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The Bus Trip Of A Lifetime

1954 SceniCruiser

Right before lunch today, I received a call from my good friend Sid. He excitedly shouted into the phone, “You had better get down here! You’re not going to believe what I just found! Bring your camera and hurry!” So, Josh and I jumped in the Miata and headed to the Lowes just down the street. We didn’t know what to expect, but as we pulled in, we were greeted by a very unlikely scene. It looked like someone was performing an engine swap on a 1954 Scenicruiser right there in the parking lot!

Detroit Diesel 8v71

We featured a couple of these futuristic people haulers a while back and ironically, it was Sid who found those too. This time he found one that was running though and it had quite a story. Apparently the bus was listed on eBay a while back, but the owner wasn’t able to sell it because they owed money and the bank was planning on repossessing it. The bank didn’t really know what to do with an old bus though so they were just going to have it crushed in order to recoup some of their money. A man from Missouri named Wayne made the case for saving this piece of history though and a deal was struck with the bank. He paid a fair price for the bus and a spare Detroit Series 60 diesel engine with an Allison 6-speed transmission.

1954 SceniCruiser and Driver

“Cool” Wayne had his work cut out for him though because Boise is about 1,600 miles away from his home in Missouri. So, he enlisted the help of two brothers named Dave and Ken. These guys know their stuff and gladly accepted the challenge of getting this old Scenicruiser roadworthy again before making the long distance trip back to the “Show Me State”. After arriving in Idaho, they removed the bus from a storage unit and quickly got to work. New tires went on the front and all the leaks in the air brake system were addressed. They had already been camped out in the Lowes parking lot for a few days because it was the best place to find the fittings and hose they needed to sort out the brakes.

1954 SceniCruiser Driver's Seat

By the time we arrived on the scene, they had the massive V8-71 Detroit Diesel engine running well and the brake system was holding pressure. The journey home is not going to be an easy one though. Someone had swapped in a 10 speed transmission out of another vehicle and the shift pattern is flipped around. The blinker is also on the wrong side so everything is basically backwards. Dave said that it would probably all feel right if he could just sit on the steering wheel! He said that it is going to be a loud and tiring drive home. The wind noise is going to be deafening and constant adjustments to the wheel will be needed to keep it on the road.

SceniCruiser Interior

This was the 25th Scenicruiser ever built and although a restoration may not make financial sense at this time, Wayne knew it was was worth saving. He would like to sell it to someone with the means of restoring it, but if he can’t find the right person, he plans to park it out in front of his place as lawn art. This may seem like just an old Greyhound bus to some, but they are special for those with fond memories of riding in them as children. All three of these guys shared their own such experiences and honestly I have never met a group so enthusiastic for old coaches.

1954 SceniCruiser 5

I always knew that the people you meet are what make this hobby so much fun, but Wayne really hit that point home when he told me his story and about how he got into old buses. He travels around singing old time christian songs and tried to buy one of these years ago to travel between gigs. That deal fell through, but he continues to visit the elderly and you can tell that he genuinely cares for these people. He claims that nursing homes are like wrecking yards for old folks and that they really are a terrible place to spend the last few years of your life. He teared up a little as he told us about his experience and even claims that the would rather be run over by a Scenicruiser than endure a similar fate.

1954 SceniCruiser 3

We had a good time talking to these three amicable fellows as they embarked on what will probably be remembered as one of the biggest adventures of their lives. They were all cracking jokes and having a good time, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was their way of pushing the magnitude of what lay ahead out of their minds. They have given themselves four more days to make the journey back home and are hopeful that they won’t encounter too many obstacles. Their road trip will take them through the cities of Ogden, Cheyenne, and Kansas City. So, I want to invite any of our readers who live along the route to donate five gallons of diesel to the cause. They will gladly show you the bus and shoot the bull with you for a few minutes in return for the favor. Just give Wayne a call (417 437-1816) and get an ETA for your location. We wish Wayne, Dave, and Ken all the luck in the world on their bus trip of a lifetime!


  1. Jim

    Awesome story guys !!! My prayers are with these guys for a safe trip home. Wish they were traveling through my town, I’d fill that thing up for them.

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  2. paul

    & I thought the Henney was a BIG project.

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  3. Butch

    Ya’ll drive a Miata????
    Come on really?

