True Barn Find: 1951 Ford F1 Pickup

From the same seller that has the Mercury M-250 truck we featured recently (you can see it in the background of some of the pictures) you can find this 1951 Ford F1 pickup, complete with “as found” pictures. It’s located in Norco, California and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $10,995.

Here’s one of the “as found” pictures. The seller doesn’t tell us much about the vehicle, but does state that it wa parked in the barn in 1979 and recently pulled out to be sold. That pretty much implies it doesn’t run and also leaves us wondering if the engine is seized.  Apparently no effort was made to get it started. No, I’m not ignoring the even older Ford in the picture beside it, but it’s not listed for sale.

Here’s another shot of the truck’s resting place. There is one additional old truck the seller is listing–it’s a 1949 F3 for sale here, and unlike this one, it runs and drives well.

The bed doesn’t even look too bad. Okay, I’ve held back long enough–if you are a patina lover, this is the truck for you. It certainly has that!

There is a pleasing look to the truck right now, but I’d want to make sure that any rust was addressed before it had a chance to go further. And if you did want to restore an F1, I don’t think you could ask for a much sounder base to work from.

The F1 wasn’t aimed at what you might think of as a truck buyer in 2017, that’s for sure. Everything was about utility and economy. I think the stylists did a great job, though, and that’s why these trucks are a favorite of both restorers and restomodders alike.

Even the interior is refreshingly plain, with no add on door panels at all: the painted metal shell was good enough for an F1 customer.

Considering it’s appearance and the vintage of the truck, this is probably the original 239 cubic inch flathead V8 under the hood. This flat head configuration was rated at 100 horsepower. Now, I cringe a little when I ask this question, but would you make it run and drive safely but leave the cosmetics be, restore it to original or restomod this fine truck? Make your case in the comments section!


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  1. JW

    Myself I would restore the body to original condition but with a more modern drivetrain like a late 80’s fuel injected 5.0 and a OD trans. Being as one who would rather drive my cars than wait for them to make me money selling them that would be my plan.

  2. Gunner

    Since the price for the F1 & F3 are the same, I would rather have the F3. It has a more “rustic” look to it, but it is still in fine shape and comes with 8 cylinders also.

  3. Joey Dimes

    This is the same year/model as the one featured in the TV show Sanford & Son – always loved these.

  4. healeydays

    I’d leave the body alone, but modern parts underneath.

  5. Don

    A Flathead with glass packs does sound great.😁

  6. Lion

    If I knew how to, I would post a pic of my ’52 F1 which is just a little rougher than this but is my daily driver once the snow has gone enough to get it out of the back yard. Original body with rebuilt original flathead, newer rearend to give it more speed than grunt, and radial 15″ tires for safety. Everything else is stock and WAY MORE fun to drive than with modern drivetrain.

  7. Ed P

    I like my vehicles to have nice shiny paint, but I could live with this one for a while. As is, this truck looks like it has had a long hard working career.

  8. JerryS

    Manure spreader grille

  9. et

    i would perhaps remove the green paint from the fenders but thats all i would do get running good and make it safe and even leave it 6 volt

  10. Lion

    Here is my truck. Pic is several years old. Don’t look this good anymore, but still runs and drives like a charm.

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