Tiny RollsWagon: 1969 VW Beetle

Need a little luxo-posing in your life? Can’t afford that new Rolls you have been eyeing? Well here’s a solution on the cheap, a 1969 VW Beetle with a “RollsWagon” nose piece, located in Tuxedo Park, New York. It is available here on eBay with a starting bid of $7,500, zero bids as of this writing, or a BIN price of $9,750.

These RollsWagons were all the rage years ago. It was a bit of a subtle put-down of the upper 1% by grafting the front end of an uber-expensive, seldom seen, ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce on the nose of the ubiquitous people’s car, the VW Beetle, a car that was everywhere in the ’60s and ’70s. This VW Beetle, which only has 58,000 miles on its clock, was in storage on Nantucket island for many years. Other than being dirty, as the seller states, it appears to be in very good condition for a 50-year-old car. The seller further adds, “mostly rust free upon cursory inspection”. The included images don’t show any rust or corrosion other than maybe some small surface scratches but it is hard to tell for sure. I would suggest a thorough inspection beyond the cursory level.

Under the boot is a typical VW 1500 CC, flat four-cylinder engine, good for 53 HP. The seller states that this Beetle received a new engine in 2013 when it was moved from Nantucket to New York state. I have more questions on that front as 58,000 miles is minimal for a VW engine. There is no statement regarding its current operability. As is typical, this Bug is equipped with a four-speed manual transaxle.

The interior is VW Beetle all the way. It appears to be in good shape if very dusty. I still don’t understand why sellers don’t remove all of their detritus from the interior of their cars before photographing, it would really help prospective buyers get a better look at what may lead to a sale. That said, it doesn’t look like it needs anything other than a good cleaning.

The rear of this Beetle as a “Continental” style spare. While it doesn’t have the visual impact that the Rolls Royce nose piece does, it helps to continue the luxury-on-the-cheap vibe.

The RollsWagon nose is cute though I’m not sure I would want it on the front of my VW, but that’s the great thing about this modification, it’s easily changeable. It would be no big deal to have both, a regular bonnet and this Rolls bonnet and you could change it back and forth as the mood strikes. It would be fun to drive around in this RollsWagon and pull up next to luxury cars and ask, “Pardon me, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?”

The real focus, however, is the mostly original state of this ’69 VW Beetle – it appears to be in great condition with low mileage. The only outlier where I would seek more information is the engine – I gather this one is not original so I’d like to know more about it and what happened to the original. If you are considering an older VW Beetle, one that has an extra fun factor, I’d give this RollsWagon a look-see.



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  1. hatofpork

    A Rollswagen in Tuxedo Park! Classy!

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  2. C.Jay

    If you put a hat on $2 cat you still have a $2 cat.
    Meaning if you put a RR grille on a $2500 Bug you still have a $2500 Bug.

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  3. Brad Spielman

    I always liked the 40 Ford version better.

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  4. Fred W

    When I was a car crazed teen in the 70’s, I had a dream of grafting one of these kits onto a late 60’s Toyota Corona, which I felt had the same lines as that era Rolls, making a 3/4 size Rolls Royce. Never did it – still think it would have worked.

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  5. Pookie Jamie

    Movie. Major league. Willie Mays Hayes here. I play like Mays. And I run like Hayes. Lol. This is the car the black actor drove. Lol

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    • Dave

      Wesley Snipes, I believe.

      “Shoot, I’ve been cut already?!”

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  6. Howard A Member

    Not that I’d want it, but there was a bit of method to this, it did increase the trunk capacity some, which was pretty limited. Bugs have fallen flat lately, seems can’t give them away, especially one like this. They have a limited following to begin with. It is pretty clean, $5g’s, with a stock hood, max. No bids supports my claim.

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  7. Sherminator

    I can never understand why someone asking top dollar wouldn’t pull the vehicle out of its cluttered storage space and clean it up to show its true potential (and that it actually moves). I’d bid no more than $3K based on the pictures but might go higher with a clearer view of the panels and paint…and an original VW hood.

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  8. Midwest Jeff

    “When boy, when, are you going to get your act together!”

    (Relevant obscure movie quote.)

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  9. Michael

    When I was a kid I had a cousin that had one of these. I thought then, and now they were cool. They are what they are.

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    • carbuzzard Member

      Are you kidding me? Why would you want to covert this bug back to stock? There are oodles, as the article mentions, standard Beetles available. This funky period piece should go to someone with the sense of humor it deserves.

      That said, yes, it’s overpriced. Perhaps that’s the seller’s sense of humor. Unless you really have an overgrown funny bone, wait until it rolls (ha!) around again.

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  10. Bob McK Member

    I wanted my new 72 bug to have one of these front ends back then. This car is calling me, but the price is way too high in my opinion. Perhaps my VW days have passed. I really like Cadillacs today.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Saw a lot of these in Tacoma, Washington in the 70’s. Some had a bumper sticker that said “my other cars a Rolls Royce”. Great sense of humor those people had.
    God bless America

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  12. Kenn

    Speedo has been rolled back – note the lack of alignment between the 5 and the 8. Not that higher mileage would reduce the buying – selling – price of the vehicle. It’s
    just that being honest wouldn’t hurt.

    • Tom

      Milage is true. Oil change documents prove it. Car was purchased for far far less than the asking and is worth it. Owner had no clue what it was worth so out it up for a high price to gauge response. Runs like a top after a new Starter and battery. Cleaned up well too but it is an overpaint. Original color was beige.

  13. Danh

    No bids, wow what a shocker

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