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    • Jim Simpson

      Miata’s are actually amazing and competent little cars give one a try and you will see why so many of us like them…

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      • Fred

        I have a rule about cars that look like bedroom slippers.

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      • skloon

        I think a Miata may fit in that cargo bay

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      • Butch

        Here in Texas, ya have to turn in your man card just to test drive one………

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  4. Jonny Boy

    I’m not usually one to be enthusiastic about buses, but this thing is cool! I remember seeing a few of these in operation when I was a kid in the 1970s, and I was always fascinated by the dual windshields, and dreamed of riding up top looking out the upper one.
    More power to these guys!!!

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    • Henrie

      I was also a youngster in the 70’s. I life here in South Africa , and even here there were a few of these buses in operation ( Not the same make and model , I’m sure , but the same concept.) Drove past one for many decades, until it was overgrown with ” nature “.Always wanted to go and speak to the owners. Then, out-of-sight-out-of-mind .

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  5. Ken Nelson

    Just called Wayne and the guys in hopes of meeting them when they head thru Ogden Ut as I’ve been visiting a friend N. of there who has his own gorgeous red barn full of old Fords and a collection of other classic rides sitting on the east bench of part of the Rocky Mountains overlooking the north end of the Great Salt Lake. Suggested they take a break at the Flying J truckstop right off the 750 N. road crossing I-15/84 (a bit N of Willard Ut). I-15 cuts thru Salt Lake City and intersects 80 where they’ll turn left and head for Cheyenne. Dave and Wayne said they’re still chasing air leaks & the system hits 115 psi, but then doesn’t want to hold it consistently. Wished them well and will see if a rendezvous at the Flying J might work out, as they think they might be coming past that area tomorrow (Fri). If they do, and I get enough notice, will try to give them a welcoming committee of local gearheads, buy them some diesel & maybe give them a tour of Jack Smith’s red barn, the Millstream Classic Car Collection, only 5 mins from the J.

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  6. Jeff V.

    Now that’s an “All American” gear-head adventure those 3 will remember till the grave. I hope they stop and meet-up with Ken N. & crew. Good luck!

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  7. Trevor

    Cool story! Dave is my dad. He owns Scenicruiser #112. Wayne used to own I44 bus sales which was close to Oklahoma on I44 in Missouri. They both know a thing or two about buses:)

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  8. Cameron Bater UK

    The vast majority of cars I see on Barnfinds are ones that I don’t really have an intrest in owning, cooky and intresting as a concept yes but I wouldnt want to own one.
    This however I’d love to own that.

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  9. Ron Beau

    Wow, and I mean, wow! I’m a stand-up comic, it’s my dream to take a ScenicCruiser bus, several great comics I know, and go on tour to small towns in out of the way places, entertain folks who don’t get many entertainers coming through their small town.

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  10. Liam

    Great story guys,,and best wishes for a trouble free return home. What a great road trip this is, wish I was a part of it, and would love to own one of those awesome machines! I always remember seeing these on movies as a kid growing up in Ireland, and always dreamed of riding in one!

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  11. Don Sicura

    I think you guys have found a job that scares even me, good luck to these guys, I wish them well.

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  12. John H

    What an awesome adventure these guys are on! I remember those buses on the road and always thought one would make a fantastic RV.

    Wish I were somewhere near their route. I’d gladly buy lunch and some fuel. Best of luck on the trip!

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  13. Mathieu Belanger

    Very nice story, I wish the best luck to thoses brave men!

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  14. S.S. McDonald

    When in the Navy in 1960, I was riding one of these Greyhound Scenicruisers from Washington DC back to Bainbridge, MD. I was in the front row of seats. Going through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the driver slowed. At a tunnel watchman’s booth, the bus stopped. The tunnel watchman stepped out of his booth, looked at the bus, and opened a wall panel next to the booth and shoved both hand into the panel. All the lights except some red lights in the tunnel went out; it was dark! I noticed immediately there were no other cars in the tunnel. (The bus engine was on fire, but we didn’t yet know it.) The next almost-immediate action was some kind of emergency vehicle, lots of flashing lights, headed towards us, coming from the opposite direction in the tunnel. That vehicle had large jaws on the front and back. It stopped in front of the bus (nobody took time to say howdy), clamped the jaws onto the front of the bus, reversed direction and hauled us out of the tunnel. Outside the tunnel a fire crew took care of the fire. Many’s the time I rode Scenicruisers back in my early Navy Days, but that day was of note.

