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Teal Appeal: 1962 Chevrolet SWB truck


Original and barn found, this ’62 Chevrolet pickup is ready to drive. Although not perfect, this truck is fairly solid, needing some rust attention. The teal color is vibrant, and alluring making it hard to want to pass up. Priced at $7,500, this one is ready to roll. Find it here on craigslist out of Conroe, Texas.


The steadfast and reliable 235 cubic inch inline 6 is backed by a floor mounted 4 speed manual transmission. Described as “nice running” and “can be driven anywhere” raises the appeal of this old truck. The engine bay looks surprisingly free of any kind of rust. The engine, and bay are a little dirty in appearance, but would likely clean up better than presented.


The interior is a bit difficult to make out from the photos, but from what can be seen it doesn’t look to shabby. The front bench looks to be covered with a blanket, but the dash looks decent with some mild patina. There are some rust issues with the cab floor. The passenger side foot well area has some rot, as does the driver side. The passenger side appears more solid than the driver side area. There are some further rust issues on the exterior of this truck as well. The roof line rain rail has some rust that is beginning to become crispy. The lower portion of the front fenders are rotted away, but the remaining portion of the fenders look good.  The rocker section has apparently rotted away at this point, but aside from the aforementioned, there is no further severe rust from what we can see. The rear glass is cracked and the windshield has some wear. The bed is relatively straight and features its original wooden bed floor. The wood bed floor is complete, with some developing rot. The rear fenders are very nice on this truck as is the paint in general. Though this truck has its concerns, it still is a nice driving project.


Every vehicle has its negatives, but when the negatives start to outweigh the positives, that is when one can start to fall in the red.  We think the positives outweigh the negatives on this old Chevy truck. Would you take on this short wheel base ’62 Chevrolet pickup?


  1. Johnni B

    $7,500. seems high to me.

  2. JW

    Nice old truck for maybe 5K tops, now if it was a 4×4 then the $7,500 would seem correct.

  3. David Zornig

    Yep, that’s a $3000 truck.
    Needing $5000 of work to make it worth $7500…

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love the combination: SWB ’62 with six and 4 spd. manual. While I would prefer a ’61 with its Eyebrow hood, this one will do in a pinch. It’s somewhat out of my budget, especially considering the work that will be needed, but you can’t win ’em all. If I had the space, I’d still take a second look at it.

  5. Murray Member

    Very cool truck and I love the original paint color,4speed,style. $7500 if it had no rust seems about right but with the rust issues I think $3500-$4000…..or maybe I am just spoiled being in California. I guess you can ask whatever you want and hope for the best. Still think that truck is a bit overpriced. Good luck to the seller

  6. Mike

    That’s a step side not SWB (short wide box). Nice color combo.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Mike. Interesting how people interpret the acronyms. I’ve always understood the term: SWB, to mean Short Wheelbase, as opposed to LWB. As far as box style is concerned, I refer to them as Fleetside/stepside, or Wide box/Narrow box. Anyways, that’s what I mean when I use those terms. I like the color too….

      Like 1
      • Mike

        No worries. Thanks for sharing. Now I know another use. My reflex of SWB comes reading too many C/L ads.

        Like 1

        you are right all around,,i agree…what would it be called if it had no bed..just thoughts from an ole TEXAN with a stake bed…bet the young men don’t know what side frames on a old pick up were used for…

  7. Murray Member

    And a swb would have been so much more cool and rare

  8. Scot Douglas

    It would have been sold ten times over if it was listed in Michigan.

  9. Ck

    Nice truck for 4K.Maybe 5K if its love at first site .I love the way it sits I love the color,and stepsides are way cool .I think I would have to yank out the old.6 for a 383stroker , update the trans and rear end and add a disc brake set up .yaaa this truck has Hot Rod written all over it.

  10. JunkieTruck

    Put some metal over the rust holes in the floorboard so mud won’t splash up on your pants leg, make sure the brakes are good and drive the wheels off of it. Lots of resto mods already out there.

  11. Rustytech Member

    A $10k restoration and you would have a nice $15k truck. What’s wrong with this picture?

  12. JCW Jr. Member

    He has some other interesting things there. The vw van in background and scooter in bed. Love the truck too. In Pa. That is almost no rust and after all the tin I have replaced,not that much work. Would not know how to act if there wasn’t rust.

  13. Rustytech Member

    JCW Jr Being from PA myself I know what you mean, to us this is almost “rust free” but for Tx this may be considered a rust bucket. Too bad it’s so far away, I’d bro on it like flies on &@?t.

  14. Ottonobedder

    This was the only style bed(short or long) available in ’62. The wide(Fleetside) bed first yr was ’67. The issue with rusty floor on these is the cab mounts are under the rusted floor, and usually need replacing also. No worry-almost all parts for this series truck are available new and aftermarket. There are very few examples of the ’60-’66 C-series that are rust free-even on the Left Coast. Priced about 2000-3000 too high in my esteemed opinion

  15. Ottonobedder

    Sorry, my fingers started typing before my brain was engaged. indeed, the Fleetside bed was available starting in ’58

  16. 1st Gear

    Sorry to say-$7500 is WAY too steep for this rust bucket.Parts are just a click away anyway,but what ya gonna do with the view of the road under your feet? Sounds as typical rust for these trucks(I have a ’65 C20)that has gone wild.The price sounds as if it’s a “I wanna find a sucker” money.

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