well.

        You might also watch the “Tour de France” this summer and see many, many more 2CV’s.

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      • OldGTracer

        I own a 1981 Charleston, revived, but not restored. Drove it back to the east coast from Seattle with my daughter.
        You have to like people to own one of these because you are constantly talking to folks about them every time you stop.
        Driving one is a unique experience. They require little care and can go anywhere, albeit slowly.
        I wasn’t a fan until I was and then I got hooked. For most 2CVs are an acquired taste, like fine wine and smelly cheese.

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  2. Chris

    I mean, they did make the original beetle from the 30s to 1996, after that they made the modern beetle we all know and love (or not)

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    • Park

      On July 30, 2003, number 21,529,464, the final Beetle was made in Mexico. Limited production started in 1938.

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    Winter 1981 a friend in Spain had same car and maybe color because if I remember was little bit darker blue. anyways,he said to another friend and me: I’ll give you $100,000 pesetas (around 800-1000 US Dollars at that time) if you rollover this car. Deal!!! then we tried rollover it several times without success. It’s incredible how basic this car is, under powered and slow but seats and ride was so comfortable.
    Thank you for bring back those memories GLWS

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

      @Autovista. There is a video on you tube where they actually try and turn a 2cv over without success. It is done on a concrete runway and slides any which way you like, but it won’t roll over. Incredible.

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      • Daymo

        There IS a way to roll a 2CV over BUT you have to be going BACKWARDS to do it.
        Saw it on a tv programme a few months ago.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Those things are so ugly they’re cute, and this one is the cutest of the cute IMO.
    I remember the inspector in the one Pink Panther movies driving a panel van version of this type car, always got a laugh out of that.

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  5. Calvin Schega

    Some one should put a Hayabusa engine in one of these.

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  6. Ben Klem

    I had one when I was a student; they were cheap to run and fun. The roof, which is made of vinyl, rolls back… I wouldn’t want to be in a crash in one though…

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  7. Willy Timmer

    Guys, I grew up in the Netherlands, my English teacher in Highschool drove one, we hated the teacher because of his attitude, so a couple of us during lunch time lifted the car up by the bumper and carried it side ways in the street, blocking traffic, the cars are very light in weight, but they are asum to drive!

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  8. Bob McK

    These truly are so ugly, they are cute. I will have one in my collection someday.

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  9. M vickery

    I remember when production ended in 1990, they had a story on CNN. It toured the factory, and it was like a time capsule as the factory hadn’t changed much since the thirties. There was a worker at the end of the line whose job was to close the hood. He had to wear a special boot that he kicked the middle of the hood with to get it to close.

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  10. Matthew J Jadud

    I like this car – – even James Bond used it for an escape riding with a pretty girl.
    A link here should come through (with a commercial first), but tires screeching on dirt is always funny…along with so many guys who can’t catch one guy.

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  11. MATT

    I like this car – – So did James Bond, he used it to escape with a pretty girl driving.

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  12. Ted

    Gack, I could back over this repeatedly with a D7. Have a tea break, and go back and do it some more.

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  13. Ian

    ..just never ever under estimate these cars ! (even if the Renault R4 outsold it !)

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  14. Sean

    These are amazing cars. Totally unique driving experience. This is a fabulous example. Would love to buy this and have it for lovely drives in the country with four up and the roof rolled back. You have to really drive these cars to get the most out of the motor however they will surprise you how much ground you can cover whilst enjoying the drive.

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  15. Gransedan

    Richard Dreyfuss drove a 2CV in American Graffiti.

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  16. Snafuracer

    I grew up with Citroen’s of all types in Houston Tx. Drove a yellow 78 2CV in high school. It was so much fun and always tried so hard! I met many girlfriends with it for sure! My Dad had a new 87 but I preferred my scruffy older imperfect one. I bought another a few years ago that I stumbled upon from Craigslist. Same fun and enjoyable experiences, but with my wife now. These 2CV’s show how little you actually need in a car. They just require patience but are super easy to drive and work on. Highly recommended to own one!

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    • Dominique Legeai

      …..unusual hardtop! To sum up all the comments, let’s use the best of them, known to all 2CV owners: “ this is not a car, it is a way of life”…in French: “ ceci n’est pas une voiture, c’est un art de vivre…”, and it truly is; I own 2 beautiful ones here in AZ and drive them all the time, not just around town, went to the Grand Canyon, drove one from Chicago when we moved…..guaranteed to “put you in the mood, the good mood”.

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  17. Derek Coghill

    I’m not long in from racing one on the International circuit at Silverstone. Fabulous cars. D.

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  18. Denis

    No one ever mentioned the distinctive noise of the engine? It has a thrilling high pitch unmistakable. The other day, I “spotted” one in Houston coming in my back just by listening, and it’s been 20 years since I last saw one :). I still have chills in the spine…

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