Barn Find Collection: Thunderbirds and Lincolns

Estate sales often turn up some interesting finds. In this case, an open garage that doesn’t look like its been touched in years – except to store a minimum of five and as many as seven old Ford Thunderbirds and Lincoln Continentals. We’re told they are all complete, haven’t been driven in decades, and will only be sold as complete cars. Located in Ellicott, Colorado, they’ve been offered here on craigslist for $1,900 each, but the prices are negotiable depending on what’s found when they get pulled out. Thanks, Gunter Kramer, for turning this collection of finds up for us!

The owner of these cars must have been a fan of Ford Motor Co. products in order to collect these examples that date as far back as 1962 and as recently as 1977. The seller identifies three Thunderbirds, but the photos provided suggest there may be five of them from 1962-66. On the other hand, the Lincolns are a 1971 Continental Mark III and a 1977 Continental Mark V. Some of the cars have titles, other just a bill of sale. Most have VIN numbers containing a Z code which is said to indicate a 390 cubic inch V8 (that would be applicable to the T-Birds; the Lincolns contained 429/460 engines).


1962 – looks to be light blue or white with a stack of stuff sitting on the trunk, condition undetermined

1964 – this one is white with a lot of rust in both rear quarter panels and the right side of the rear taillight is busted out; the reported mileage is 45,000 but the odometer is broken; no title on this one

1964 – or 1965; there is at least one red T-Bird in there, but there could be two; condition undetermined

1966 – blue in color with a damaged valance panel under the rear bumper; hood shown open


1971 – Continental Mark III; white in color with a vinyl top that has mostly peeled off; some potential rust brewing in the lower rear quarter panel

1977 – Continental Mark V; gold in color with a matching vinyl top; with the little that we can see, this may be the nicest one in the collection


WANTED 1969 Ford Mustang Wanted 1969 Big block mustang, any condition considered Contact

WANTED 1968 Dodge charger looking for a 1968 440 R T charger half way decent looking. dont have to be a R T Contact

WANTED 1977 Dodge Dodge Aspen RT Peferred driver, super PAC edition, fixer-upper. Contact

WANTED 1958-76 Lambretta Any This is a motor scooter all metal Contact

WANTED 1974 Porsche 914 2.0” “In a barn for over 30 years.” Contact

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  1. George Mattar

    Finally, not a rotted to the windows 68 Charger. They sure are cheap. Want a 66 T Bird some day.

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  2. mike b

    Come after dark with cash. Turn off headlights when pulling in with your trailer.

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  3. JagManBill

    these are about an hour away from me. Calling to see what I can see tomorrow

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  4. Mike

    Why can’t they wait until daylight to take pictures?

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    • Ike Onick

      Because the cops are on their way.

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        RIP to the previous owner. People that “store” these poor cars with no real intention of really fixing them are called HOARDERS plain & simple. It’s a disease that is probably an extension of his or house .Regardless RIP.

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  5. Ike Onick

    Looks like a scene from “Twin Peaks”. Almost as good as the Camaro in the parking ramp series.

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  6. Joe Machado

    Wish it was rotted 68 Chargers for $20,000. each. SOLD.
    Doesn’t matter.
    Matter, buy it now, or is 1,900 too hi?

  7. Kevin

    Would not mind a mark III,but would have to really look it over,even though $1900 is relatively cheap,would have to have a good frame to build from, and not be missing that early 460 torque monster!

    • Steve Clinton

      Unfortunately, you have to buy the entire mess to get the Mark III.

  8. gaspumpchas

    Hate to sound like a wet blanket, but I dont see any value here, you have some dirty looking birds that look like they are sitting on the ground. These arent a high dollar car. parts cars at best. Same with the Mark; Pulled one of these out of a barn, got it runing and wound up using a good used gas tank as no one is making repros. The 77 linc? scrap. Best to take trhe $1900 and put it into one thats all done. You are looking at $30,000 each to restore one. Stay and good luck.


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  9. Maestro1

    I’m an optimist. Go there and see if you can make a package deal and take them all. Put them in your yard or barn after turning a hose on everything so you can see what you bought. Parts are everywhere. Give them what they need and resell for a REALISTIC price those you don’t want. Keep the rest and become the Luxury Ford Maven. You’ll enjoy and have cars with some potential upside.

  10. Steve Clinton

    Start your very own wrecking yard!

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  11. Gary Rhodes

    Probably tear in half when they are pulled out, major rust buckets from sitting in the dirt up to the frames

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  12. matt

    When a car sits on the earth, inside or out – the rust accelerates and rodents join the party.

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  13. John Oliveri

    Intriguing? Yes, worthwhile? No! I once knew a guy who had a car, a 71 Boat tail Riviera, triple white, had it stored for 30 yrs, get this, in a parking lot with a tarp over it, not paved, dirt lot, need I say anymore, floor boards and exhaust returned to earth, as well as the bottom of the quarters, oh, a pole went thru the windshield, white interior turned black, 66,000 mile 455 had rodents living in it,

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  14. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    You guys crack me up. First, you’re always complaining that the seller is dreaming with a too high a price for what’s offered.
    Then when cars of a reasonable price show up, you’re still complaining that its junk.
    What’s it gonna take to make you guys happy?
    Possibly a perfect $50,000 restoration priced at $100? No, then you’d be suspicious that it’s junk underneath.
    Can’t win

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  15. Kenn

    Angel Cadillac Diva, what a perfect comment!! I used to think the comments came from dreamers who had no money to buy anything, but have come to the conclusion that it’s simply jealousy and regret that they paid way to much for the vehicles with which they ended up. And in many cases, no skill of their own to restore cars, so they have to factor in the cost of restoration by those ambitious enough to get the training and schooling to have the skill to do the work.

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  16. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Whatever happened to the love of the hobby? All I read anymore in the comments that it’s too expensive or it’s junk.
    I love the concours condition of this classic vehicles, but, then, I’d be afraid to drive it.
    Daily drivers are more my speed.
    I’ve told you before, I bought a 1970 Buick Riviera for $600 in the early 2000s. I put a minimum of $4000 to $5000 in repairs. Drove it and had a great time and worked on it while I drove it. Guess how much I sold it for? $600
    So, I’m out $5000, BUT…..I had a car I like and enjoyed driving it.
    I’m not rich, in fact, I live on disability, but the love of the hobby, the cars, is what matters to me.

    And thank you, Kenn

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  17. JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

    A rare rookery of nesting Thunderbirds must be photographed at night as they sleep because when awakened they will claw you so badly that only a tetanus shot can save you.

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  18. Scott

    I assume they’re gone? The ad on Craigslist is gone.

  19. Rick

    The comment, “Start your very own wrecking yard” is very accurate. These are, were, part of an old time wrecking yard that’s been in operation for decades. The owner sat these aside because they use to be in good shape. They are probably the newest cars on the lot. The place is, was, full of nothing but 40s, 50s, and some 60s cars. Loved to go there and just walk around. Bought many Model T parts there. Still a few left. A old school bus full of old hubcaps. A car guys dream. Hate to see the place fold up and disappear. We don’t have to many of these places left.

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