Three Deuces And A 4-Speed! 1966 GTO Barn Find

This 1966 Pontiac GTO hardtop was stored like this from 1978 until recently and is still wearing its original metallic blue paint. It’s been cleaned up now and listed for sale here on eBay, where 72 bids so far have taken the price over $12,000 but have not yet met the seller’s reserve. The “Goat” is currently awaiting the end of the auction in East Earl, Pennsylvania.

Ah, that’s better! The seller has done an admirable job of cleaning up and photographing the car. We’re told that back in 1978 the original engine was blown and discarded (although I wonder if any of it is in the trunk in that first picture?) and that a 1965 389 V-8 was put in its place. We’re also told that engine was good at the time but no longer turns. You can see the surface rust on the upper body, a crease on the right side and, upon closer examination, some perforations that will have to be fixed. It doesn’t look like the car had any major incidents prior to being parked.

This is just a pretty picture, although it would have been prettier if the seller had closed the hood. The wheels look like they have been refurbished although there is no mention of that in the listing.

Here’s a close up of some of the corrosion the next owner will have to deal with. Similar spots exist throughout the bottom side of the vehicle as you might expect; the pictures in the ad are very clear and illustrate that you will have choices ahead should you purchase the GTO.

The underside of the car appears to have little if any issues. Again, I appreciate the seller taking enough pictures to get a real feel for the car’s current condition.

The interior is surprisingly clean although the rust spot on the door sill concerns me a bit. This is a factory four-speed car and the original data plate is clearly pictured to detail the options. The seller is including full PHS documentation to show that this really is a tri-power, four-speed car.

Wait a minute, did he write tri-power? Yes, I did! Despite not having an original engine, it appears the carburetors, manifold, and linkage have survived (or at least some like them). The three two-barrel Rochester 2G carburetors upped the factory rating of the engine to 360 horsepower (the standard GTO “only” had 335 horsepower). Coupled with the four-speed that makes this a very desirable GTO hardtop, just like in the song Little GTO – “three deuces and four-speed, and a 389.” And after listening to that classic tune as I’m writing, it just makes me want this car that much more! How about you? And what’s your favorite “car song”? I’ll tell you mine in the comments.

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  1. ccrvtt

    I recall hearing that Jim Wangers commissioned Ronnie & the Daytonas to create the song, “Little GTO”. Then he managed to get a LOT of airplay – just one of his many legendary accomplishments.

    Best road song: Life is a Highway.

    • jamie Jamie Palmer Staff

      Agreed on Life is a Highway, but I like the Rascal Flatts version better than the original! You nailed my favorite right off the bat!

    • ccrvtt

      In the interest of full disclosure I may have been wrong about “Little GTO” (4th time this week I’ve been wrong – 3 times on Jeopardy alone).

      GeeTO TIGER! by the Tigers (naturally) was probably the tune commissioned by Wangers. Someone hipper than I am, or with a better memory, will have to clarify this.

      Agree that Rascal Flatts was the best version of Life is a Highway.

      With all due respect to the honorable mentions “Hot Rod Lincoln” is runner up.

      • Rick Freeman

        Hot Rod Lincoln is a great song but my favorite sing is Giddy Up 409, had a 63 Black Impala SS with the 409 with 2 4’s with hounds tooth interior which was black and white. Great car but greater memories with my friends, both male and female.

    • Mike

      I’ll respectfully disagree. My vote for best road song goes to Runnin’ On Empty. I’ve also never been a big fan of the GTO but, this seems like it could be a nice project for someone.

  2. Dave

    A close friend had the twin to this car back in high school. He met an untimely end in ‘79 in an Opel GT. His folks sold the car. I always wondered what happened to it. I remember his dad had block off plates for the outer two carbs that he had to use until he had the car for awhile I think until he turned 18. I seem to remember it was a blue interior dyed black as the blue was showing through in spots.

  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member
    • Weasel

      Gotta love the Bonn era.

      My top 3 are:

      Radar love
      Born to be wild
      Low rider (I went through a Chech and Chong phase)

    • jerry z

      Sorry but Highway Star is the winner!

  4. Tom c

    This condition of this car makes the restoration soooooo much easier and cheaper. Best car song easy , Little red Corvette , prince.

  5. Bud

    You’ve got it incorrect . The best car song is ” I Just Can’t Slow Down ” – Joe Satriani

  6. art

    Finally, a seller with some common sense. What a terrific job he did cleaning this car for presentation, along with clear, helpful photos and PHS documentation.
    This is how you feature a barn find. Kudos to the seller.

