The Other 5.0! 1988 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass

Still looking fresh today, the Lincoln Mark VII introduced multiple automotive “firsts.” The 1984 Mark VII became the first vehicle in North America to feature aerodynamic composite headlights. Electronic four-channel anti-lock brakes first appeared on the Mark VII in November 1984, some six months before the Chevrolet Corvette. In fairness, Imperial fans will quickly point out that the 1971 Imperial offered ABS more than a decade earlier with a three-channel Bendix system. Technology aside, this 1988 Lincoln Mark VII Bill Blass Edition in Tampa, Florida looks ready for a night on the town. Offered for $5500 right here on Barn Finds, the Lincoln runs well and includes many new parts. Though the electronic dashboard and trip computer are out, they worked recently, and hopefully can be easily revived. Thanks to wikipedia for some details.

The hint of a “Continental Kit” hearkens back to Lincolns of the past, adding a luxury touch to the Mark VII’s backside. The original paint and trim gleam, contrasting elegantly with the dark Florida window tint.

This view looks familiar to fans of the popular Fox-body Mustang, as nearly everything visible from the radiator hold-down brackets to the air cleaner match those popular ’80s street warriors. Most importantly, the 302 cid “5.0” V8 provides 225 HP and a healthy 300 lb-ft of torque. Nearly any Mustang modification can be applied to this big coupe to make yourself a Hot Rod Lincoln. A ring and pinion swap to 3.73 cogs might be the easiest way to wake up this slumbering giant. Even with aggressive gears, the four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive will keep highway RPMs reasonable. With the same basic drivetrain installed in millions of Ford Crown Victoria taxi cabs and police cars, this luxury Lincoln will deliver Honda-like reliability if well maintained, and its mechanical parts are plentiful and cheap.

Tip your hat to the seller for including a picture of the all-important driver’s seat cushions. The most abused part of the interior seems to support the claim of 92,000 miles. Other than showing some effects of the Florida sun, the interior looks almost new. The Bill Blass leather should soften nicely after liberal applications of a high-quality hide treatment. Can you see yourself in this shiny, leathery Lincoln?


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  1. DrillnFill

    I always had a soft spot for the Mark VII but prefer the LSC with those sporty turbine wheels. Nice to see one unmolested and in such great condition!

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  2. Mr. TKD

    Love it! Would drive it as-is.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice Mark VII. Always liked these, especially the LSC versions as DrillnFill noted. One could use this as-is as a cruiser, and it would have no problem with modern traffic. Maybe some different tires and wheels for a less-conservative look. Maybe some 5.0 enhancements. Lots of potential for not much money.

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  4. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Nice! If I were a real estate agent in the 1980s, I would drive this.

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  5. CCFisher

    I’ve always loved the look of these. The slick, aero shape was a complete departure from the previous generation, yet the upright, chrome grille and the spare tire hump immediately identify it as a Lincoln.

    This one has a lot of needs for the price.

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  6. Vance

    I had a 1998 Mark VIII with the Cobra engine and it was a blast to drive. Heading back to Michigan from Tucson, I had brand new Michelins on a freshly paved road about 2 hours southwest of Albuquerque. Right around daybreak 2 cars went by me like a bat out of hell. I hit about 120 mph and followed them for about an hour. You never realize how much concentration it takes to do that, but telephone poles go by like fence posts. The roads were perfect, the timing was perfect, and there was absolutely no traffic. Of course the roads after Albuquerque were one lane and I lost all the time I had gained, but I will never forget the feeling. The 4.6 Cobra engine was unbelievable and the Mark VIII an underappreciated car to those that never experienced one. I truly miss that car.

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    • Nick

      Had a 98 LSC. Car was the best interstate missile I have ever owned. Car felt better at 75-100 than at any other speed and was getting 30mpg at highway speeds.

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  7. David Miraglia

    Always liked the Mark Series Lincolns, The Mark VII, I have always desired one and it is within my price range.

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    I love these cars, would want an LSC, and would not go near any car with a digital dashboard. I had a 1993 Continental Signature with an electronic dash and it was a nightmare. Assume $800.00 to fix the dash, give it what it
    what it needs and enjoy. Not my version of the car.

  9. Jef

    Echo most comments above. Always liked the look of these. I wouldn’t change something this nice but always thought a Marauder look with blackout or deleted chrome with not quite flat black body. Supercharger to make the auto box less of a hindrance. Redlines! Don’t get me down this road….

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  10. Bob C.

    Good 1980s classic at a good price.This generation was the best of that decade IMO. Its cousins, the Thunderbird and Cougar, as well.

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  11. chrlsful

    10 more HP for the LSC just w/exhast change I believe. 8 to 12K$ right now. Drop that 3 – 5K? for this one?

    I like it better than the 4 cyl turbo…(what was that, Thunderbird, not lincoln I guess)…

  12. Patrick Alford

    Had an LSC. Loved the look. Had the transmission rebuilt under warranty. Lincoln dealer denied there was a problem but Ford dealer agreed to the rebuild. After warranty would find it basically laying on the ground. Did a snoops check and all four airbags were leaking. Bags were $400 each from dealer, no after market at the time. Sold it for $4500

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