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Tiny Tractor: Ford LGT 120 Garden Tractor

041116 Barn Finds - 19xx Ford LGT 120 - 1

Are you a Ford guy or gal? Or, a classic tractor collector? Or, both? If so, you’ll want this for your collection. This is a Ford LGT 120 Tractor made between 1972 and 1983; the seller doesn’t give a year for this particular tractor. This tractor is located in Millport, New York and it’s in original condition. It will be fun to tinker with this tractor for a weekend or two and then either use it, or spend more time and restore it and then show it at an antique tractor show near you! You’ll be able to get new decals if you plan on restoring it. And, who among us classic vehicle lovers wouldn’t rather have an older tractor like this rather than a new one? All kinds of people like these older Ford garden tractors.

041116 Barn Finds - 19xx Ford LGT 120 - 2

The 120 model had, as you may have guessed, a 12-horsepower engine. Kohler made the engines for these tractors and that 12 hp should be more than enough power to mow your lawn and/or either plow your driveway or blow the snow away with the available Ford 48″ plow or 42″ snowblower. Top speed was a little over 6 mph so it’s a bit faster than your walk-behind mower. There are four forward and one reverse gears on this tractor.

I know, this may seem like a weird post for the Barn Finds website, but hear me out: it’s original, it’s a survivor, it’s obviously barn/farm-related, and it’s something small, inexpensive, and easy enough to perfect your restoration skills on. Not to mention that there are a lot of tractor and Ford collectors that would want this for their collection, so don’t write it off too quickly. It’s listed on Craigslist in Millport, New York for “$500 or best reasonable offer.” That sounds like a good deal to me. Are you into tractors and other farm-related collectibles like this little garden tractor?


  1. grenade

    Good first restoration project. You can fudge the details and not many people would notice. Plus, you can cut your grass with it.

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    There are a lot of garden tractor collectors out there. I am finishing the restoration on a Wheel Horse 520 8 speed right now. Next up is a Wheel Horse 500 Special. These tractors were made in relation to the Indy 500 race. Wheel Horse provided tractors to the race track to push start the race cars so they decided to offer a version for the public too.

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  3. grant

    Well. I didn’t know Ford made riding lawnmowers. You learn something every day.

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  4. TBall

    Scotty – Thanks for the “something different” that isn’t a nightmare (lumina/mercury cross). My brother-in-law has one that still looks new – loves it.

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  5. Howard A Member

    If only our cars were as tough as these. With proper maintenance, 1 of these should last you a lifetime. I had a Simplicity “Landlord”, that I think you could drop it off a cliff, and it would still survive. That tractor did everything. And if all else fails, there’s this.

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  6. Charles H.

    I used a few of these same tractors while working for the city of Hickory, N.C. Public Works Dept., in the early 1980’s right after High School, they were great machines for the time, wouldn’t mind restoring this one myself!

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  7. edh

    You can pick up old lawn tractors all day long for a little over $100 out in the boonies.

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  8. Mark P

    Rescued this one last year, guy was going to call someone to haul it out of his shed. This pic is right after I got it home, aired up the tires and washed it. It’s a 1988.

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    • Scotty G Staff

      That’s a beauty, Mark, thanks for sharing!

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Awesome find!

      A friend has a Ford snowblower that he has used for a number of years. When he went into a store to pick up a few parts for a redo, the counter guy tried to buy it, sight unseen…

      That didn’t happen, LOL

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  9. Joe Howell

    If it’s old, leaks oil, burns gasoline and needs TLC I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. Keep the odd stuff coming.

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  10. Howard A Member

    I think we finally weeded out the naysayers. I love the odd stuff too. Thanks SG.

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  11. SSPBill

    The old Kohlers are not anything like the high-horsepower engines in modern lawn and garden tractors. These motors have serious grunt. I picked up a Case 224, 14hp tractor and rebuilt it with my Son. It’s been dependably working 12 months every year up here in the Northeast for the past 5 years.

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  12. Matt Tritt

    My main mower is a 75 Economy Power King. It has a 14 HP Kohler mated to a Crosley 3-speed via an automotive dry disc clutch, with a Spicer rear end. It has steering brakes and hydraulics that lift the mower deck and/or 3-point hitch. The mower deck (48″) is belt-driven courtesy of an electro-magnetic clutch on the front of the engine. It has conventional traction rear tires (big!) and monster wheel weights that keep slip to a minimum. It’s an actual small tractor, though, not really a riding lawnmower and has kind of a cult following with plenty of people still stuck in the past. Not me!! They are excellent machines, but not such a bargain these days.

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  13. rangeroger

    Oh God, don’t get me started. Years ago my boss gave me his old riding lawnmower after he put the rod through the block. So in my infinite wisdom, I put a Briggs & Stratton 18 v twin in and went mower racing. I also picked up a 1963 IH Cub Cadet Original with a massive 3-speed transaxle and 9 horse Kohler. I have a 12 horse Kohler that had been on an air compressor that I traded a .357 for. 2 more Briggs single cylinder engines stuffed under a work bench.
    Then there’s the piece de resistance. A 1926 Kohler electric plant that I got off e-bay for $50 and drove to Kalispel MT. to pickup. The generator itself is long gone but the engine is a 4-cylinder of about 600cc. Water cooled with a huge brass radiator, magneto ignition, Stewart-Warner vacuum feed fuel pump and about 3.5 or 4:1 compression ratio.
    Engine was designed to run at about 1500 rpm for years. Turn on a light switch,generator kicked on. Turn off the lights, Generator shut off. I’m slowly amassing parts and rebuilding pieces. Don’t think I’ll ever get an original generator assembly, put I think I can belt drive most any thing I want.
    Maybe put in the Cub Cadet. Won’t be as impressive as that V-8, but it will be Kohler engined.

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  14. rusty

    Yep…my favorite in the current mix (or…maybe the Gremlin!). Must be that Midwest heritage.

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  15. Gary

    Not bad, but I’m more interested in finding an Oliver lawn tractor to put next to my Row Crop 60.

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  16. Scotty G Staff

    I’m surprised, but very pleased, that this one grabbed your attention! I thought that it could go either way, I’m glad that it went this way. Thanks, folks!

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  17. Chuck

    Dad had a 1978 LGT 125 12HP K301 Kohler and shaft driven hydro with HI/LO range a beast . I got it in 1983 and used it till 2006 sold it on ebay for $325

    I now have a 1962 T70B Panzer and a 1981 Wheel Horse C165

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  18. Chuck

    1962 Panzer built with a narrowed Plymouth rear end

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  19. Matt Tritt

    ’75 Economy Power King w/48″ deck and ’72 Kubota b6000 with 40″ Gearmore tiller.

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  20. Matt Tritt

    I found mine by accident and happy I did. They have a 14 HP iron Kohler mated to a Crosley 3-speed via a crosley clutch though a Spicer rear end to portral axles. They are well above the typical garden tractor, having steering brakes and 3-point hydraulics – but the PTO is driven off the front of the engine through an electro-magnetic clutch. One really neat thing is that you can stick a second transmission behind the first and get 9 forward and 3 reverse gears. They are about the same size as an IH Cub.

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  21. Mercuryman

    I have a 74 LGT120 that I bought a year ago. Built the same year my brother was born. I was surprised how much stuff was available for these. Tractor pull Kohler’s make silly power. Relatively anyway. I have no plans to sell it, looked a long time for one. The year makes it extra special. Love for mechanical things runs deep. May even cut my lawn with it…..

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  22. Sam Deal

    I got a lgt 120 runs great but no mowing deck has tractor tires what is it worth

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