    • RonY

      ..…….If I was looking for a car like this I would prefer the car advertised in the same condition it was in when he found it, and probably with less pictures, (I would be going to look at it anyway), I guarantee it would be thousands cheaper, it’s only better cleaned up for the ones who are just looking at it with no intention of buying it, and it’s good for the guy selling it, he figures He’s got a gold mine now, ….. I can clean it up when I get it home, the interest in the car would a whole lot less in as found condition, that’s when you want to buy, not cleaned up. Now if you have plenty of extra money, none of this matters, you probably want it clean enough to eat off it, not me, I want it as good of a deal as I can get, that’s the only way I’ve ever been able to enjoy the collector car market, like I say though to some money is not the problem…..

  7. Jeffro

    Best car song- “Radar Love” by Golden Earring

  8. 370Zpp

    Best car song: “I’m in Love with my Car” – Queen

    “Told my girl I’ll have to forget her
    Rather buy me a new carburetor
    So she made tracks saying this is the end, now
    Cars don’t talk back they’re just four wheeled friends now”

    • Gary Member

      370Zpp, you nailed it! There are many honorable mentions going all the way back to Beep Beep by the Playmates, but when Queen released it in 1975 as the B-side to Bohemian Rhapsody, followed by me getting my Learner’s Permit the following year in 1976, well, as they say, the rest is history.

  9. Chris H

    Ok, this one’s worth the $. Guy prob hit a home run with this. Even not a number matched car. Beautiful when finished.
    Seller says ignition not included, available on one of my other auctions: check this guy out! He has more GM NOS odds and ends than GM has!

  10. Steve

    KISS. Detroit rock city. Great car song

  11. Bmac Bmac Member

    Blackfoot. Highway Song, great cruising song.

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      Truth be told, all the songs mentioned above are on my cruising playlist. Rock & Roll & cars a perfect blend!
      Oh and a great barn find, sellers presentation first rate.

    • NovaTom

      Believe it or not Blackfoot is still around and their latest CD has a great car tune on it – “Need My Ride”

  12. TimM

    Love this car and from the pictures it seems solid enough!! I would really like to get my hands on this one!!!

  13. Troy s

    A few good road songs,
    Highway star; Deep Purple
    Space truckin’,,same loonies as above
    Trampled underfoot; Zeppelin
    Green Onions, only because of the race at the end of American Graffiti!
    Really nice GTO here, especially with the tri power/4speed!

    • NovaTom

      Always liked Cruisin’ Down the Highway/James Gang – same era.

  14. jimmy the orphan

    This is a great car to restore. Sadly his reserve may be a lot higher than 12k. I think this car is worth more than that but the rust does slow me down some. Later……………………………….JIMMY

  15. JimmyinTEXAS

    Looks like a nice car if it doesn’t get crazy on the price.

  16. Johnny

    Give me the “Little ole lady from Passadenna” . A friend of mine told me she really did exist and would blow many doors off back then. I like this GTO, but its gonna take a good bit of work and money to bring the car UP TO PHS. Now it is NOT and why would a sheet of paper be more important then the car being in really nice shape. I believe some one who gets it. Will find rust issues behind the dog legs and quater panels. He cleaned what is on top to pass off and some will go for it. Theirs alot to be done if a person was gonna restore it back to new condition and for this price. Look around and one will come along in working order and alot nicer for less. I believe in driving what I get and not just look at it and say what it will do. Fix it up and drive it like it was meant to .be.

  17. Johnny

    Plus he has the switch on a different sale. Why ? It should be in the car. What else did he switch or take off. I,ll leave it. Something doesn,t sound right and what about the title Plus he spruced up the interior and motor and its stuck. Not for that price Its a car body–NOT a running car.

  18. Joe

    Hot Rod Lincoln! Best car song

    • Neil

      My Daddy said ” son you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop driving’ that HOT…. ROD… LINCOLN !

  19. moosie moosie

    DEAD MANS CURVE,,, one of my best buddies had this ones twin back when they were new cars, he drag raced his pretty successfully for a daily driver, only problem he had was disintegrating the rear, after 12 times the dealer wouldnt warranty it.

  20. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Been for sale before……..and “In my car ” for the win….

  21. Charlie

    I can’t drive 55 by Sammy Hager best road song ever!

  22. daniel W wright

    My dad had two ramblers when I was growing up. Both of them beat up beyond belief but still running and driving….So this…


    HIGHWAY STAR Deep Purple

  24. Jimmy

    Nice Goat, one of my favorite years as I like the stacked headlights. As far as highway songs I like Sammy Hagar’s “Can’t Drive 55 ” My wife and I cruisin song has always been Radar Love.