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  15. paul

    At least you know when you buy this & your wife kicks you out, you’ll have a place to live…… Great story , good luck.

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  16. Sid Member

    The last time I checked they were still at Lowe’s Meridian Idaho working on the air brakes (five miles from where they picked up the bus).
    I hope more people like Ken Nelson read this story and arrange to help them out along the way. As they gain a head of steam on their way to Missouri there should be some TV stations that would find a good story here as did Jesse and Josh of Barnfinds.com
    I will check this morning and give an update if anything new to report.
    I bought them hamburgers, fries and sodas from a nearby Jack in the Box but be warned Wayne is a vegetarian so buy him a veggieburger or a head of lettuce.

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  17. Jim Simpson

    Very cool piece, these guys are the right kind of crazy… my hat is off to them

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  18. Alan (Michigan)

    This is the kind of story that will get me to drop everything else to read and re-read. Safe travels to the guys, I hope they make it with no major issues, and get to stop along the way and chat with BF readers.

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  19. Bobby D

    Best BF story yet. Good luck guys!

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  20. Mike

    This is a story to follow. I hope other readers can meet them along the way and give us updates.

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  21. Tom McNally

    Good luck guys!

    History for this Scenic:

    PD4501-025 Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines P-5449
    Eastern Greyhound Lines E-5449
    Eastern Greyhound Lines 4247
    Showsound, Inc. Dallas, TX
    Singing Paynes Abeline, TX 6/75
    Mark Robinson Owenton, KY 12/09
    “Kentucky Jamboree” traveling family band
    for sale ebay 12/09
    sold to unknown person in Idaho
    (unsuccessful) 4 sale ebay 10/2014
    Sold to Dave Catron’s buddy Wayne in MO. (have contact info)

    I keep surviving Scenicruiser registry by serial number, location, and owner info. If anyone spots one, please report back here or email me: tbonemcnally@hotmail.com I believe this to be the forth earliest Scenic we know about that survives. I have 1001 that was the second protype built in 1953, Greyhound has 001 in their historic fleet, 011 was/is in South Carolina. Super glad this one was saved!

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  22. MH

    The BEST BF story yet. I wish we could get more pictures and more story from the guys on there travel. What a great adventure! Good luck guys.

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  23. ConservativesDefeated

    You just can’t beat old car folks. The Best!

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  24. That Guy

    The Pacific Bus Museum in Fremont, California has one of these, and when I was there several years ago it was undergoing restoration. I don’t know what its current status is. But one of the interesting tidbits I learned on that day was that the original drivetrain for these was two four-cylinder GM Diesel 4-71 engines driving through a fluid coupling. This was a troublesome and unreliable setup, and all of them were replaced eventually with a single eight-cylinder 8V-71 engine. I asked if any buses still existed with the original twin-engine setup, and apparently there is believed to be one derelict drivetrain assembly in a California scrapyard but otherwise they are extinct; all remaining buses have single 8V-71 engines.

    It would be fascinating to see one with the twin 4-71 engines; it’s disappointing that they are non-existent now.

    I don’t think I have ever seen one of these SceniCruiser buses restored to original condition. I hope someone out there has been crazy enough to do so.

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    • Tom McNally

      Pacific bus museum has PD4501-742. You are correct, no twin 4-71s Scenics survive. All were repowered over an 11 month period (1961-1962). I have PD4501-771 (restored seated coach) and PD4501-1001 (needs total restoration, collecting and reproducing parts for future resto.) About a dozen or so guys have or are in process, of original restoration. Most of the 230 (+or-) that survive are motor home conversions. Of the 1001 built, about 25 (+or-) seated examples remain.

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  25. Ken Nelson

    A couple yrs ago I bought a ’72 Citroen DS21 wagon from a guy who lived in the hills around Bodega Bay Ca. He and some friends were working on restoring a huge bus, which I think was a Grehound, in a monster barn on his property. Can’t remember the name offhand, but still wonder if they got it on the road – one of the guys was an expert on these old buses – hope they got it rolling like these guys. Anyone know of a club for old busboys?? Chatline?? If so, they all oughta get together and overwhelm some city – Hey, here’s a thought: They should enter the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise in Detroit! That would be the biggest clog ever seen in the world.

    PS: Haven’t heard back from the guys yet, so no idea where they are…..

