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Time Capsule: 1975 Mustang II

mustang II

It’s hard to believe the paint is original on this 1975 pony, it’s so shiny! Currently located in Corsicana, Texas and offered for sale here on eBay, if you like Mustang II’s it can’t get much better than this. Even the old-fashioned “digital” clock is said to work! These Pinto-based cars were developed in response to the 70’s fuel crisis, and considering their origins did a nice job of capturing the look of the early Mustangs. This one has just over 42k miles and even has an immaculate white interior and a white vinyl top. This car is in such nice cosmetic shape, it wouldn’t have looked out of place as a year-old trade in at the Ford dealer. As usual with these older cars, the air conditioning doesn’t work, but that just means it’s ripe for an R-134 conversion if you’re in a warm climate. A recent Barn Finds posting on a similar 1978 car for more money led to a lot of comments – what do you think about this less expensive car?


  1. Tom

    My Dad had a 74 fast back. The car is much better than what little credit the motor heads gave. More like a European car than a Pony car.

    It will do over a 100 MPH and handled seled a lot better than most cars of that time.

    The State of Michigan gave me notice of doing 96 MPH on a 55 MPH zone on I75 north of Detroit. The fine was $50.00.

    I later got a letter from The State telling me to slow down or they would pull my DL.

    Oh to be 18 again

  2. Jeff V.

    My late great uncle traded in his factory ordered ’67 (bought new) Camaro SS/RS 427 for a new one of these, the year I got my DL, ’74. I kicked our dog and beat up my sisters bf. I wanted that Camaro so bad. I hate these things! lol

  3. Jason

    “My late great uncle traded in his factory ordered ’67 (bought new) Camaro SS/RS 427 for a new one of these”

    That’s just about the saddest thing I have ever heard.

    • Miguel

      I can beat that.

      My uncle was a gear head. He had a ’62 Biscayne 409 and traded that for a ’65 Corvette convertible.

      When my aunt was pregnant with my cousin, he traded the Corvette for a 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 6 cylinder automatic.

      I bet the dodge dealer was laughing at him.

  4. JW

    OH 70’s pure muscle out of Detroit, blame uncle sam not Detroit, I still would go back to them days in a heartbeat. At least it’s not a rust bucket.

  5. Rich Truesdell

    It is a misconception that the Mustang II was developed in response to the first oil crisis, which was caused by the 1973 OPEC Oil Embargo. This was in response to Western support for the Israelis against its Arab neighbors in the Yom Kippur war of 1973. If the Mustang II was in response to the Oil Embargo we will have to give Lee Iacocca’s crystal ball the credit as the development of the Mustang II started in the fall of 1970 when the 1971 Mustang was introduced. It had grown bloated with each successive generation in the years since its introduction in April 1964.

    It’s the former history teacher in me that tries to clear up these common misconceptions.

    Like 1
    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thanks for the correction, Rich :-)

  6. Chris formly of San Diego

    Not unless I can transplant a whole lot more power in it and make it a sleeper… Otherwise it has no place in my garage.

    • Johnny Bravo

      Lots of options today for more HP. How about a eco boost v6 from an F150? Should slide right in. Bolt in a T56 and update the rearend to handle the power.

  7. Karl

    A 2.3 liter with automatic–not exactly a barn burner. I hope it’s got a catalytic converter (Ford introduced them in mid-’75) because that cleans up a lot of the rat nest of emission controls under the hood.
    It is in incredible shape. It would probably look a lot better without the padded vinyl top. The standard two-door coupe actually had a sleek look, but sadly, most seem to have come with the cotton bale plastered to the roof.
    My first car was a ’74 Mach I (seriously) fastback with the 2.8 liter V6 and automatic. It was both slow and terrible on gas–I calculated 12mpg. But the fastback was a nice-looking car. I’ve often thought that if I had one like it now, it should be possible to drop in the same drivetrain as my Ranger (4.0 V6, 5-speed, 155hp) and make a real car out of it. As far as I know, I’m the only nut to think like this.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Not really, Karl…I took my driver’s licence test in Dad’s ’78 Mustang II fastback. Beautiful car, but it didn’t even have the V6, just the lowly 2.3 4-cylinder like this one. I think it would be a neat thing to take a Cobra II, leave it’s appearance totally stock, but transplant the 300+ HP/6-speed V6 drivetrain out of a 2013/2014 Mustang into it. What a surprise some people would have, and you could make it handle, too…

      Too many ideas, way too little time and money.

    • JW

      NO Karl your not, wife had a 78 Cobra she bought brand new with the 302 V8 and we loved that little car. The only thing I would change if we had it today was she got an auto while I would swap in a 5 speed. That car would do some nice donuts with a 1/2″ of snow on a big company blacktop parking lot.

  8. TBall

    Has this car been in a time capsule? It sure looks like you have the proper lead-in here…
    I’ve seen a good many late-model cars on used car lots that don’t show this well. Were it not for that silly vinyl half-top and had removable t-top, I would likely be interested – great looking car with reasonable price for a nice driver. Could you imagine a modern ecoboost turbo-4 under the hood?

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I have no problem with the vinyl top, it comes with the upmarket Ghia package, after all.

    Someone will buy this and be very happy.
    It won’t be me, that’s Miata money.

  10. MikeW

    I had a ’78 Cobra II with the v8. This one’s not even a fastback and no v8, No thanks. Maybe gas will go to $5 then it will be in it’s comfort zone again.

  11. Rich Tague

    Mom & I SHARED a Stang II a 75 . WORST RUST BUCKET WE HAD!!! bought in 84 the road was visible through the driver floor , had to hold that piece down with your foot during rain storms or INSTANT bath !!! we used it SPARINGLY , when we had to. One trip to church we backed out of the driveway (a rare moment) on to the road , put it in gear & stalled !!!! a large truck was headed our way & WE FREAKED trying to get the P>O>S> to run !! fortunately he went around us slowly & continued on his way
    . SUPRISINGLY no one had to change their pants & she FINALLY started & we went on our way ……….needless to say we got rid of her soon after .

  12. Miguel

    Why do you guys keep calling the hatchback model of this car a fastback?

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