59K Miles: 1974 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

Beautiful in triple-black, this 1974 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe also appears to be in outstanding condition. It’s all-original and has no rust, does it get any better than that? This big cruiser can be found here on eBay in Harrisville, Pennsylvania with bids approaching $4,500 and the reserve isn’t met yet.

This car is gorgeous and is in gorgeous condition, and that’s just not my opinion, it’s a statement of fact. Ok, it’s my opinion, at least the first part is. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t like the style or design of this car, but we all like what we like, and there is no such thing as a wrong opinion. Let us know your thoughts on the styling of the ’74 Fury in the comments.

The odometer shows that this car has a mere 59,180 miles on it which would be an average of 1,644 miles a year if it would have been driven from 1974 until 2020. But, the seller says that this Fury sat for 28 years and they have recently gone through it to get it running like a champ again. I can’t believe that this car has ever been driven in the winter, it looks as close to new as any that I have ever seen.

Those brocade high-back seats are fantastic! As you would expect, the rear seats look like new. I don’t see a single flaw in this car, really. At least so far. The 1974 Fury grew an inch and a half and they had a bevy (as no Fury owner said, ever) of new safety features, such as side-impact beams in the doors, an interlock on the starter that required the driver to buckle the seatbelt, and a collapsible steering column. They also had more sound-deadening to make for a quieter ride.

The engine is a 400 cubic-inch V8 and the seller doesn’t list a VIN so I’m not sure if it’s a two-barrel or four-barrel carb. It should have had either 185 hp or 205 hp. The seller got the car after it had been sitting for almost three decades and they rebuilt the carburetor and put on a new fuel pump sending unit and it drives fine. It sure looks more than fine to me. Are there any sixth-generation Fury fans out there?


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow, this thing is cool. I don’t remember these. Is it an A-body?

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    • Paul Couch Staff

      C body. Unfortunately one year too late for me or I would be all over this one. I’m on the hunt for a ‘73 Fury.

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      • Will Fox

        `73’s are hard to find. My Dad had a `73 butterscotch Gran Sedan–I learned to drive in it. 360 4bbl, and quite a few options. Wish we kept that one longer.

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      • Dave

        Considering how many were in Highway Patrol service it is a bit strange that they’re hard to find.
        Only one I know of is a coupe located on PA Route 31 just north of the intersection with US Route 119. Try Google Maps.

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      • Dave

        I just looked at it…its a brown car next to a building with a white roof on the east side of PA31.

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    • Beel

      Humm, I don’t remember these, either. I’m currently watching “Three on a Match” and this same car is the grand prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seXlZI0Piys

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Rex, I don’t remember these either. Back in the day they wouldn’t have gotten a second look from me. Today, along with the super-large full-size models from the competitors, I think it is pretty cool. Certainly a great example of a type of model which has completely vanished from the automotive landscape.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Actually I do remember the Monaco, it’s sister car from Dodge, which was used as police cars at that time. But this car in 2-door black just has a less chunky look than the Monaco did. C-bodies are sure great riding cars.

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  4. Weasel

    As Jake said “it needs a cigarette lighter”.

    I know it’s missing doors it just seemed appropriate.

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  5. gord

    went as a kid out west in 76 bicentennial, looping back home to ontario thru bc
    i was in the rear wheel well many a time, just sitting cuddled up on the drive hump and the door (i was a small kid…) own little cubby hole!…belts weren’t mandatory back then!
    great floating car
    so… trick question … where is the “gas cap” ? (i know… just posing it to the rest of us “self quarantined”)
    gord up in ontario canada

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  6. Winfield S Wilson

    I dig that “long hood-long deck” styling. I had a 1970 Olds 98 coupe that was about that size I think. Our local sheriffs used those Fury’s (Furies?) in the 4 door version, before they downsized to Chevy Novas (Novae?)

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  7. 8banger dave Member

    Popeye Doyle approved.

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  8. Aaron

    I grew up in the way back 74 Sport suburban. Dad bought it new. All I remember of that car were door pulls that were constantly broken. He sold it in 1977 and upgraded to a Town & Country, which I still have!

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  9. Shawn Fox Firth

    Rare to see black on black from this era .

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  10. Bill Shields


    The gas cap is hidden behind a panel between the taillights.

    From another self quarantined Ontario boy.

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  11. Bob C.

    Unfortunately these came out just as the Oil Embargo was in full bloom. They probably would have been more popular at the time.

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  12. BillSpiegel

    Man, my father bought one of these for a song back in the 90s. He named it “fast car,” because of the Tracy Chapman song – and the fact it would flat-out fly down the road. It was in similar condition, mint on the inside, no rust. It was dark blue with a black vinyl top, I think. He loved that telescoping wheel.
    If he were still alive no doubt he’d buy this car. It was awesome.

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  13. jerry z

    This is the kind of car to leave everything absolutely stock on the outside but put in a bored and stroked 440 to freak everyone out! Maybe it would need some drag radials with white walls on them.

