Twin-Engine Racing Replica: STP Porsche 917/10-002 Can-Am

Having been to track day or two in the past, and watched cars racing around a circuit, there is really nothing much more exhilarating than the smell of gas, burnt rubber, and the excitement of the crowd. However, you may be watching some of these multi-million dollar cars and wondering if you could possibly get a chance at even sitting in one. Well, today’s find shows that you can get behind the seat of a Porsche Can-Am replica for a tiny fraction of the cost of the real thing. Our STP racer comes at us from Hartford, Connecticut here on Craigslist with a price of $45,000. Hat tip to T.J. for this find!

The Porsche 917 comes from a great era of racing, at the same time as the Ford GT40 and competing in the same races. Our version here today is the Can-Am version which was based on the same chassis, but with no roof and larger engines. These came with a turbocharged flat-12 with over 850hp, on a car that only weighed 800-odd kilograms. Further versions were developed, some with over 1000hp, and some with a flat 16-cylinder engine, making these the fastest and most powerful race cars ever built.

Our replica here today has been made to a high specification and includes a extremely rare twin-engine flat-12 built from two Subaru EZ30 blocks. The seller states that these were connected and running, but have currently been disconnected and it only runs on the rear engine. All the systems are in place for both engines to work, including the fuel, coolant, exhaust, and ECU. The seller even has a link on youtube where he built an existing flat-12 engine so you can see his handiwork and hear the beautiful thrum of a unique engine.

The bodywork is in good condition and covered in STP decals. Unfortunately, the STP racer of the time was only moderately successful, being shut out of the top 3 positions in the Can-Am race. Depending on the heritage of these cars, the originals can go from anywhere between $3 million and $16 million so the price tag of this one plus its uniqueness makes it an affordable Can-Am racer.

This self-made car uses Corvette suspension and brakes, ATL fuel- cell, Porsche 911 steering, and period gauges. No expense has been spared in building this as close to the original spec as possible. So would you want to take this flat-12 monster out on the track, or make it road-legal and be one of the most unique cars on the road?


  1. Cooter914 Cooter914 Member

    There aren’t enough Stone Cold Hell Yeahs!!! to express my desire to try this beast out. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    • Jeffro

      I’ll give you a hell yeah

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    • Jack


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  2. Bwana

    I see a daily driver here. Just need a heater core for the winter commute and you are all set to go.

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    • drew

      If you really want to daily this you also need that second engine hooked up.

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    • Kurt Member

      Where’s my cup holder??

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  3. Will Coyle


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  4. FrankD Member

    This builder has quite the imagination and fabrication skills to build race cars. Nice car!

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  5. Melton Mooney

    I can’t even imagine the devotion and determination it would take to build this car, by yourself, from scratch. I also can’t imagine why I would EVER ‘unhook’ one of the motors unless there was some fundamental problem going on with it.

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    • Jack

      The machine shop that made the adapter I designed, made it a little out of square so there was a vibration. I was out of steam and emotions by then so I disconnected them so the new owner will have to re-connect them. With the proper talent, it isn’t that big a deal.

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      • Melton Mooney

        Hats off to you, brother.

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  6. tony t

    SOUNDS AS IF THE “DOG-NUT” CONNECTOR BISCUIT IS “MISSING”. I’d get both power plants on-line in a New York Minute! Wow to the details.

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  7. Gerard Duquette

    He has a YT link in the craigslist ad. One vid of it running on the trailer 2 years ago after been left out for the winter…zero on the track/autocross. Only one engine connected is suspicious too. Looks to be never really sorted, probably about a $15k car with the right sucker, er buyer

    • Jack

      I’ll tell you what. You spend 10 years of your life and all your talents to build a car like this and then mention that 15k number and see how it feels.

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  8. jwaltb

    Looking for trouble? And a project that will never get finished? This one’s for you!

  9. JMB#7

    Could be very nice if finished. For driving, I would be tempted to ditch the front engine and save the weight. Power to weight would be excellent. The CR listing mentions possibly needing a second Mega-squirt computer. Sounds like he never fully sorted the fuel injection for both motors. What seems odd to me is why a person would list a creation as unique as this on CR? This car begs to be run hard on the track. I hope it finds a home that will allow that.

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  10. Lee Wise

    I can see why its never been on the track. With all that weight over the rear wheels and very little in the front, I would think this car would have a serious push in the turns.

    Why not just use a Ford EcoBoost® engine.

    • Melton Mooney

      Downforce kept the front end tight. CanAm cars were ridiculously fast. 220-225mph closed course average speeds at their apex.

  11. Gary

    Pull the rear engine and keep for a spare, turbo the front engine and make it street legal, it would be sweet.

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  12. douglas hunt

    that “COULD” be a lot of fun, but not 45k’s worth …..

    • Lee

      You could have just as much fun with a Lotus 7 and they are a lot simpler.

    • Jack

      RCR sells their “Kits” for that money, and you have to supply another 45k for parts and labor to finish it. With this car, it’s all there.

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  13. Howie

    Very cool, i thought the price would be even higher.

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    • Jack

      Yeah, me too!

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  14. Wayne

    It would be fun just to sort it out.

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  15. Dave Peterson

    The next owner of this car should document his – or her – travails. This will be one complicated build with no blueprint to refer to for specs. I applaud the standard of care employed in the build, but this is the classic situation where the finished product is in no way as valuable as the dollars spent. It reminds me of the way I learned this lesson. I had gotten my project 280ZX to the run stage, but had the suspension in pieces and was saving for a positraction third member. After paying $90 per month for three years I came to the conclusion it wasn’t in my best interests to continue that path. After getting the machine work done on the engine, sourcing a five speed and finding the rack and pump for power steering (the wife du jour insisted). This happens always when you can least afford to “learn” the hard way. By the by, the car outlasted the wife.

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    • Jack

      If you love 917’s but can only afford a GT3 for $250k, this would be a lot more fun for a lot less and you at least Look and sound like you are worth $3m!

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  16. hsrcd

    I’m sorry but I have to take exception to:

    “some with over 1000hp, and some with a flat 16-cylinder engine, making these the fastest and most powerful race cars ever built.”

    Ever been to an NHRA Top Fuel event? Only 1000 HP? You’re kidding, right?

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    • FrankD Member

      The difference is night and day hsrcd. Dragsters are all done in a matter of seconds. Can Am racing was a big deal back in the 70’s. These cars are on road racing circuits for many laps lasting longer than a few seconds.

      I think it difficult if not impossible to compare.

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    • JMB#7

      You left out one piece of data. For how many seconds do those drag cars produce the enormous amount of HP you are referring to? Is there any point in comparing road race to oval track to drag racing?

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  17. Ken Vrana

    I remember seeing these run at Bridgehampton. They howled!

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    • jwaltb

      No, you remember seeing a Porsche 917, not a homebuilt that’s probably never turned a hot lap.
      You people, (not just Ken) kill me. I attended Can Am races too. I promise you there were no Subaru engined cars with poorly machined parts in them!

  18. Haynes

    Ouch jwaltb…. This guy prob has who knows how much in this car… it might be unrealistic to expect someone to pay for your dreams but we all remember the chicken farmer from texas…

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    • jwaltb

      You’re right; I was feeling a little cranky this morning. I too have sunk money into a project and gotten very little of it back!

  19. V8roller

    Why would one expend all that effort and then sell it.
    Do admire someone who can bring off something like this.

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