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  26. Robotico

    IF there was ever a reason for a “fund me” page… somebody needs to hook Wayne and his bros up on the how-to.

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  27. T & M Leonardi

    You guys are so lucky. I would so love to be with you riding in that big bus across our beautiful country side. Seeing the changes of our seasons from inside that bus. Hope you all a safe exciting trip enjoy yourselves & please post some pictures of your trip. My thoughts & prayers are with you for a safe journey

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  28. Ken Nelson

    Great idea Robitico! wish I knew how to start one – I’m going to ask the guys of they’ve got portable wifi so they can track our comments, but i think all they’ve got is gps. Will ask if one of them has a smartphone. this could be a great traveling newsstory across the country as someone suggested, if we could get the attention of the press, but maybe the guys don’t want that kind of attention –

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I know that Wayne has a smart phone because he showed us some photos of a Mercury Sun Valley he restored! Josh and I will go after lunch to see if they have even headed out.

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  29. Ken Nelson

    Update: Wayne says they’re still stuck in the parking lot near Boise, with the lot mgr threatening to have them towed out – if I understood Wayne right, the brake air valve is leaking and they’re worried about going thru the mntns with weak brakes. Seems its a bitch to get to it, and then they don’t know why it’s leaking – anyone out there an expert on the master control valve for the airbrakes?? Wayne asks for any info for them to be texted to their no. (417 437-1816) as they’re so tired now they can’t take down notes. They’re hoping to test the rig shortly and concentrate on making some distance on the flats. The bus is soaking up some hard-earned $ for the repairs they’ve made so far, with 2 front tires setting them back $900 alone. Anyone out there near their route between Boise and Salt Lake who might be able to give them a hand?

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  30. Sid Member

    Elvis has left the building!!
    I just drove over to Lowe’s and no bus.
    When I stopped by earlier in the day Wayne said the brakes were “kind of” working.
    When you let off the brakes you are supposed to hear a “woosh” of air.
    Instead he is getting “woosh” when he pushed on the brakes.
    Since the transmission shifts backwards and the turn signals work backwards I suggested the brakes were backwards too.
    Wayne said they were getting ready to head out and hopefully make it to the truck stop about 15 miles southeast of Boise.
    There they hope to find a mechanic that can solve their brake problem.

    OK everyone, the bus has left my domain so it is up to someone in Mountain Home, Twin Falls, Rupert, (Idaho) Tremonton or Ogden (Utah) to track these guys down and start reporting (and buy them a veggieburger)

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for the update Sid! I’m sure they appreciated your feedback on the brakes. Haha!

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  31. sam

    anyone ever comes through midland texas let me know I live in a 4905 strayhound at a rv park busses welcome one day I hope to own a scenic sam

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  32. linda c

    About 20 years ago my DH and I were at Bastrop State Park in Texas. When we drove into the camp ground in our 1973 dodge van, there were 2 girls and 2 kids in an old school bus. The girls had been living in a tent and got the opportunity to acquire this bus. They gutted it and fixed beds and a little kitchen in it. After they got started on the road to Oregon, the bus transmission crapped out 15 miles from home. These girls started tearing down the transmission and had it completely out of the bus. They were both grease from head to toe. The older one figured out what the transmission needed and we took her to a parts place. Then back to the bus. They put it back together and only needed a little help from my DH to get it put back in. I never found out if they made it to Oregon. I hope they did.

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  33. Ken Nelson

    Hope the guys made it to the trudkstop so. of Boise. Around 1969 I was in Aspen for a design conference with a gradschool buddy, and during a break I drove into the hills and came across a really early Citroen 2CV, parked on the shoulder wiith a plaintive note under the windshield saying the car had broken down there and the owner was at a hotel nearby. So I called the owner up and found it was a flower child girl from California who was heading for NY with her dog when the LH front inner Ujoint fell apart. Having a little time but no tools along in my buddys car, I towed the car back to a local garage and asked if I could dig thru their propshaft joints on the shelf and borrow a few tools. With the nearest parts being over 1000 miles away back then, and of course the parts were metric, I figured there was nothing to lose in trying a Macgyver, especially when I found a US joint very close in dimensions for the needle cups, just a bit oversize. So….I rigged a mandrel out of a drillbit wrapped with electrical tape, stuffed the new cups onto it, and spun them against the shops grinding wheel with their electric drill til I got an approximate pressfit into the shaft yokes. The cups pressed in reasonably tight for the 28 hp torque loads, and maybe I threw in some Loctite, but the shaft went back into the car ok and it was driveable again. I never saw her and her dog again, and still wonder how far she got.