  25. Frank Y Member

    Let’s not Forget Sammy Hagar “ I cant drive 55”
    I’m sure we’ve all been there.
    My FIL has a.beautiful Black one sold it. Now all that’s left are 2 rear bumper brackets that he is trying to sell. Sad days …

  26. JoeNYWF64

    Will today’s replacement BLUE kick panels match properly?
    There’s NO excuse for not being able to get an all blue, etc. interior like this in ANY of today’s vehicles, expecially considering what they cost, & especially in “todays” pony cars that haven’t changed much since approx 2005!

  27. Rock On

    This is a pretty good tune that I like to blast
    when I pull the Camaro out of it’s winter hibernation.

  28. Tort Member

    66 GTO’s along with 66 396 Chevelles in my opinion are best looking years for both probably because I grew up in the era when several guys I knew just out of school and got a job bought one or the other. Remember racing them on the street and at the track. My 56 Chevy 327 4 speed and 456 gears held it own. Fun times until Vietnam interfered. Hot Rod Lincoln

  29. Wayne

    Jimmy & Johnny, I agree with Sammy, I can’t drive 55. It’s been my theme song for many, many years. ( even before he wrote the song!) Everytime I hear Little old lady from Pasadena, I think of my grandmother. Dad and I were rebuilding our second Corvette ( a 1958 after we rebuilt a 1955) and Grandma’s 1956 Chev was hurting for an engine. So Dad popped his new rebuilt small block into Grandma’s ’56 for her to “break in” while we rebuilt her engine. About 3 weeks later I was spending a week with Grandma and we were tooling around in the city. (she lived in Chicago at the time) She kept trying to get across a busy road and finally said “screw it! and nailed it. She fried the tires all the way across Michigan Ave. and half way down the block, chirping second on the shift. (3 on the tree) I mentioned this to Dad a few days later when I returned home. He found a used engine and we were changing it out the following Saturday.

    • moosie moosie

      Wayne,,,,,go granny, go !

  30. Doc

    Drive it and fiddle

  31. GMoparman

    My selections are a little louder and faster…
    Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry
    Big Brother Muscle by Screaming Blue Messiahs
    Youre Gonna Get Yours by Public Enemy.

    I love roadtrips!

    • NovaTom

      Jesus Built My Hotrod for the win!

      • Dave

        “Phantom 309”.

    • Chebby Member

      Ding dang, dang a-long ling long…..

  32. Steve

    Gotta chime in with another great road trip song: Take’n Easy by the Eagles

  33. Kelly G

    “Red Barchetta” Rush.

    • NovaTom

      Great song but kind of hits close to home if “The Green New Deal” ever sees the light of day

  34. Easy Money

    Best car song…POS car by Adam Sandler

  35. NovaTom

    Since the comments veered to great car songs – Alice Cooper/Dynamite Road from his last CD fits the bill. Cool tune

  36. Troy s

    Maybe more fitting for the time this goat was new, “Down the Road Apiece!” by the Rolling Stones.
    Great comments here

  37. Tinhunter

    “Eastbound & down” from Smokey & the bandit. I can`t listen to this song on the car radio without wanting to put my right foot down hard !

  38. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Anyone ever built a car one piece at a time?😁
    I have to go with 409 myself,but I’m 45 years young,probably missed a lot of one hit wonders,not that the 409 song is one by any means.

  39. Roger

    What?? Nobody has ever heard of Little Deuce Coupe? That’s gotta be #1 hands down.
    Way back in 1972 I had 67 442 and a good friend of min had 67 GTO. Only difference now is he still has his car.

  40. Weasel

    Twinkle twinkle little star. The 1 beat original of course.

  41. GP Member

    I would love to have this GTO, And if I did Rascal Flatts or life is a highway would never be played in it.

  42. Bill

    Nice goat, buddy in 1970 HS had a black one with a 3 speed stick !! All the above music choices are terrific, I remember they listened to Autobahn ~ electronic beat sounds.
    Chilling these days but when I need some adrenaline , we go drop 3 or 400 bucks and drive a Nascar for a few laps 👍

  43. angliagt

    How about “OL’ 55” by the Eagles?

  44. John Oliveri

    Golden earring Radar love, Bruce Springsteen Born to run, Beach Boys Little St Nick, and Little Deuce coupe, Beach Boys again, Don’t worry Baby

  45. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    All great tunes. Mustang Sally also comes to mind.

  46. JudoJohn

    These songs always made me put my foot to the floor when they came on:
    Radar Love
    LA Woman
    Saved by zero
    Driver’s seat
    Free Bird
    Crazy on You

  47. Bill

    Well then, has the Goat found a new home yet ?

