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The Smallest Mini Truck: 1972 Honda N600

1972 Honda N600 Truck

I’ve seen some interesting cars over the years, with some of the most fascinating being the smallest of cars. So obviously when Nathan R sent in a tip a few weeks back about a micro truck I was quite interested, sadly the listing had been removed by the time I opened the link. Well thankfully, Chevy55 tipped us off that it has been listed again here on craigslist! As you can see, this Honda N600 based truck is incredibly small, but sadly it wasn’t factory built. Someone clearly took a standard N600 and chopped part of the roof off, but it appears that they did a decent job of putting it back together. I just hope they reinforced the chassis enough to counter the effects of the conversion! If the work was done right it could be a fun little machine, although I’m struggling to understand the point of turning a micro car into a truck. I don’t imagine you can haul much of anything in that bed, but I guess you’d have the most interesting vehicle at car shows! The seller admits it currently isn’t running, but the engine isn’t seized and they are throwing in lots of spare parts. They are asking $4k for this baby truck and are willing to negotiate on the price, but only in person. So if you’re in Jacksonville, Florida and want something truly unusual, stop by and check this thing out! Just be sure to let us know how it looks in person. Special thanks to both Nathan and Chevy55 for sharing this with us!


  1. RayT Member

    I see it has the Japanese-market rearview mirrors, and wheels from a 600Z.

    $4K seems a bit much for a beat-up, non-running and probably poorly-converted car. Cute idea, I suppose, but not too appealing for me. The only “converted” 600 I ever liked was done in the ’70s for a shoe store (I think in CA) — it was a 600Z with add-on panels that made it look like a giant shoe.

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  2. Jason

    Non-running hatchet job for four thousand dollars? How do you say NO THANKS in Japanese?

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  3. jim s

    i think if it sells it will be for parts and a PI would be needed before making that offer. interesting find

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  4. Paul B

    This conversion would only make the 600’s handling more tricky. The beam rear axle, stiff springs and short wheelbase made the rear end of my N600 want to jump around quite a bit on rough roads — or even over tar strips if we were going around a curve! Take the rear steel and glass away … and it’s even lighter back there. Pass on this one, though it’s cute. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t run, but that shouldn’t stop the right person from buying it and having fun getting it going. These are entertaining to drive with a great engine sound, satisfying dashboard shifter, and surprisingly mediocre handling and steering. You can drive like a maniac and then realize you’re only doing 35 mph!

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  5. pontiactivist

    I know of an opel cadett done like this. After seeing the way it was butchered up I would be really leary on this. Neat lil truck though.

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  6. Chris

    Our n600 with rocket motor

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  7. CR
  8. David

    Any info on if this is still available?

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  9. Chris

    For like 20k now look up brokenleg2013 on Instagram

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