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  34. Rene

    what is that sticking out from each side on the front? Are they in that position while driving?

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  35. Harit Trivedi

    I am now 50+ years old and live in India. When I saw the bus, also in the story earlier, it somehow seemed familiar. Now I got it. No, to my knowledge none came to India full sized, but as a kid I played with a toy made by Leslie of UK Matchbox series. They had made this in silver. That goes a long way back to childhood.
    These monsters are meant to be driven, such presence, a Hummer is chickenfeed for this.


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  36. Steve Smith

    Just met these guys on I84 at MP 211, eastbound. The bus is running good and their hopeing for an uneventful trip. Please help them out getting home.

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  37. Ken Catron

    Spoke to Dave this AM. He had to back off one brake yesterday. All else OK. He said that V871 is a pulling son of a gun. They spent the nite in Burley. Daves best rest all week. Probably relieved to being east bound. I headed back to Corvallis Mt. after we had lunch east of Boise and parted ways. I’m home and praying they get home too. Hi Trevor.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Your brother is a brave man Ken. You must be the smart one though! Please keep us updated on their progress.

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      • K and D's mom

        …will crossing my fingers help…?

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    • Trevor


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  38. Ken Catron

    Just talked with Dave. Ken Nelson joined them for lunch in Henefer Ut. Bus isn’t useing oil and the tarp put in be treen the front (lower) deck and the rear (upper) deck hasn’t blown apart. Yet! This to minimize wind, noise, and fumes from the rear. It’s still terrible as there is no door seal and there are many openings through the deck. They should now be east bound on 80. Dave said he’d go another three or four hours (if he can stand it and Dwain lets him) befor stopping for the night.

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  39. Dave Hartshorne

    Hi Ken, been following along with great interest, thanks for the update and hope they are still making progress. As Tom said earlier, it is great to see this one being saved.
    Say hi to Dave for us.

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  40. wayne

    Just leaving Rawlings WY Had a nice visit with Ken yesterday Thank You all for Your prayers& kind thoughts The old girl is running Great if You know of some one who would like to own her give me a call Thank You Wayne & Dave

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  41. Brent Lance

    Awesome to see guys go out of way to save more buses!$ what kinda money u looking to get out of bus? Buddies window shop..mbsay they love to have one! Anyone have any updates on progress!

    PD 4501-105

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  42. wayne

    Getting ready to leave Nebraska City Iowa this morning! Bus is running Great First 2cycle I have had to follow behind that did NOT cover My windshield with oil and hardly any smoke except going up the big hills! Wayne & Dave.

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  43. Tom McNally

    Hey brent

    Where are you located? I kind of remember 105 being for sale up north somewhere a while back. MN or WI maybe? Take care


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  44. Dominique

    …what a “feel good” story! not only about the bus and these 3 brothers but about the kindness extended to the older people in the last stage of their lives….and I agree, given the choice, I’d rather be run over by a Scenicruiser than…..you understand I’ sure.
    wishing the best to all

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    • Dave's mom

      spoke with both Dave and bro Ken yesterday afternoon: bus should get to its destination (Springfield/Marshfield, (?) Mo.) tonight.

      Dave’s been driving and is tired but not too uncomfortable. He was cross-country truck driver for several years….now a bus-nut.

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  45. Ken Nelson

    At 11 am mntn time, Dave said, if I heard him right, they’re about 2 hrs from home and the bus is running great. Wayne will be posting some notes when they get there – Hope they have a welcoming committee – seems like their 3 days in the Lowe’s parking lot was well spent!

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  46. Brent Lance

    Hey Tom,

    Yeah #105 is located in Mn currently..i sent you a email back in January but never heard back.. i bought the bus a little over a year ago from nutty guy! I also have a 4104 and two 3751’s.. my house is jn Kannapolis,Nc.. i run a trucking company in ND .. plan to move bus home next month actually.. i live in my 4104 when im in ND.. i had Scenic out last night.. bought all new aluminum rims and was putting new rubber on in preperation for trip next month.. i never opened box to check rims.. as they sold me hub pilot wheels and not bud!

