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Just 2,000 Made! 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Mark series of Continentals from 1958-60 are some of the boldest designs and styling to come from Ford Motor Co. They were the largest unit-construction (“unibody”) automobiles ever built, alongside the “Squarebird” Thunderbirds at a brand-new manufacturing plant. The seller’s car is the rare 1960 Mark V convertible, which only saw 2,044 copies produced that year. Located in Santa Rosa, California, this interesting project is available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for the best offer of more than $6,500.

In succession, the ‘58s were Mark III’s, the ‘59s were Mark IV’s, and the ‘60s, of course, Mark V’s. The Continentals were the upscale models of the higher-priced Lincolns and dominated production those years. Out of 25,000 Lincoln automobiles built for 1960, about half were Mark Vs and the convertible like this one was the rarest of the lot. They were huge cars but weighed no more than some of the largest SUVs on the market today.

These were thirsty cars, too, so in 1960 the 430 cubic-inch V8s that powered the Lincolns were cut back to 2-barrel carburetors (still 315 hp), which increased fuel mileage by a third (and those were the days when no one cared about how much gasoline cost). The seller’s drop-top is still wearing its original Twilight Pink paint, which was quite attractive on a car this size. The Lincoln here was last registered in 1965 and carries the California plates it was issued back then. The reported mileage is just 49,000.

But the passage of time has led to the need for this car to receive a full restoration. The process was started at some point with the removal of trim pieces and the car’s drivetrain. Part of the latter work has been completed with new parts and the engine will need to be reassembled and eventually put back into the Continental. There is a bit of rust on the floorboards and in both rocker panels, but we’re told that’s all and easily repairable. The interior is also original and needs redoing, including a new convertible top.

Once the project is finished, can you envision yourself cruising down the highway in this magnificent machine? You seldom see one of these cars today, slanted headlights and all. As bodacious as these autos were, it’s hard to understand why they didn’t outsell Cadillac which was just as lavishly styled as the Lincolns.


  1. Had Two

    Thanks for sharing this ad!
    What a car! In its day. Greatly outsold by the Thunderbird version
    convertible built in the same plant. A much better looking car with a much better looking interior. The Lincoln engine was available in the Square Bird
    as an option.
    Sourcing parts for this project could be difficult.
    The power top was complicated…not many would know how to fix it I think.

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  2. Lt brayden

    My goodness. It is a piece of art. Worthy of the 2nd mortgage. Check out cash McCall movie for clips of this car in action.

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  3. Abi

    Pink? Did they have Mary Kay cars back then :) (no, they didn’t)

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    • JimZ Member

      I think pink cars were somewhat of the norm, back in the day. Here’s my 59 Ambassador

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  4. Rolls-Royce

    In a pink car you have to pod a elephant, then you have drink to much.

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  5. Bunky

    A 60 year old, 20’ long, unibody convertible. What could go wrong?

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  6. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Ugh. No wonder Ford had amnesia about these when they decided to call the Mark, when it reappeared in 1968, III instead of VI.

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  7. Sam61

    This would be a great starting point for a quintessential low rider. Just throw a $100 large at it.

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  8. Todd A Young

    How does a Car that is over 61 years old get so beat up with 49,000 miles. I have 4 vehicles I bought with 79,000 miles & looked way better than this old Lincoln. Must have sat out in sun all the time? I owned a 60 Lincoln Continental Mark V.4 door hard top. I bought in 1974 with 49,000 miles. Looked much nicer than this car ever did?

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    • Stanley Holton

      I agree Todd,must have been sitting out with windows open too

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