Too Much for a “Rusty” 1968 Chevrolet C-10?

This “rust bucket” 1968 Chevrolet C10 is said to be a real short-box from the South and it looks like a true pavement-pounder! While at first glance it may look like a patina shop truck, this one actually has a hand airbrushed fauxtina paint job. It can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $30,000. While the asking price is pretty stiff, it would be very challenging to build a truck like this for less. If the paint was glossy black or red, you can bet the asking price would be mid five-figures all day long. Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, this truck is ready to show and go! Check it out.

Here you can see an up-close photo of some of the airbrush work. It takes hours and hours of work to do a paint job like this well. Some fauxtina paint jobs are very obvious, while others (like this one) are done really well and have a great attention to detail. You can see around the front marker light, there are cracks and rust spots that look very realistic.

The motivation comes from a 5.7 liter aluminum LS1 engine out of a Corvette. It has been rebuilt with all new parts and is mated to a 4L60E transmission. LS swaps are very popular in ’67-’72 Chevy trucks and provide very reliable power.

The interior has been fully restored with Dakota Digital gauges. It also features a push-button start along with an Ididit steering column and polished steering wheel. You can also see the air suspension control on the front seat.

The truck has been upgraded with front disc brakes and a 12-bolt rear end. The frame has been notched for axle clearance so you can ride as low as you want. Overall, this is a pretty neat truck. You can tell the builder didn’t break the bank, but it still looks like a really fun ride. Let us know what you think of this truck. Are you a fan of fauxtina paint jobs?


  1. J_Paul Member

    Spending the time, effort, and money to fake patina is kind of like dropping $500 on a pair of pre-ripped jeans—it’s working-class cosplay, which is fitting considering how close we are to Halloween.

    I don’t mind patina if it’s earned—it’s showing a vehicle’s history, for better or worse. But this truck would be better with a proper paint job.

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  2. Roger Pence

    J_Paul is on the nose. If you’re gonna paint it, it needs to look like it got painted! Earned patina is the only patina!

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  3. LARRY

    Mmaaaannn!! I’d drive this baby to church on Sunday morning and burn the tires across the parking lot!! ( I know that’s kinda rednek but I do live in the south lmao)

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    • Arthell64 Member

      Sounds like a transplant.

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  4. Jeremy

    I’d change it over to a 6 speed stick, and supercharge it. Then proceed to burn thru approximately 3 sets of rear tires a summer 😈

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  5. Z1rider


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  6. grant

    Not a big fan of “patina” at all, and especially not fauxtina, but the artist did a wonderful job creating realism, right up until he made it glossy. He ruined the effect.

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  7. JOHN Member

    Jeez, if you can afford to have this custom faux patina painted, you can afford real paint for the truck. This look is hopefully going to fade away.

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  8. jeff

    KUDOS to airbrush guy but seriously the patina look needs to go far far away FAST hopefully in a year or two NICE paint work will make a well deserved return guys bein cheap are really over playin the PATINA crap even if its honest I understand QUALITY paint work is not inexpensive but with all the time you have invested in your project straight smooth and shiny is the only way to go if ya cant afford to pay a pro learn to do it yourself ya you ll probly muff up a paint job or two I did and you ll learn from your mistakes RUST IS RUST no matter how you try to sell it

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  9. Dave

    Close to what I would like to do a truck like this, minus the fauxtina, I would have left it “as found”, just knock out the dents and patch the holes. But now a regular paintjob would be easy.

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  10. Jay E.

    Needs fautina 8 lug rims, tall tires and semigloss. Perhaps a ratty camper (“Farmtruck”). Other than that it is very well done. Astonishing actually.

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  11. Fastwhlz

    Seems people incorrectly equate shiny paint with some predetermined concept of excellence. Not always true. What’s more is the word ‘patina’ refers to a condition / look that is only possible involving distressed bronze or copper metal. Nothing automotive about patina.

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  12. Steve

    All new trim and a fauxpatina paint job that looks glossy. Add in the o-ring tires and I don’t know how you make this truck look stupider.

  13. Philip Bregar

    REALLY? J_Paul is right. This truck is for some wannabee “farmboy” who couldn’t put in a solid days work if he tried. Patina sits right up there with ratrod. The starting price is $30k, and BIN is $39k. Again, REALLY?

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  14. Comet

    Can we finally get past this fake patina fad?

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  15. Jeff


  16. TimM

    Paint it!! Make it look clean!! You put a corvette motor in it and make it look like a rusty POS!! I really wish the patina thing would just go away!!!

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  17. Steve

    This truck with it’s fauxtina paint that looks glossy and it’s o-ring tires looks ridiculous.

  18. IkeyHeyman

    Fads fade away and then they return. In the future when faux patina is rediscovered, I wonder kind of vehicles will get the treatment – Camrys, Ram pickups, SUVs??

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