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  14. CCFisher

    Bland to the point of being invisible. I’m not surprised that a number of commenters have never seen one. They just didn’t stand out back in the day, and they’re few and far between today.

    I’m picturing a private detective driving this, one who wanted to blend in, yet still wanted the modicum of style provided by the two-door body style.

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  15. Superdessucke

    Stick in a Hellcat crate motor and make it true to its name – Fury. Automobile Catalog puts the weight at 4,255 pounds with a 360. A new Charger Hellcat weighs 4,586 pounds. So it’d likely run the quarter in the high 10s if you could get it to hook up as the Charger Hellcat runs 11.2.

    That’s pretty fast! You might even get this brick up close to 200 MPH.

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    • bone

      Why on earth would anyone want to do that to a 46 year old near mint low mileage car ?

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      • Superdessucke

        Different mentality I guess. In my world, everything should get the Hellcat treatment!

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  16. don

    I remember them , although most were 4 doors or wagons .The CT State Police ran baby blue blue 74 Furies. The reasons you dont see them around anymore are easy
    1. Gas prices were rising , and by the late 70s you couldn’t give a full size car away ; many land yachts lingered on used cars lots and likely ended up getting junked.
    2. By the mid 1980s ,scrap metal prices were rising , and most salvage yards crushed the big cars out for their weight ; it made more sense than to have them sit around.
    3 Demolition Derbies – the full size cars (especially the ones with the government 5 mph bumpers) were the kings of the ring ,and by the time the surviving cars were 10 years old you could pick them up for $50.00 or less. They were “the” cars to have – and they still are ; guys pay good money for hulks just to crash them !

    Its a beautiful car IMHO , and should be left as is – its a product of the times.

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    Odd those bumpers dont stick out as far as on other ’74 cars.
    GM messed up their styling, thinking there was a rollover rule coming.
    Would be nice if those rear side windows rolled down.
    GM could learn a thing or 2 here about spark plug accessibility WITH a/c.
    No air pump here in ’74, like on non Calif pontiac v8s. Check.

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  18. Mr. TKD

    I love it! I’d add fuel injection, air ride, and tasteful wheels.

    It’d be a great cruiser.

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  19. Todd Fitch Staff

    Nice one, Scotty! I didn’t realize they carried the “Gran Coupe” beyond the Paisley Era. I’ve never seen one so clean in person. Cosmetically I wouldn’t change a thing, but Hot Rod did a 415 HP budget build of a 400. Funny how people worship the 383 but pan the 400 which is just a bored 383 with lower compression. 400 HP and shove a carb-style EFI under the stock air cleaner, 3.90 gears, gear-vendors overdrive, and roll. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-1207-chrysler-b-series-400-hemi-power-at-half-the-cost/

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  20. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking car. I find this to be the best year for the Plymouth Fury in terms of style. Given its condition, I think $4500 would be a good price for the car. Assuming it runs good, and everything on the car works like they should, I would think this would be a good restoration project, a restomod, or a good daily driver.

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  21. Graham

    Throw a stroker kit in the 400. Super easy. Build motor looking stock and go out and embarrass a lot of cars.

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  22. Howard Kerr

    The “original” Gran Coupe was the 70 model and it was not so much a coupe as a 2 door sedan. That year, all the cars were a root beer brown color with a matching brown vinyl roof. As someone who learned to drive on a 49 Plymouth 2 door sedan and who thought that the fuselage shape was terrific looking, I pretty much thought Plymouth built my ideal car.
    My friends bought a 74 Plymouth Fury when their VW crapped out. I drove it a few times and was impressed by the acceleration and the brakes. Handling? Like a smallish boat. Steering? Quick but devoid of feeling.
    Assembly quality? Just OK.

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    • Ed P

      Gran Coupes we’re not all brown. My 70 was white with the brown paisley roof. My neighbor had green on green Gran Coupe.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I would think any mopar with the super rare paisley or mod top roof cover is worth a LOT of money!!
        Oh, if i only ordered a 4 speed hemi cuda as loaded as possible(including a mod top), imagine what THAT would be worth! Or, of course, a convertible.

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  23. dyno dan

    Allison v-12 swap.

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  24. Pete Phillips

    $6,655, auction ended and reserve not met. Absolutely gorgeous car! And one of the very last Chrysler product V8s without the troublesome “Lean Burn”.

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  25. Boatman Member

    sold! $6655.

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  26. Kenji Okazaki


    I am very interesting your Fury. Please reply.


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  27. Tracy saksa

    I have two 1974 Plymouth Fury 3’s and I would like to own this car? Is this for sale?? My name is Tracy saksa and this is the car I’ve been looking for I would post pictures of my car if I could it was garaged for fifteen years and was beautiful when I got it, I kind of messed it up a little bit in my twenties I still have it though my other one is a parts car…. Contact me

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  28. Bryan Geruntho

    My 1st car was this exact model…loved it. Wrecked it on a rainy night in 1982 or 83…on the way home from seeing Rocky 3 in the theater.

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