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Green Duck Edition: 1987 Citroen 2CV

When people think of a widely-produced car that came from Europe, almost everyone thinks of the German-made Volkswagen Beetle. But that would be doing a disservice to the similarly popular Citroën 2cv, another strange-looking car, but made in France. Citroën would sell 3.8 million of these cars in a 43-year period after World War II. Towards the end of production, they built a special edition in 1987 for the German market called the Ente Grun, which translates to Green Duck in English. This rare little car has low miles and is well-preserved in Henderson, Texas, although it has a few minor flaws. It’s available here on craigslist for $12,500. Thanks, Pat L., for scoring another cool tip for us!

The Citroën 2cv is French for “deux chevaux” or “deux chevaux-vapeur”. In literal terms, that means “two steam horses” or “two tax horsepower”. The design and history of the 2cv and Beetle are quite similar. They were both conceived in the 1930s to make cars more affordable for the general population. Both cars went into large scale production in the late 1940s, having an air-cooled engine at the same end as their driven axle, and they used a platform that would enable the production of extended models. Both cars would achieve in excess of one million produced units and both continued as a single generation for more than four decades. Thanks, Wikipedia, for the 2cv tutorial.

To many, the Citroën 2cv is often referred to as an umbrella on wheels because its fixed convertible bodywork included a full-width canvas roll-back sunroof. The cars were seldom seen in the U.S. during their heyday in France and are even more of a rare sight today. By the time, this 1987 edition was made, production was already starting to wind down in France. We’re told this car was a special edition export model to Citroën dealers in Germany. It’s distinctive bright green paint and graphics refer to it as the “Ente Grun” or Green Duck.

This Green Duck generally looks nice, but it has some cosmetic issues accumulated over time. It has some little dents and normal wear from being used as a daily driver for a period, and the paint on the trunk is starting to fade. There is no mention of rust and we don’t see any. The interior looks extremely nice and well-appointed for a car that usually came fairly bare bones. Under the hood is a 602cc engine that is said to run well, helping the car to cruise at 65-70 mph, although it will take you a while to get there. The car stops by way of inboard front disc brakes that use LHM fluid.

The seller has done quite a few things to this little machine since he’s owned it. These items include:

  • New Michelin tires that were made for the wheels that the 2cv uses
  • New electrics, including starter, battery, electronic ignition system and voltage regulator
  • Complete tune-up including plugs and wires
  • New radio and speakers
  • New roll-back canvas roof

The mileage on this one is said to be just 27,000. There doesn’t seem to be any definitive guide for ascertaining U.S. resale value of these cars as they were minimally changed from year to year. But $25,000 seems to be the top end considering its scarcity here. I don’t know how hard it is to find parts for these little machines, but the seller apparently did and could probably turn his buyer on to his sources. For the money, you’d have a car that nobody else in your collector circle would have. Dare we say they might be “green with envy”?


  1. Avatar photo Turbo

    I just can’t stop staring at this train wreck. Bizarre.

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    • Avatar photo John Manders

      apparently U never drove one. so please shut up and try again. These cars were commonsense as well as fun..

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  2. Avatar photo Kralik

    They were called Saussente” (Ugly Duckling) in Bavaria. The “I fly Bleifrei” (Bleifrei=unleaded) sticker was always entertaining, too. This one is particularly nice. The lucky buyer is going to have a lot of fun with this one.

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  3. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    Looks like a fun quirky car for countryside cruising. Like all old Citroen’s they were designed for comfortable driving on really rough roads with soft springing and a lot of wheel travel. This is the people’s car of France and I’m sure there will always be spares available due to its cult following. Michelin owned Citroen back in the 70’s so it’s no surprise new tires are available.

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  4. Avatar photo Rolf Temme

    I learned driving a car on one of those way back in 1975

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  5. Avatar photo luke arnott

    I think the last 2cv’s were made in Portugal.