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    • Wayne

      I have a set of polished buds & can use the hub p’s Thanks Wayne 417-437-1816

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    • Tom McNally


      Sorry I missed your email. Please shoot me another email; I’d like to keep in touch. We have antique bus gatherings occasionally, would be good to meet you. You have a similar fleet as me! I have two Scenics, one 4104, and one 3751 (all seated original coaches). Good luck with the bus move. Take care


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  47. wayne

    We got home about 3:00 this afternoon Dave & I are glad to rest now Thanks to all for Your thoughts& Prayers Wayne & Dave

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  48. Geri

    always lusted for a scenic cruiser- if nothing else– just to live in, feeding one is out of the question.
    on I-44 in Missouri between Joplin and springfield is a bus sales business that still has a couple of the Scenic Cruisers last I seen. (around mile marker 35 to 50 or so)

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    • wayne

      That used to be My Bus sales Years ago it is at exit 29 at the Sarcoxie exit there is a cruiser there but the place is closed

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  49. the mom

    Okay, the trip is over.

    My son is safely home.

    Now…how do I UN-SUBSCRIBE?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      There is an unsubscribe link in every email we send. I went ahead and took care of it for you though. Thanks!

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    • Scot Carr

      ~ Please don’t unsubscribe. We want to hear the rest of the story from your point of view.

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  50. Will

    Well since this post was recently referred to by BF in a new post, how about an update? Did the bus sell? Where is it now? Any recent pics? I may ride the bike down that way and look around this afternoon. Any excuse will do for a ride.

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  51. Mom

    I don’t even know how I got back into this…but I’m the MOM who butted in a few times.

    It’s now 2018, Feb. 12. Dave couldn’t resist, and bought that old honey and has been working on it all this time…made several changes in engine etc…it has taken him and son Trevor to BUS get togethers (Texas maybe?). His love never wavered and his travelling plans lured him on.
    But on Feb. 2, he passed away.
    Dave’s gone but that bus still lives….maybe his son will complete that dream some day.
    The mom.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Mom, I can speak for a bunch of us when I say I’m sorry for your loss. I hope Trevor is able to complete the dream!

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    • Scot

      ~ Strength and peace, Mom. Deeply sorry for your loss.

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  52. Sid Member

    I’m the guy who discovered Wayne and Dave at the Lowe’s in Idaho. I’m sorry to hear that Dave is gone. Highway adventurers of their type are far and few between. Their stories keep the rest of us going….and reading BarnFinds.
    I just made a Bus discovery during a recent trip to Arizona and plan to tell about it on BF in the near future.
    Sid in Idaho

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  53. Ken Nelson Member

    So sorry to hear of Dave’s passing Mom, but I tend to believe fixing that bus kept him going – the guys took the risk, made the trip and did it well, and affected a whole lot of us positively in the process, and that’s a successful life in my book. Pretty hard to beat a father & son endeavor too – I’ve been lucky to have some with my own sons. Rest easy Dave & enjoy the view – we’ll remember you in our roadtrip dreams & it was great meeting you guys –
    Ken near San Francisco

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    • Mom

      Thanks, Ken…and Sid …and Jamie…
      Dave’s bro and sisters made it to Mo. for the services….on the way back to Calif. and Montana today.
      Marshfield folks are Super….a great place to live if you’re family-oriented.
      Dave had been SO HAPPY working on that whale of a bus, and looking forward to enjoying it during his later years…so, even tho he won’t have those trips, IT’S BEEN WORTH IT.

      The Mom

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  54. Ken Nelson Member

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Mom –


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  55. Tom McNally

    Many know Dave, as the very enthusiastic owner of his 1954 GMC Greyhound Scenicruiser (PD4501-112). I first met Dave in 2007 when he bought his bus about 40 miles from where I live in Peoria, IL. Back then, he got his new pride and joy started after it had sat several years, and successfully drove it to his place in Marshfield, MO. Dave was a super generous guy. He was always bringing me un-needed original bus restroom parts etc. He was always careful not to throw away usable bus parts, he thought someone else may need for an original restoration. He brought his bus to every antique bus rally I ever put on, starting with Adrian, TX in 2010, Blytheville, AR 2013. In Evansville, IN, this past Sept. many of us were admiring his recent new engine install. My thoughts are with his Mother, his son Trevor, and his entire family. I am lucky to have known him.

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  56. Tom McNally

    Dave’s bus.

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