Tiny Gasser: 1954 Nash Metropolitan

This 1954 Nash Gasser race car is located in Columbia Station, Ohio and can be seen here on eBay with 4 days remaining on the auction. Submitted by Patrick S, the current bid for this roller is $3,450.  The seller states that the car was built in the 1960s and was raced by William Gulley Jr. who was associated with Don “Big Daddy” Garlits.

The interior is spartan and needs floorboards unless you are a real risk-taker! The car was stored from 1971 to 2005 when the new owner put a drivetrain in it and had some fun for 2 years before removing the engine. Even though the paint is 50 years old, the car looks solid but it will need some work to get it back on the drag strip.

The car is equipped with a modest roll bar, aluminum radiator, new brakes, and gas tank. The new owner will get to decide what engine and transmission they want to mount in the car. The front wheels are 15×3 and the rear wheels are 14″ wheels with slicks. There is no discussion as to whether the rear parachute is in working order.

This car has been stored more than it has been raced. If you are looking for a unique project, this might be the car for you. This car was raced and then put away for a long time. I think its time to get it back on the drag strip!

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  1. bobk

    What’s the wheelbase on that thing. I gotta figure that it would be squirrelly as all get out.

    • Sam61

      6 foot wheelie bars so you don’t flip it over.

      • Steve R

        Those won’t keep you off the wall at half track.

        Steve R

    • Ann

      no actually it goes straight as an arrow. I have a ProStreet 62 convertible with a 302 engine, 14 inch wide tires. I have no problems handling it on the road…you know, being a girl and all. ;)

  2. Reginald

    hold me closer tiny gasserrrrrrr….

    • Mark D. Farragher

      Tommy Bolin’s song was the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of this listing. Surprised others had that thought too!
      This thing is dang cool, but I am sure the comments about keeping it straight would ring true.

  3. Ralph

    Hold me closer Tiny Gasser…….

    • Sam61

      …count the headlights on the highway…

      Good one!

      • Ralph

        Count the fire trucks at the crash site……

    • J_Paul Member

      Damn, beat me to it!

  4. KevinLee

    At one time this was running a Hemi and 4 speed. That would be one hairy ride.

  5. socaljoe

    This car was listed on craigslist for a long time a while back in Minneapolis area. I wonder how much racing it actually did. Looks to be way to squirlley.

  6. Garm

    I’d just take that to Whole Foods for the looks.

    • Frank Sumatra

      And run it down the dairy aisle!

      • Bear

        lmao! :-p


    Love it. A mild small block, any flavor, would be a blast. Actually, might be cool to put an AMC motor on it. Would definitely take some sorting out. A “modest rollbar” … yeah, might want to improve that too.
    I can almost hear it running. Definitely a crowd pleaser, on the street, or strip.

  8. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    Wow not one mention of not passing tech,not being a real gasser!

    Just stick a small block in it & have some fun with it.

  9. Dave

    Some years ago, there was an abandoned Yugo at a bar near Keystone Raceway Park here in PA. I always envisioned getting it and doing an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth tribute with Rat Fink. This car comes close.

    • Lance

      Dave ‘abandoned Yugo ‘ is redundant. LOL

  10. Stangalang

    This thing could kill you!! I love it!! All it needs is a built small block and can you imagine the fun let alone the looks from people…I’m with Dave I can picture Rat Fink with his head out of the roof 🤣👍

  11. George

    Beep beep. Beep beep. His horn went Beep, Beep, beep… (yes, it was a Nash Rambler in the song, but I can’t help myself)

  12. jerry z

    Floors! We don’t need no stinking floors!

  13. moosie moosie Member

    The PITCHERS were interesting, with motor without motor, different wheels, no shortage of PITCHERS, thats for sure, squirrelly, google “Wild Willie Borsch” or “Winged Express” if you wanna see squirrelly!
    Winged Express qualified for the 1968 NHRA Winternationals, a 32-car field in Top Fuel, at an AA/FA record elapsed time of 7.29 seconds, only to have the rest of the field refuse to race Borsch, for fear of the ill-handling Altered. It turned out they were right: in Round One of Super Eliminator, Borsch went from guardrail to centerline, in a wild ride, captured, and made famous, by photographer Bob McClurg; it “became one of the most famous drag racing photos of all time”.[11]

    • Dave Mazz

      There’s a UTube video of Wes Goddard, running what he calls a 1958 Nash Metropolitan, in Top Sportsman class. His car has a twin turbo 504 CID V-8, and has broken into the Sixes. In the video, Wes completes his run without crashing….I guess he’s a pretty good driver…


        Wes’s car is a true piece of engineering. He built everything in & on the car. It’s a Must see up close & personal in order to appreciate!

  14. Del

    Can you imagine pulling the Trigger on this at the light tower ?


    Might buy it and put snow tires on it.

  15. Troy s

    That’s what makes the old gassers interesting,,, you just never know what the heck you’ll see. Maybe a Hillman, Anglia, how about a Henry J! But this is ridiculous…I guess. Nah, it fits.
    Easy to store too seeing how small it is.
    Forget it, don’t even bother with street ideas.

  16. John Member

    Put a hot 4- cylinder in it. You don’t need to kill yourself.

  17. bog

    If this car actually is from Ohio, perhaps the owner took it to US30 Dragstrip in NW Indiana. Because I saw more than one of these…all were red, running either Gas or Altered class back in the 60’s. Squirrelly ? You bet, but not any more so than the Topolinos, Crosleys, Austins or Anglias. Lots of the Willys and Henry-Js weren’t all that “stable” either. Brought a smile to see “Wild Willie” mentioned here. That was a pretty “wild” time in drag racing…

  18. Ford Fan

    ***disclaimer*** i have no affiliation with the owner of this car.
    Look at this one I found.Going to barrett jackson 2020


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