Texas Classic Jag: 1971 Jaguar XKE

Released in 1961, the Jaguar E-Type (or XKE) caused a sensation from day one. This was a British car that was designed to take on the sports car might of Ferrari. Even Enzo Ferrari himself conceded that it was the most beautiful car ever made. The E-Type remained in production until 1975, but by that stage, it was a shadow of its former self. This Jaguar is listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Wylie, Texas, and is offered for sale with a clear title. The asking price for the XKE is $49,800, although there is the option to make an offer.

This Jaguar was originally purchased in rural Texas, and that is where it has spent its entire life. There are a couple of reasonable indicators that this claim is true. Firstly, the paint on the car is nice and baked. The second thing is the fact that the car doesn’t appear to have any rust issues to speak of. The underside of the car has a light dusting of what could be surface corrosion, but otherwise, it is clean. The panels and external trim also look really good, and it looks like a coat of paint will have this car looking like a million dollars.

The interior is the aspect of the car that has surprised me. The interior trim on the XKE was never designed to withstand harsh UV rays, but withstand it the Jag has. The seats will need new covers, but the rest of the interior seems to be original and in good condition. There is a cover that runs under the dash on the passenger side, and that looks to be warped. The headliner for the hardtop is virtually perfect, as is the dash. I believe that the car also comes with a soft-top, but there is no indication of its condition.

Under that enormous hood is the 4.2l straight six engine, which is mated to a manual transmission. The seller states that the engine starts and runs and that it has good oil pressure. He doesn’t mention how well the car actually drives. While it generally looks pretty decent under the hood, I have spotted something that I would be investigating. There’s an awful lot of green around the top of the radiator, and it looks like it might be evaporated coolant. This may indicate that the car has either had a coolant leak or that it has gotten pretty hot at some stage. This is important to clarify because either of these issues could lead to a blown head gasket, and that’s an expensive problem to have in a Jaguar.

On the face of it, this XKE looks like it is a solid example with no rust issues. If the engine checks out okay, then it has the potential to be made into a really nice car. The reality with the XKE is that it is a car that will remain popular and collectible, and values will always stay pretty high. With nice examples of the ’71 roadster starting at around the $60,000 mark, there is some potential in this car.

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    Nice car, well if you got $50k burning a hole in your pocket you can have this or the baheamth. Diamond T. The T is a big money pit is the jag also a big money pit. Well it doesn’t really matter to me I can’t afford either of them anyway nor do I have a place to put them.

  2. Metoo

    Always liked the look of them but like the comment they are a money pit. And either the wind blows REAL hard where this thing was driven or the last owner sand blasted 98% of it. LOL!

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      He burned that paint on reentry. Easy peezy to replace those heat shields… lol

      • Newport Pagnell

        Home Depot sells ablative coatings. I really like the matte look tho. I’d leave her as is.


    Jag is coming out with an electric powered E-Type continuation here pretty soon. I’d take this puppy…and stuff an electric power plant in it. Just for kicks.

  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    If someone really wants an E-Type, spring the extra $$$ for a better example.

    Cooling system problems were common on these in the Southwest USA, as they were never designed for the weather/driving conditions. Custom-made, larger capacity radiators provide a solution.

    Jags are money pits, which is why I worked on them rather than owned ’em…

  5. leiniedude Member

    Like I have the money to blow, but sounds cheap with the low miles. No photos of the top off. Sexy rig though.

  6. Capriest Member

    It’s the oscar meyer weiner mobile!

  7. Jeff H

    Exactly like the one Harold’s mother got for him after she had the 1959 Superior Hearse towed away in Harold and Maude.

  8. Todd Priest

    My Uncle has two 1969 Jaguars that have been collecting dust in the garage for around 40 years. I am pretty sure they are both 12 cylinders. One might be a convertible but not sure. I haven’t seen them in a while. Always wondered what he was going to do with them. He is an engineer at Ford and actually had a hand in designing the transmission for the Mercury (2003-2004) Marauder.

    • Matt

      V12 was introduced in 1971.

      • Todd Priest

        Oh, okay. Thanks for the correction. So I do know that one is a 1969. The other must be an early 70’s then. I do know that at least one has the V-12. Not sure which one is the convertible. I haven’t seen these cars since I was around 10 years old and I’m 49 now. One of them is in pieces.

    • Newport Pagnell

      Time to pay a visit to your Uncle at Thanksgiving. Bring him some Scotch and see if he wants to unload those old cars.

      • Todd Priest

        I wish! I’ll see him on Christmas Eve. I am guessing that when he passes they will go to his brother, my other uncle, and he too will let them sit and do nothing. These are step uncles. If they were my actual blood related uncles I would have had a very serious conversation about these cars with him. I think there might even be an old Triumph in there too.

  9. neek

    I’m amazed nobody seems to have noticed this EType shown for sale on Ebay has no exhaust?????

  10. Jaguar Mike

    No exhaust is probably among the least of its problems.

  11. leiniedude Member

    Ended: Nov 09, 2018 , 3:29PM
    Sold for:US $49,800.00

  12. mainlymuscle

    That as a deal,if you can’t afford an Xke,that’s fine but this is not a Honda,or even an MG,its an exotic folks ,and with that comes some maintenance,admittedy more than it’s share.(and well worth it )

  13. PRA4SNW Member

    Dennis Collins should be paying you guys for all of this advertising.

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