3 Webers And 4-Speeds: 1969 Jaguar E-Type!

Update – The auction house contacted us and sent over more photos, which can be seen here! They also let us know that they have spare parts and the convertible top.

After having been owned by the seller’s family for over 30 years, this 1969 Jaguar E-Type convertible is being sold as part of an estate auction–the current owner inherited it from his father. The auction is in Midlothian, Virginia and is being advertised here by Beck Estates. The story about the bonnet is that it was stolen or lost when the car was taken to be painted–it looks like this may be one of the new reproduction bonnets that was purchased to take the place of the stolen part. At least it won’t have any filler, and it looks like all the expensive trim for the bonnet is included.

Unfortunately the auction house hasn’t shared much of the story of the car with us. We do know that it was repainted pale primrose in late 1980s or early 1990s. The tires on it look quite aged, so I suspect it hasn’t been driven in a long time. The panel fit of the trunk lid looks a bit wavy, but they were rarely great anyway.

The seller includes many detail pictures, through which you can see that while there’s some surface rust under the car, it’s really very, very solid. There are some parts and spares included as well that are not detailed in the ad.

In addition to some fresh paint for the hood, whomever purchases this E-Type may have to shell out for a carpet set and a top. The carpets are included but aren’t visible, and the seats are said to be original. The top will definitely need to be replaced as the rear window is opaque.

The Series II E-Type 4.2 originally was equipped with a pair of Stromberg 175CD carburetors, which are the same carbs fitted to the Triumph TR6, TR7 & TR8 as well as a single one to late MGB’s. Most enthusiasts feel it was under-carbureted, as these two units replaced three SU’s that were fitted to previous and European cars. A previous owner has taken care of that by fitting three dual-choke (two barrel) DCOE Weber carburetors. If the cams were upgraded as well, this E-Type could be making a lot more than the original 246 horsepower! Will you be following this auction as I will? Let us know if you end up with this Primrose beauty.


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  1. Adam T45 Staff

    I still rate the E Type convertible as the sexiest looking car of all time. Given that this appears to be quite sound judging by the excellent pictures provided, I think this car truly warrants a full restoration. Everything appears to be there and to be solid. Would I want it in my garage? YES!

  2. Pharmag8r

    yes please!

  3. N Beck

    The convertible top and tonneau are present. Please see the auction listing with 151 photos for details of spare parts.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Hi, N Beck! I realize the top is there, but you are going to have to replace it due to the rear window being opaque. Nice listing, though!

      • richard g

        Old trick on opaque window i have used many times successfully a tiny( and i mean tiny) drop of brake fluid on a soft lint free cloth will clear it in no time

    • Keith

      Has bids started yet ? I see a $2500. Deposit is required to bid !

      • N Beck

        $1 dollar registration fee to verify your information is required to bid.

  4. Mr. Bond

    Looks like a $2500 deposit is due if you win. Taken off your credit card. Balance due in 72 hours.

    This would be a fun car!

  5. Glen

    $2500 would barely cover the carbs!
    And I would love to tune them.
    Bid Bid Bid!!!!

    • olddavid

      You are a better man than I if you actually look forward to tuning three carbs with a Uni-Syn.

      • John B

        My friends dad would listen to the intakes with a piece of hose.

  6. jake

    One thing I would explore on this E type is the rear suspension. It appears that the radius arms have not been secured in place and on one side the actual mount that is on the floor pan is missing!! Hopefully that is in the parts provided with the car. Hopefully this hasn’t been ever driven this way or pushed around too much as the mounts position the rear end radius arms and the complete rear end assembly???? The underside and the car look very clean tho for an E type (lack of visible rust). The engine looks very interesting with that old weber set up!!!

  7. Capt RD

    So much for an off the radar bargain — a very good candidate for restoration – not sure about all the fine print about the process for late bidding.

  8. Mark

    I’d like to look into a crystal ball and see which cars today will skyrocket in value 10-15 years from now, because I am priced out of the current crop. Any suggestions?

    • Adam T45 Staff

      I know how you feel Mark. My first car was an EH Holden (I’m in Australia). I sold it in 1984 for $300. They now draw $30,000+! I sold a very nice Mk 2 Escort for $1500 about six years ago and they now pull $10,000 in the same condition. The lesson here? Don’t ask me because I’m bound to get it horribly wrong!

  9. jaymes

    looks like larry youngs car, hopefully it gets finished

  10. Eric 10Cars

    Where are the wire wheels? Why is it wearing Series III (ugly) wheels? I like the use of Webers, but would rather have used the triple SUs on it. I’ve found Webers to be a pain to tune, but SUs easy. Perhaps it’s just my ignorance of DCOEs. Put one on a 78 Celica I owned and never got it right. Also, if you’re going there, I’d get rid of the points and go with a Pertronix electronic ignition.

  11. Peter K

    My mother had one of these for a number of years. While these cars are really cool, they are scary expensive to work on. If you cringe at the service bill for your BMW or Mercedes, this car will put you in the poor house. On another thought, since its a restoration special, take that motor out and put a chevy 350 in its place. This maybe sacrilege to some of you, but in the long run you’ll save beaucoup $$$. Put that Jag engine away for the day that you want to sell it.

  12. jake

    An E type is an amazing driver, but yes if you do not have the ability to work out it yourself, it’s gonna cost you; just like any car of it’s caliber. The ones that are inexpensive, are that for a reason, they’ve sat for years or someone didn’t know how to repair after drivin it into the ground and now some body wants to save it!
    That is the way of the garage/field/barn/out under the carport or where ever someone left the great sports car to set. On the other hand if you know what you are doing and/or have deep pockets-hey, enjoy!!!! Cars are not meant to be commodities, but to be driven!

  13. S. Brodie

    I think these cars are beautiful and I don’t think installing a 350 Chev will add to the value of this machine. It looks like a good solid machine and the experience of owning and driving a vintage Jaguar involves the difficulties of maintaining it. When one drives a truly restored vintage machine you live on the edge trying to anticipate the foibles of it but the sounds and feel of the machine are authentic. We could all capitulate and be driving Honda Accords but true car lovers seek the rare experiences that this car could provide, and that doesn’t include waiting for it to appreciate in value which it will do.

  14. jimbosidecar

    I think if I were to replace the hood (bonnet) I would have replaced it with the much better looking 1965-1967 one.

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