Turbodiesel Coupe: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300CD

When it comes to large and luxurious coupe models, there’s no denying that Mercedes-Benz manufactured some of the finest on the market. It’s also a bonus if your Benz coupe features one of the company’s reliable diesel engines, such as this 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300CD that’s available here on eBay.

This W123 coupe is available in Los Angeles, California with a clean title. The seller notes that this particular Benz spent its entire life within the state, and the vehicle’s sale includes a set of California license plates from 1984.

The exterior of the vehicle features a dark blue paint color, which still shines brightly, and all of the exterior chrome is also in excellent shape. Though the body has some minor scratches and rock chips, it has never been in an accident and it is rust-free.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find an extremely clean tan interior. The seats do not have any rips or tears, the carpet is blemish-free, and the wood accents remain in fantastic shape. Additionally, comfort features such as the power windows, power locks, sunroof and cruise control all work without any issue.

There’s a turbocharged inline 5-cylinder diesel engine under the hood, which pairs to an automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. Only 112,345 miles are on the drivetrain, which is barely breaking in one of these stout powerplants. The seller also mentions that the vehicle recently completed a 400-mile road trip where it performed excellently and achieved about 27 miles per gallon.

At the time of publication, bidding for this 300CD is at $11,300 without the reserve met, though the seller also includes a Buy it Now price of $17,950. Could you see yourself cruising in this elegant 2-door Benz?


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  1. Keith Keith

    $17,950.00 for a 36 year old car with over 112k miles? Diesel or not it’s priced at a premium. Nice looking though.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Maybe so, but it’s bid up to $11k with 5 days to go so they might not be too far off.

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    • CS

      It’s priced approximately correctly. Maybe a little high, but the ballpark is right. Especially if all the things work–cruise was known to die early on these, as was the rear window regulators (they’d fold like tinfoil).

  2. Hoos Member

    I had an ’84 wagon in this color with the same motor. I bought it 8 years old, with about this mileage on it. Not quick by any measure, but it was the most solidly built vehicle I ever owned, and I currently own a ’16 Suburban. Closing the door on these Benzes sounds like you’re locking a bank vault. I think I’d still own it if we didn’t have child number 4.

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  3. Cobra Steve

    @Hoos “Closing the door…bank vault.” Add the fact the car is free of B$ computers, air-conditioned cup holders, lane-assist/vibrating steering wheel, etc, and you have the perfect car. I’m now at a point where I can afford to go to Germany and buy a new one through the European Delivery Program and the desire is gone–thanks to MB giving in to gimmicks–and allowing Marketing Dept. to overrule the Engineering Dept.

    I know of the twin to this car in Texas which is approaching one million miles…and has been preserved to a high standard! No, it is not for sale. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my 126 chassis MB and keep my money in the bank instead of handing it over to the dealership for incessant repairs the new ones require.

    If MB ever decides to build a car free of the latest fads, I might change my mind. ARE YOU LISTENING, STUTTGART???

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    • XMA0891

      Agree with all that you said, but only acquiesce to air bags.
      Did this body last long enough to offer them?

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      • CS

        Not exactly. The equivalent S-class did, however. I think starting in 1986 or 1988, if memory serves. Not that you’d want to test an airbag that old–not because it won’t work, it will–it’ll just collapse your sternum.

      • Cobra Steve

        CS is correct. The final year for the 123 chassis cars was 1985 and they did not have air bags. My ’86 107 chassis (560SL) had an air bag, and if I recall, the 126 chassis (S-Class) had them maybe slightly earlier. The ’82 380SE (126 chassis) I drive now, with 379K on it (yes, a gasoline V-8), does not have an air bag but does have ABS.

      • Audifan

        Driver side airbags in the W123 models were available as an option for non US cars in the 1983, 1984 and 1985 cars.
        MBZ introduced driver side airbags in 1984 as an option in W126s and R107s. They became standard in all models in 1986.

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      • Cobra Steve

        Thanks for the clarification…I was unaware the driver’s side air bag was an option for non-US cars for the 123 chassis cars. Nice to know they “worked out the bugs” before offering them to the US market. Too bad Takata didn’t do the same….

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  4. Terry

    I had the 4 door equivalent to this in the day, same midnight blue with tan interior. I could almost drive from Chicago to NYC on a tank of fuel. Back in the 80s the national speed limit was 55 mph so going over 65 was ticket money thus one couldn’t help but get good gas mileage. Solid car though, would be a good driver and as it’s a Mercedes parts are available. 18k is a bit of a stretch but if you are in the market for a good used car, can stand the diesel and do a lot of highway driving this car would make a good choice.

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  5. George Mattar

    I would pay $17,000. Think about the garbage and ugly cars built today. A new POS Kia is $24,000 minimum. No comfort and a million sensors that break. My uncle in snow bound Maine had a four door version. Bought it used and rarely maintained it. Never cleaned it and drove it 369,000 miles for his surveying business on the worst roads. Yeah. He had done repairs, but said it was the best car he ever owned. I professionally detail cars. I can tell you I would rather work on this car than a new POS with stupid clear coat. MB used to lay down 100 pounds of paint on their cars. Not anymore. Beautiful car. Wish I could own it.

