Triple Black Project: 1965 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible

If you’re anything like me, then you love large 1960s American convertibles. GM had a plentiful amount of convertible selections from the mid-late 1960s all of which would be an excellent choice for the most fun convertible activity: cruising. This 1965 Ninety-Eight has seen better days, but all in all it is a complete car looking for some love. The triple black interior/exterior/top combination is not my cup of tea, but it is sure to lure someone into this project! Find it here on eBay in Illinois with a starting bid of $2,500 and no reserve. 

The engine is a 425 cubic inch Oldsmobile V8 with a two-barrel carburetor. The Ninety-Eight was not a car built for speed and performance, but rather comfort and drivability. Though a four-barrel carburetor may help to wake it up a little, I think many would find the two-barrel adequate for most activities this car would be involved in at stock specifications. The engine runs and the car moves, but the brakes do not work so driving this car would not be advised!

The interior is in decent shape, but will need a complete refresh to be presentable again. The glovebox is open because the lock is missing, as is the trunk lock. Speaking of missing locks, there are no keys to this car so apparently a screwdriver is currently being used to start this car. The seller states that this car will need a top and “Has a repair done on drivers floor pan which was done poorly.  Havent ripped out carpet yet to check rest.”

Though this car looks like a solid project, it will need some rust repair and minor body work in various locations. The quarters have some rust around the wheel skirt areas and there is rust behind the wheels both in the front and back. For the price, this could be a good start to a cool convertible project for someone looking to spend their time to make it look pretty. It is easy to imagine this car cruising on a hot summer evening! What would you do with it?


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  1. Mark

    I’d love the ride- smooth sailing on the highway, with a trunk as big as my first house!

    • Doug Medeiros

      Oldsmobile and Pontiac ‘B’ Chassis had the best G.M. front suspension in those years they had a normal lower control arms,The Buick,Cadillac and Chevrolet had the strut rod they were not as good of a degisn,they also had the lowest roll center for their size they handled well,It’s too bad they din’t have better tires in their day………

  2. redwagon

    agreed. all your bodies or all your buds go in the trunk.

    • Mike

      If I owned a drive-in, I’m sure as hell would be checking the trunk on this barge before letting it in.


    Would prefer Buick Electra 225 convertible from same year:

    But this puppy is worth a restomod effort.Bagged suspension…tasteful 17″x 8″s with fat whitewalls…gloss black with red interior and white top…maybe gold plate the interior brightwork…some kind of updated front grille treatment…find the fender skirts.

    • jdjonesdr

      I like em’ both, but a 68 98′ is the one pulling my heart strings.

    • Doug Medeiros

      It sounds like 1st class vandalism………They had some of the best trim for that era even had stainless steel trim on the floor mats……….It was common sight living in Northern California even into the 80’s Best driving ‘B’ Body cars besides the Big Pontiacs…….Best degisned from suspension system

  4. Tom Member

    I think that rear quarter panel is longer than a Prius !!

    • ACZ

      And has more metal in it than a Prius.

  5. On and On On and On Member

    I learned to drive on a 1965 98 sedan with the 425 4bbl. You could smoke the tires from a standstill. Car was built like a tank. Everything was top grade material and workmanship. Just used too much premium gas. A 25 gallon tank was indeed necessary.

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    • Doug Medeiros

      Growing up in that era,I was in the repair business it the mid 70’s,they were excellent cars and they handled well too,Stainless in lays and the floor mats….AM/FM radio map light inside the rear view mirror………Northern California Olds club and Hurst Olds member best Detroit had to offer………

  6. Beatnik Bedouin

    Definitely got a case of tin worm; this might be a bigger project than the photos show…

    • Doug Medeiros

      Agreed,from Northern California……….could drive for generations…….

  7. Ric Parrish

    Mid fifties Cads had an ‘extended deck’ model, never heard of it in an Olds, or that late model. Trunk deck looks way to long for stock. But who would do that?

    • Doug Medeiros

      Engineers were into Real Estate in those days and under the hood was nice too……In that era luxury was big……and quality……stainless steel real chrome……they were built like a bank vault……No ‘f’ing around…….

  8. Dan in Texas

    Black on black with a white top is how I would go on this bad boy. Sweet!

  9. Doug Medeiros

    White top is very had to keep up……owned them……….

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  10. ACZ

    A motel room on wheels.

  11. Loco Mikado

    My dads best friend had a ’66 4 dr hardtop that was his fathers. He was selling it for $1,200.00 in the late 90’s. The car was immaculate with no rust anywhere and 80,000 miles. I kick myself for not buying it. As far as the trunk length it had wheels attached to the frame to get it up or down steep roads. Never seen another car with them although I am sure others had them.

  12. ccrvtt

    Any 98 convertible from 1959 to 1970 is a great car and worth preserving. There are some available that are in better shape than what this one will cost to bring back to life. But then it’s going to be a labor of love so why worry about the dollars?

    There was no special long-deck version of the Oldsmobiles. All the 98’s had a trunk lid big enough to land an F-111.

  13. carsofchaos

    There is a rare version of this car with front bucket seats and console/floor shifter

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