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The World’s Most Expensive Superbird?

Hemi Superbird

One of readers just sent in a link to this Superbird and wondered if it could really be worth the seller’s asking price. This is a special car. It has a Hemi under the hood and a four on the floor – not a combo you see very often. It’s an older restoration, but looks excellent. To sweeten the deal, the seller is throwing in a AAR Cuda. It’s also a nice car that is very valuable by itself. This guy is obviously big into Mopar evidenced by the other photos of his garage! Anyway, this seems like quite a package deal. The only problem is that they are are asking $895,000. There isn’t even the option to make an offer here on eBay, so they must assume these cars are worth about double what the price guides claim. Am I missing something here?

AAR Cuda

Mopar Garage


  1. jaygryph

    I dunno if it’s worth it, but if I were asking 895,000 for a pair of cars I’d spend the afternoon and couple hundred bucks it would take to get them detailed and have some nice pictures taken of them.

    I’ve worked for people like this before that have astounding car collections but are too cheap to pay a hundred bucks for a new car cover for it, or a new battery, or to have it detailed, and yet they want astronomical prices for everything they own.

    Seeing those cars packed in there is more sad than anything. In a perfect world, tires should only have flat spots from enthusiastic braking.

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  2. Walter Joy

    I saw this a few weeks ago on another muscle car site. That’s not a barnfind. I’ve seen a barnfind Superbird. 11th one produced. 1st in Petty Blue. 440-6 barrel 4 speed. White vinyl bucket interior. All original. 3,648 miles and never titled. Stored since 1971

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    • Dominic

      That sounds magical.

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  3. Leo

    Crack head thats been smoking large pipe bowls of his own ego

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    • Cassidy

      Leo, you hit the nail on the head!

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  4. Ian

    You can always ask and hope you land a sucker.

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  5. David Frank David Member

    Must be nice, whatever recreational pharmaceutical he’s imbibing! Or perhaps he’s thing in pesos?

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  6. Cassidy

    He has his “museum” or is it a showroom?

    Jaygraph is absolutely right: doesn’t look like much effort has gone into the eBay page at all. Zero information on the Cuda. Great. He lists his phone number. Anything this dreamer says on the phone to hook a buyer cannot be proven as its not in writing. In this lofty price range, it obvious this dreamer has been looking at all auction and rare car web sites to dream up his asking price. Don’t you think he might have noticed that the cars selling for lots of green have pretty good, if not exceptional, write-ups to hook the whales? He has 10 pictures and 4 lines of verb-age.

    I think even if i was a gazillionaire like Leno, I wouldn’t spend any time looking at this guy’s cars. He is not the dude setting the new benchmarks for collectible car prices. He is the one making a lot of us point and laugh at just before we move on to other cars

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  7. Ed P

    An original Hemi car will certainly command a premium price, but WOW. Good luck Greg.

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  8. randy

    Why did the trunk pan need replacing? “Fried fish last night dear”?

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  9. jeff6599

    Any of you guys remember that ’70 Chevelle LS6 convertible, former AS/A champ, restored, that brought $1,025,000 at a BJ Auction about 5 years back? That is why he just might get his price for this pair of cars.

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  10. patrol

    Don’t blame a fisherman to dream of catching that once in a life time big fish. Just blame the fish when it gets hooked.

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  11. Mark E

    Legend In Their Own Mind…

    As an aside, I’m old enough to remember how hemi superbirds were a dreg on the market when they were new. Nobody wanted to pay the relatively huge price for the slight power increase over the 440 6-pack. The dealer in my hometown had one on the lot for around a year and a half before he finally managed to get rid of it…

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  12. JW

    Mopars are high dollar cars now but back in the day they were the poor man’s musclecar. Now why would a guy who collects such high dollar cars even use CHEAT BAY to sell off some of his collection. Most high dollar collectors use Mecum / Barrett Jackson to get top dollar and exposer for the car. Something’s fishy here.

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  13. HoA Howard A Member

    We can thank “Joe Dirt” (David Spade) for this price. Suddenly, every Superbird ( or Dayona) is worth a million dollars. Truth be known, if you’ve watched the TV auctions lately, the bottom fell out of these a few years ago, and they routinely bring 1/4 of their asking price now. I think we’ll see more of this, these “high end” collectors ( judging by what’s in the background), will panic and start selling off their “doubles, or triples”. Never could understand why someone needs a car collection like this, aside from pure status. As our economy continues to falter, get ready for more “selloffs”, except, no one will have the money to buy these. I truly believe we’ve seen the “heyday” of million dollar cars, come and go.

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    • jaygryph

      In all honesty, I would rather own the Joe Dirt superbird than this one. Something about a ratted out, unrestored, muscle car having the (probably mismatched) wheels driven off it just speaks to me on a CARnal level (See what I did there…okay, terrible pun, sorry).

      I’ve owned nice cars before, and they are a pain in the ass. You worry about where you park it, or if someone will damage it. It’s I believe why ratrods took such traction in the car fandom. They are a vehicle that with few exceptions will be used, driven, enjoyed, wrenched on with buddies, and are entertaining for non car folk to look at and titter about. I’ve talked to far more people at car shows and cruise in’s and just on the street in general when I had my ratrod 49 ford pickup than I ever did with nicer cars I’ve driven or been around. Had far more fun with that old truck as well.

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      • Rspcharger Rspcharger

        AGREED! This is why I’ve done everything to my 69 Charger R/T over the last 20 years, except paint. When it breaks, I fix it. Then I get back out there on the street. Fortunately for me and not my tires there is a “donut shop” nearby.

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  14. randy

    Agree with Howard 100%, I’ve got “dry powder”!

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  15. Brian C

    I bought a Superbird back in the late 80s for $13,000. It was a running, driving, rust free Texas car. I don’t remember much about it,….as I sold it fairly quickly to a friend that I used to work with,….for a paltry $500 profit. Was the smallest available engine and had the most basic of interiors,….don’t remember any specifics and unfortunately, never took a picture of it. Dang!

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  16. Rick

    That’s part of a collection that was bought from a dealer last year. A bunch of Cuda’s and Superbirds. IIRC they were bought as a lot (auction) for relatively “cheap” and the owner has been trying to flip them ever since.

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  17. randy

    Wow, that’s a little more than a flip eh? He’s trying to hit 777!

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  18. Fred

    Maybe his wife told him to sell a few cars, and he is just making the price ridiculous so nobody buys them….

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      That was my first impression too…”but honey, I am trying to sell them…nobody is biting”

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  19. randy

    or, Maybe his CPA told him to sell some, and the price was suggested by the CPA?

    This could be a truly funny story before it’s all over with.

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  20. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Check out his other auctions & history. It looks like he has listed his 70 Challenger convert just to plead for information about the car and the bidding has gotten nowhere near the cars value. Like everyone has said, spend some time on a detail & professional pics and a good write up. His bait isn’t shiny enough for that big fish.

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  21. Butch

    My Drill Sargent had one like the yellow one showing in his garage picture on here. That was in 1972. It was a sharp ride at the time. I bet he had to behave though. You couldn’t have hid that thing in a school bus parking lot.

    A lot of Drill Sargents back then had at least one tour in Vietnam. Came home re-enlisted and bought new muscle cars with part of the bonuses.

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