  48. How2

    Best song “Rag Top Day” Jimmy Buffet. Put the top down on my ’07 Mustang and cruise.

  49. Snotty

    Bachmann Turner Overdrive “Stayed Awake All Night” and “Don’t Get Yourself In Trouble”. Playing on the 8-track. I was in the back of a jacked up “66” Impala SS. My mission to keep driver and shotgun with stocked with cold Budweiser. After all I was a Junior and they were Senior’s.

  50. Mountainwoodie

    Some of you guys lost me on the tunes. Golden Earring? :) I guess I’m old.

    I’m going with Tom Waits “Ol ’55”, “Little Deuce Coupe”. “Riders On The Storm” by the Doors, “Last Kiss”by J. Frank Wilson ( liked Pearl Jam’s redo too), “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson :) Can’t We All get Along!

    And the ’66 Goat is pretty sweet……wheres the block? Even so I’d love to have it.

  51. Steve S

    How about little duce coupe by the beach boys. Then the song about the Shelby Cobra and little old lady from pasadina or Peggy sue. The song about the girl takes her dad’s t-bird racing instead of to the library. Then the Corvette drag racing a car with a 413.

    • Steve S

      and Maybellene. Then the song beep beep by the playmates.

      • Steve S

        Oops Peggy sue ain’t a car song my bad.

  52. Wrockfish

    A little late to the party, buuuut…

    #1 with a bullitt: “Born to Be Wild” Steppenwolf (good grief people). Honorable mention: “Hot. Rod. Lincoln.”. The Commanders version. Period. Personal fave:. “5-0 Ford”. THE Reverend, Horton Heat. Absolutely getting a ticket if listened to while driving.

    • Steve S

      Born to be wild isnt a car song though

      • Wrockfish

        An argument could be made. I stand by the “5-0 Ford” reference, though. Try it, I dare you! Go on…..

  53. Randolph Dull

    If I might expand the consciousness here, Jeff Beck- Freeway Jam is my fave. Check it out and tell me if it inspires acceleration for ya’. BTW- it’s all instrumental.

  54. SEAN

    In no particular order:

    Highway Star – Deep Purple
    Flirtin’ With Disaster – Molly Hatchet
    Driver’s Seat – Sniff n’ the Tears
    American Garage – Pat Metheny Group
    The Mess Around – Ray Charles

  55. chevybill

    “Born to be Wild” by Stepphenwolf, my vote for best car song.

  56. PhiftyPhivePhil

    Anyone remember ‘This Car of Mine’ from The Beach Boys? Always luvd that one—
    And tho not a car song per se,I love to play
    ‘Still The One’ when I’m rowin the 4-speed in my ‘55 210 Post!

  57. Skippy

    I have seen this car for sale before and don’t know if it sold. Might be a flip or might be somebody who thinks the car is worth much mor ethan people are willing to pay.

    • JeffD

      Most of the times cars like these change hands after the auction is over. Almost always real and interested parties want to see them in person first. They come after the auction, see them and make an offer. We never get to see the final price, eBay is just the method of advertisement. This is an experienced seller….he knows what it is worth. And as far as the “matching numbers” the engines were not VIN stamped to the car at this point. Find an engine with the correct code in the correct month is the game, and it can be done, and is all the time, so the engine in it is pretty immaterial except for the parts on it. Tri-power is a BIG help, somebody will restore it.

  58. jim cotton

    3 carbs 4 spd i am there

  59. Wayne

    Did you guys see the YouTube vide interview with Carroll Shelby when a 15 year old girl comes in and wants to buy a Cobra? She has the money, but he tells her to bring in one of her parents. A few weeks later she comes in with her Mom to buy the car. She has made her money writing songs. She then tells Shelby that she is going to write a song about a Cobra. And the rest they say is history!

    • Bill

      Amazing history to be remembered, back to the music an shifting gears >>
      How about: 🎵🎼🎶 gimme some lovin🎼🎵🎶 an going fast with your girl !

  60. Poncho

    Spent a lot of time cruising listening to Beach Boys and Jan and Dean in the summer time. Also just about anything from the American Graffiti soundtrack. Also used to crank up ACDC’s Highway to Hell on 8-track in my brother’s 71 or 72 Camaro with the home stereo speakers wired up and sitting on the back seat. It was a 350, 3 speed manual can. Man the wheel hop was crazy when I would wind it up and dump the clutch. The whole dash would shake. I would make me think I broke something every time. Never told him I did that though.

  61. Zorro

    Back in the mid 70’s I brought home a ’67 GTO, identical to this one, to install a vinyl top on it for a friend. I soooo did not want to return it back to him. I fell in love with that car.

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