Trail 70 Survivor: 1970 Honda CT70 K0

The word “super” has different meanings, as we all know. When a person says the term “superbike”, that can mean a super fast motorcycle or one that was super successful, or anything in between. In the case of this 1970 Honda CT70 K0, this is a superbike as far as being super popular. The seller has it listed here on eBay in Elmhurst, Illinois and the current bid price is $3,450 but the reserve isn’t met.

We’ve seen many Honda CT70s here on Barn Finds over the years, more than ever in the last couple of years as their popularity has taken off. Somehow, even in this crazy economy, lots of people have lots of money to spend on things that they either had as a kid or wanted and now they have the money to buy one. If you would have told me a couple of decades ago that a Honda 70 auction would be at $3,450 and the reserve wouldn’t even be met yet, I never would have believed it.

Quality sells, though, and this example looks really nice. It does have quite a few nicks and scratches, which isn’t a bad thing, that just means that the next owner can use it without thinking that they have to keep it on a velvet pillow in their den. Honda used the CT designation for their “trail-ready” line of motorcycles. Please check out the seller’s fantastic photos, they have provided dozens of really nice ones – well done!

The 1969 through 1971 Honda CT70 K0 – the model with a three-speed automatic clutch – came in Candy Sapphire, Candy Gold, or Candy Red as with this example. The handlebars fold down so they can be hefted into the back of a car trunk or station wagon and brought to a trail somewhere. Although in some states they are street legal, so I’d just ride it if the trails were close.

The engine is Honda’s 72-cc OHC single-cylinder which had six horsepower. This one appears to have some wear on the engine cases and covers so it isn’t perfect, as I mentioned earlier. This one is original and reportedly runs great and is ready to go. Hagerty is at $4,600 for a #3 good condition CT70 and $7,300 for a #2 excellent bike, so this one is probably at least 50% away from the seller’s reserve. Any thoughts on this CT70?


  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Seven hours and no comments so far. Hmmm. Maybe if it was rumored to be originally owned by Bettie Page . .

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    • Jay E. Member

      No comments because it looks exactly like this one that was featured a while ago and the same comments still apply.

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    • Grant

      By 1970 Bettie Page wasn’t exactly young anymore, not sure her on the seat would be all that appealing at that time. Never really appreciated her “art”. She looked too much like my mother, made me uncomfortable.

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      • 370zpp 370zpp Member

        If Bettie Page looked like my mother, I would be uncomfortable, too.

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      • Jay E. Member

        Read that Christine Mcvie passed away today A great loss of a life well lived. It reminded me how smoking hot she was in 1970. Back then, if SHE were riding the on the seat of this with me, it would be priceless!!!

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  2. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    I had this exact bike as a kid less the lights. I never guessed they would be worth what they are selling for today.

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  3. erik johnston

    Very nice, clean. There are a lot of these out there so if you want one you can get a nice one like this or spend less and get one that needs a little love. I have a z50,ct70 and a very nice 81 ct 110.They all need work so I would love to pay a bit more for a nice one .

  4. Tom

    After our dad died, Mom bought a new ’73 Ford F-250 (with manual 4-speed) and slung the biggest Huntington camper she could find on the back of that thing. Hooked up a 15′ Galaxie runabout with an 85 horse Chrysler and away we went collecting state decals. We were 11 and 13. Mom was 50.
    There was this campground in Minnesota that had these things for rent… What blast! No lake for the boat but quite frankly, we didn’t care.

  5. Big C

    The automatic was for girls.

    • Terrry

      so were the step-thru 90s

  6. Howie

    I had a 50 but always wanted a 70, i have seen mint ones go for over $10k at auctions.

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  7. Fogline

    Nice, but all I see is a lot of wasted fun that could have been had with this had it been used as they all were back in the day.

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  8. George Mattar

    We had a red one in 1972. Rode it every possible day. I think dad put it out in the trash in 1977. He said it would never be worth anything. Oh well.

  9. Bobby

    These little bikes have definitely got to be great for collecting & still fun for kids to have a great time on.

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