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  6. lbpa18

    I think it’ll go north of $15K for all the reasons you guys mention. New stuff just doesnt do it for us old, quality-driven guys. If taken care of, this’ll outlast us.

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  7. CS

    Fun facts about 300CDs:

    -They have vestigial tail fins. I never knew until the first time I was waxing mine; being right up on it.

    -They’re amazing in the snow. Super communicative chassis that tells you everything you need to know about the slide.

    – The door locks are vacuum-powered and there’s an egg-crate-looking canister in the trunk that holds the vacuum. The seat fold-forward function is also vacuum-actuated.

    – They have like 8″ of suspension travel.

    -They’re not just 300Ds with fewer doors; the chassis is actually shortened.

    -The valve cover gaskets (required at each valve adjustment) are about $5. The window rubber (around the top of of the window frame) is $3-4000 for both sides.
    Also: see why I don’t own mine anymore

    -They have a smell of wool and wood and vinyl and on cold days when the sun’s shining, it’s the best thing in the world.

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  8. Jay

    I wouldn’t buy from this particular seller. He’s been selling touched up w123’s for years. He has about 4-5 different settings he photographs the cars in which always turn out beautifully. This scene, one by the waterfront, one or two in the neighborhood he lives in. The shifter wood is always new and doesn’t match the rest of the wood. There are several pieces on this particular car that do not match. The seating surfaces are always re-dyed or spray painted over to look newer than they actually are. And under the hood he cleans and paints anything that looks worn. Lastly, there are hardly any reviews for him as a seller. I don’t know how he does it. His history is very limited but I’ve been following him for years. I’ve seen a few of his cars pop back up for re-sale by dissatisfied buyers who can’t sell for 1/2 of what they paid for the car.

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    • RITON

      That is some valuable feedback. Thanks.

  9. Rob

    I had a similar experience to what Jay reports. I flew to LA to pick up a 300CD from this seller which looked fantastic in the photographs. He was a decent guy but the car wasn’t great. Same story, new wood on the console, and everything cleaned up. Faded red plastic on the seatbelt receiver was the dead giveaway, as the rest of the interior would not have been in such good shape if the car had been parked where the sun could wipe out the red plastic. As I inspected the car I noticed other issues, such as trim not laying flat around the corners and a molded overlay on the dash. Clearly a cosmetic clean up. I walked, he was pissed and said I waisted his time.
    I ended up with a twin to this car built one year later in great shape, and I love it. Great road trip car. The last year has a taller final drive which makes it great on the highway, and it handles mountain roads really well. Incredibly well built.

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    • jay

      Glad you were able to inspect it. I wish I could warn others.

    • On and On On and On Member

      Nothing wrong with walking from a car. That’s why I always try to look twice if I can. The second look is much more educated.

  10. Ward William

    This is a gem. Replace that god awful slushbox with a manual and Robert’s your mother’s brother. I’d DD that baby all day long.

    • audifan

      Mercedes NEVER offered a manual transmission for their Turbodiesel cars.
      I am very confident that the engineers at MBZ had a reason for that.
      I definitely agree with them.

      • RITON

        W123 240 turbo diesel SW was offered in manual…

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  11. Diesel Dan

    Wish installing a manual transmission was that easy. The 240-D had a great manual, but it is my understanding it will not “bolt-up” to the turbo 300-D. If anyone has information to the contrary, kindly enlighten me as I’d love to have/convert a 300-DT (not the TD) with a manual transmission. Better yet, I’d love to install the diesel with a manual transmission in a 107 chassis car!

  12. Sam

    I bought the identical car through the European Delivery Program. Picked up at the factory, were given a tour, wined and dined, drove through the snow, got lost, finally found our hotel….what a trip! Next morning found 4 gentlemen admiring the car….an American version, “nothing like we get here”. The taxis at the time were always M-Bs…doors were much thinner, upholstery and carpets were different. Spent the next few days exploring Germany. The 1st day on the Autobahn, cruising along, my wife asked “how fast are we going?”….as I was passing another car I said “112,…oh crap!”…..what is it she asked. Another car in the distance was flashing it’s headlights. Passed us doing about 140. A “Big Benz” 450. That ’84 300CD was a great car. I had 6 of them,(CDs and CEs) and this was the best all around….Quality!

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  13. audifan

    Mercedes never produced a W123 240 Turbodiesel sedan or wagon.

    • RITON

      I did my homework and you are right. I saw a 240 TD Turbo Diesel, but I just learnt that it was an after market kit (Rajay I think). Was for sale a couple of months ago. Was also thinking that 240 TD meant Turbo Diesel and I saw quite à bit of these here in EU with manual trannys.

  14. Miguel

    This has always been my favorite Mercedes design.

    A lot of the mother in my high school drove the wagons and I fell in love with them.

    The only Mercedes I have ever had though was a 1973 220 diesel stick which was a hoot to drive.

    I would be scared to buy a newer Mercedes as most people are.

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