Tow Package! 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Jay Leno famously tells the story about “helping” his Dad order a 7-litre (428) Ford Galaxie including the “muffler delete” option. Many performance-oriented cars were sold because the sales-person or someone’s child or spouse explained how the big engine, heavy-duty cooling, suspension, brakes, and other upgrades would be extremely practical and contribute to the car’s longevity, practicality, or utility. We don’t know the history of this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner in Millen, Georgia but the trailer hitch, permanently-installed trailer wiring socket, and under-dash trailer brake indicate it spent some of its life doing more-than-casual trailering. It’s pretty rough today, but what we can see of the underside looks fairly solid. It’s certainly worthy returned to the public roadways! The $9,900 Buy It Now price here on eBay leaves room for some savvy and targeted refurbishment if not restoration.

My grandparents hitched up a travel trailer to their brand-new 318-powered 1969 Dodge Coronet for an epic six-week adventure from Pennsylvania to the American West and back. Grandpa reported the Coronet was comfortable pulling the trailer and the 318 had “plenty of power” and delivered decent gas mileage. This Road Runner would have come with the V8W Transverse White Stripe across the deck lid including the “Road Runner” script and cartoon graphic. The lighter green patches are closer to the original EF8. Thanks to the fender tag decoder at for details.

Most of what you see here will need to be replaced, but the metal could be much worse. The F8 green vinyl bench seat is probably original, typical for the Road Runner, Plymouth’s budget performance mid-sized car. Three-speed variable wipers, power brakes, and air-conditioning mark notable comfort upgrades. A 1968 hood has replaced the original that featured factory tie-down pins.

The Road Runner’s base 383 four-barrel made a healthy 330 HP, and this one features the “Max Engine Cooling” package with 26 inch radiator. The originality of this original numbers-matching engine and the 727 automatic transmission will help the seller get nearer to the Buy It Now price. This Plymouth’s trailering days are likely over, but what epic destination would you point it towards?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Big Bird hiding in the background.

    • Steve R

      I’m not 100% sure since I’m viewing with my phone and can’t enlarge the picture to get a really clear view, but the rear window doesn’t seem to be flush, like a Daytona would have. I think it’s a Charger with an add on wing.

      Steve R

      • slickb

        Yep its just a charger with a wing its not a Daytona with what looks to be a Superbird nose cone on it maybe whole front clip… this is a nice looking Road Runner though.

  2. Pontiactivist

    It’s not a true Daytona. Rear window is definitely wrong. Still cool cars.

  3. Woody

    But the Road Runner pictured is a nice project car that still has some metal to work with. This classic would look great finished with the tail end stripes, and a/c with the big block what’s not to like?

  4. UK Paul

    Thank you so much for putting the engine size in the description. Massive help for those of us outside the US.

    • Steve R


      Steve R

  5. Nickatmrinvestorcom Member

    I am on the hunt for a 70 pink, lime green, or purple project. Color showing on trunk got me excited.

  6. Sandy Claws

    It would be fun to rod a Runner again, but in all honesty, at my age, how long would I find that interesting? Pretty childish really. In my final years, I find pleasure in motoring to nice locals on sunny days. A comfortable good handling cruiser is what I have and for a small percentage of what this will eventually cost, I can have that. I can see all the supercars I want at shows, or better yet, maybe just rent one for an hour or so do get it out of my system. Wonder if there is a place to do that? I bet that many a potential buyer would rethink a many tens of thousounds dollar purchase if he rented one for the afternoon and was thus able to remember just how truly awful some of these cars were.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Well put Sandy. I agree, Mike.

    • Chuck

      Sandy, do you really think just an hour in something hot would satisfy you? Me, I’m headed for 71, and I’m afraid that would just get me wanting more! I’m a sucker for anything that has a high HP to weight ratio! Car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, just not into airplanes! However, my days of swapping engines, and spending the day on a creeper are over with! Give me the old days where you checked the spark plugs to see if the carburetor jetting was right, or used a timing light, dwell meter, and a vacuum gauge to set up an engine. High lift cams, solid lifters and lashing valves twice a week was also fun at one time! I’d settle for something hot (car or truck) just to chauffeur for a while, and maybe go on a Woodward Cruise (Vehicle with A/C a must!)

  7. stillrunners

    Got a hitch on my BB 4sp with A/C car…..go figure !

    • slickb

      Where is the picture of this beast???? Don’t leave us hanging just telling not showing!!!!

  8. William Jackson

    That is not a roadrunner just look at the horn botton

  9. RH Factor

    I worked at Ford, Lincoln Mercury dealers for thirtyfive years. Never saw a “MUFFLER DELETE”. I think it was an embellishment by Jay. Great story though.

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