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  6. Avatar photo Keith Johnson

    I had a ’67 when I was in my early 20’s. The most amazing thing about this car is its suspension. The springs are in a grease-filled tube mounted alongside the chassis. The front leading arms and rear trailing arms are linked to these springs via rods, so the front and rear suspension on each side is interconnected. There’s an ungodly amount of suspension travel, so it’s customary for someone to show off the car by grabbing a roof rail and shaking the car back and forth. If you load up the back with, say, a half ton of sod, there’s a dial to re-aim the headlights. Heater controls are all pull/push buttons, and of course there’s the unbrella handle shifter.

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  7. Avatar photo Martin Horrocks

    $12500 is quite a lot of money for a 2CV in the USA and this is not the very best, but it is landed and registered in the US, which is worth $4000.

    Texas is probably not the natural home for a 2CV, although flat is good for momentum.

    All spares available dirt cheap from Europe, where this quality of 2CV would be about $8000.

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    • Avatar photo Keith Johnson

      2CVs rarely go for less than $10k in the US.

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    • Avatar photo stu

      Not sure where your getting these prices. This car is not the best looking but desirable…

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    • Avatar photo MikeH

      Well restored 2CVs are in the $15-20K range. I have one and I follow prices.
      Here’s a Top Gear episode on a 2CV race.


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  8. Avatar photo Snafuracer

    I live in Houston and drove a 2CV in the 80’s while in high school. So much fun! I had another 2cv recently that I enjoyed for a few years but Houston traffic and little ladies on phones in big SUVs scared the crap out of me too many times! I really like this green one here! I always say, “2CVs, no car tries HARDER!”

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  9. Avatar photo Chas H

    The 2CV is more a garden shed than an umbrella on wheels.

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  10. Avatar photo James Mogey

    I had a faded mustard colored early 60’s one in Boston in the mid seventies. I worked outside Boston in a small town and commuted in my 2 CV. One day I was pulled over by a county cop who just wanted to know what the hell the car was!

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  11. Avatar photo Stilbo

    If I had $12.5K, a dozen eggs in a basket and a freshly plowed field to drive across…

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    • Avatar photo stu

      I know where to find a plowed field…. Let me know and I can set it up!

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  12. Avatar photo Derek

    Ooo, an “I fly bleifrei” (lead-free) one!

    Everyone knows that green ones are faster (see attached…)


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  13. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    I would not call this color big bad green. lol
    Finally an old car that looks worse than most of the new “cars” today.
    I’m glad Dreyfuss’ one was parked/not seen for most of you know what movie.
    Is there a car slower than this one? Maybe a Trabant or an old Beetle?
    If it has a good heater, shame on VW & it’s classic beetle.
    It does have a full size spare tire & disc brakes tho!

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    • Avatar photo Derek

      The heater’s great if the car’s moving. I remember leaving a cold football match (Dunfermline -vs- Hearts in late December) and not warming up until at least Crossgates due to the traffic. Razz along to Kdy by way of Auchtertool and all was toasty!

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  14. Avatar photo Tom

    Tell me more about “New Michelin tires that were made for the wheels that the 2cv uses”

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  15. Avatar photo John Manders

    Check its nephew – the Dyane; an upgrade and both could be fitted with the Citroen GS 4 cylinder engine what made them
    somewhat of a dragster. http://www.citroenet.org.uk/index.html

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  16. Avatar photo Jon

    Always think of “American Graffiti” every time I see one …

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    • Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

      Imagine Milner, Falfa, or Toad cruising in Drefuss’s car.
      Each would be alone the whole night, & i would have walked out on the movie when i saw that. lol

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  17. Avatar photo DLegeai

    Head rests, high beam flasher, reinforced windshield frame are part of the German imposed features. Amazingly low miles on this car? Is it more like 125K? Except for the trunk lid, paint looks fine on pictures. Many 2CV owners cover the trunk lid with a wrap or a true painting if you are an artist or know someone who is. Cheaper than repainting the whole car and can look unique.
    Well priced assuming it is mechanically well sorted as advertised.

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  18. Avatar photo John Anthony

    When I was an MP in Germany 1972 I investigated a Traffic accident on a Main Street in Mannheim where one of these, I think it was a 1967 model hit a concrete barrier in front of Tully barracks. Barrier won the contest, drunk GI who was riding with his German girlfriend was ejected from the car when the door popped open. He did not get a scratch.

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