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Hoarder’s Garage Find: 1951 Jaguar Mark V

In 1948, Jaguar introduced its luxury model, the Mark V, alongside its new sports car, the XK120, at the London Motor Show. The XK120 was not quite ready for production but when both hit the market, the Mark V outsold the XK120 by a couple of thousand cars per year. The Mark V featured independent front suspension, hydraulic brakes all around, sealed beam headlamps, and flashing turn signals – a requirement in America where Jaguar was aching to sell its cars. However, it retained the old pre-war pushrod engine, while the XK120 received a newly-designed dual overhead cam engine. Here on craigslist is a Jaguar Mark V for sale with an asking price of $8,500. The car will need to be towed from Port Clinton, Ohio. The seller found this Jaguar in a hoarder’s garage after thirty-five years of slumber. T.J., thanks for the tip!

While the seller hasn’t included engine bay photos, he does say that the motor has been replaced with a 1952 six-cylinder, outfitted with dual carburetors. This is likely the 3.4-liter OHC XK engine that was used in the Mark VII. The seller says the engine will run on an outside gas feed. Meanwhile, the transmission is an automatic, also not offered until 1952. Top speed was about 100 mph, and the big saloon was pretty swift from zero to sixty, taking just 13.7 seconds. Several interior photos are supplied, revealing the tattered remains of what was once the pinnacle of luxury. The cream seats and wood dash hint at what once was. That said, the design of the dash – here is a restored one – looks like an assignment from Woodshop for Beginners, with its awkward angles and the ungainly way the gauges are inset.

The headliner is mostly missing, revealing the structure underneath. Here again, the attention to detail and care devoted to insulating the occupants from road noise is evident.

The rear view is not the most flattering though we note that at least the rear bumper is not as rusty as the front. From the side, the fenders showed Art Deco influences; the car came standard with rear-wheel spats which emphasized the style. Restored Mark V prices have been sliding. In 2013, a nicely restored Mark V sold for about $34,000; just lately a solid example was auctioned at $16,000. A car more in keeping with this car’s condition found a home for just $2300. These numbers tell me that the seller should probably rethink his asking price. What do you think?


  1. ACB


    Despite the obviously pre-war styling cues, the Mark IV was better looking. The Mark V’s baroque lines evolved over a decade but by the time the Mark IX was replaced in 1961, it was assumed they’d reached an evolutionary dead-end but the motif was in 1968 revived for the Daimler DS420 which, unique in its niche, lasted until 1992.

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    • madbrit

      Please note, the car’s name is pronounced “Jag-U-R”….. lol.

      The later Mk V was to me the best of that design, but the Mk lX was my absolute favorite. Nothing like throwing a big cat around tiny English country lanes at speed.

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  2. Solosolo UK Solosolo Member

    Back in 1952-1954 Sunday morning was spent cycling about 4 miles to wash and vacuum a Mk4 Jaguar, which was later traded in against a Mk5. Once finished the owner would put my bike in the boot and drive me home in order to dry off the car before parking it back in his garage. The looks on the faces of the kids and their parents when I arrived home for lunch in these Jaguars was priceless and made the 3 shillings payment worth while. Unfortunately his sister was killed in the last Comet airliner crash and he went to Italy to identify her body and I never heard from him again.

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    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      What a tragedy. The Dehavilland Comet, the world’s first jetliner was in my mind the most beautiful. Put one on the tarmac today against the latest offering from Airbus or Boeing and ask yourself which looks the most cutting edge. Sadly, the first in uncharted waters is also the most vulnerable, and in this case the other plane builders reaped all the benefits from the Comet’s hard-earned lessons about structural flaws, thereby avoided the tragedy of the first Comets. None of the first-generation Comets ever flew again following a worldwide grounding in 1954. By the time the next generation took to the skies the 707 dominated the industry. Only 114 Comets were ever built whereas the 707s numbered over a thousand.

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    I second the fact that the owner should rethink the fact regarding the price. It is way out of line for what you get and with an automatic transmission from 1948. I love the lines of these cars and hope the new owner is able to pick it up at a very good price and can afford the restoration and praying it does not become another GARAGE QUEEN. Best of luck to the new owner.

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  4. George Birth

    Forget the $8500. this one looks to be worth about $850. As they say condition is everything, and this one’s condition appears to be closer to $850. than $8500. If some of these high priced flippers had to sit on their high price tag for a while not being able to get their high asking price they may be tempted to be a bit more realistic.

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  5. Gerunzo

    I believe this vehicle is a long term project. The money asked is outrageous for it’s condition. minimum 20 k to source parts and redo interior and paint. That’s a starting point.

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  6. JagManBill

    I find it interesting that they put a 52 3.4 in it. I tried (kinda – long story) about 30 years ago and there were definitive fit problems. The MkV still used the Standard 2.5 or 3.5 OHV engine. So unless they cut the firewall to fit it, it doesn’t.

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  7. Norman K Wrensch

    That is probably why they didn’t open the hood

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  8. V12MECH

    If weren’t for the flipper’s beating the bushes for junk , this site would lose most of its entertainment value! You can find mint stuff on Mecum all day long. The rusted junk cars, forlorn planes and boats are why most of the viewers get up in the morning. Put the flipper’s on the payroll ! Hope Jay gets back in the shop soon.

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  9. chrlsful

    no motor or under pic?
    I like it (asa start) but need way more…

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